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Wooden and Glass Pipes, Grinders and Storage Accessories


The mainstream surge in cannabis has meant a giant leap in the availability of cannabis accessories. What was once illegal to sell (for cannabis anyway) is now a thriving industry. No matter how particular or unique your tastes are, if you want it, there’s a good chance somebody makes it.

But with so much variety, it can be a little hard for newbies to figure out which accessories they want and which ones they actually need. Or in many cases, if they need any at all! After all, can’t you just light up your joint or pipe with a regular corner store lighter?

If you’ve got questions like this, then keep reading. We’ll give you everything you need to know to become the 5-minute expert on cannabis accessories.

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Types Of Cannabis Accessories

We weren’t kidding when we said there’s a vast variety of cannabis accessories out there. While it seems like the sky’s the limit, we can pretty much lump accessories into one of four buckets:

  • Cannabis Vessels. These are the things you put your cannabis into when you’re about to indulge. Cannabis vessels include everything from pipes, rolling papers, bongs, bubblers and desktops, to handheld vaporizers, vape pens, patches, and edibles.
  • Cannabis Cases. Cases are pretty self-explanatory and are made to protect either your cannabis or your device. The first thing most of us think of is stash boxes, but there’s also smell-proof cases and childproof cases as well as lockboxes, joint and lighter holders and grinders.
  • Lighters and Fire Tools. There are some things that just go well with fire. If you think cannabis is one of those things, you’ll want accessories like lighters, matches, and decarb tools.
  • Home Accessories. Trying to make your cannabis house a home? Add a few home accessories like candles, ashtrays, or your favorite Bob Marley poster.

Essential Cannabis Accessories

Particularly if you’re new to cannabis, you won’t really need to explore the full spectrum of cannabis accessories right out of the gate. But you should be armed with a little knowledge about the ones you’re most likely to encounter. The basic four that you actually need to get started are:

1. Rolling Papers

Not all rolling papers are created equal. Some are much easier to roll than others. And they can have a big impact on your smoking experience. Some, like Elements rolling papers, are made with natural materials like rice and sugar and burn relatively clean, leaving almost zero ash. Some are made to add very little taste to your joint, while others like Juicy Jays infuse your joint with everything from watermelon and strawberry-kiwi to root beer and peanut butter.

2. Grinder

True to their name, grinders are used for – you guessed it – grinding up your cannabis into smaller, more consistent bits. Grinding not only makes for smoother-hitting bowls, but it also makes it more portable and easier to roll joints. The basic ones have two sides with metal teeth that you turn in opposite directions. They’re usually made of wood, plastic or metal. There are also electric grinders that make grinding a cinch. Care to take your grinding game to the next level? Then invest in a four-piece, three-chamber grinder. You’ll have one chamber for extra cannabis, one is for the stuff you’ve already ground up, and the third for catching kief (the crystal bits chock-full of terpenes and cannabinoids).

3. Rolling Tray

Rolling joints often means hauling out your buds along with a lot of accessories like papers, scissors, and filters. All of which can be easy to lose. So, rolling trays are a convenient little way to keep them all in one place while showing off your personal flare. The basic ones are literally just trays, while others have compartments or pockets for weed, tools, and joints that you’ve already rolled. Trays can be simple and sleek, or printed with colorful designs and graphics. We’ve seen everything from metal trays that look like vintage game controllers to bamboo and glass ones that look something fit for a museum.

4. Stash Box

You can use just about anything for a stash box. If you’re into recycling, you can repurpose anything from Altoids tins to watch boxes. But if you’re a little more devoted to presentation, you can get beautifully designed wooden boxes and metal boxes. Or if you’re into security and portability, you can opt for waterproof, smell-proof, or travel-proof lockboxes. And, for those of you who want to be discreet, there are even “disguised” containers that look like an ordinary hairbrush or stick of deodorant that house secret compartments for your buds.

Bongs & Pipes

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. The most basic are essentially just a bowl and chamber. Others are colorful, mouth-blown works of art. At the end of the day, however, they’re all doing the same thing: filtering and cooling the smoke that’s created when you burn cannabis.

Most bongs have a small bowl that holds dried weed that combusts when you ignite it. Meanwhile, as you inhale, the water in the bottom of the bong bubbles or percolates. The smoke rises up through the water, where it’s inhaled from the chamber. Bongs may look complicated, but they’re great for beginners looking to control the burn.

Pipes (a.k.a. wee bowls) are usually pretty straightforward in terms of functionality. There’s a bowl for the cannabis and a small pipe you inhale through as the bud lights up. But don’t let the simple mechanics fool you. The designs can be borderline outrageous. We’ve seen ones that look like everyday objects like sparkplugs, lipsticks, or even a pack of gum. And the glass ones can be just as creative, with some looking like multicolored glass marbles pulled apart and reshaped just for your cannabis enjoyment. They’re extremely simple to use and are fairly low maintenance.

Vaporizers & Vapepens

In the simplest terms, vaporizers are devices that heat cannabis up without combustion. As a result, they release vapor (not smoke) that you can then inhale. Many people find vapor easier to inhale than smoke, making vaporizers one of the most popular cannabis accessories. There are also many ways to vape, and each method can be highly customizable.

Desktop vaporizers are fairly large and have the advantage of a wide range of intake methods, such as balloons, whips, or water pipe extensions. They’re relatively expensive but are ideal for sharing and provide some of the smoothest hits.

Portables like handhelds or vape pens can be built for function, for form, or a combination of both. As the name suggests, though, they’re always made for life on the go. Some are about the size of a cell phone and fit nicely into the palm of your hand, while others are virtually indistinguishable from a regular pen for high portability and discretion.

Luxury Cannabis Accessories

If you’ve got the money to burn, there are some really cool cannabis accessories out there. Have you ever heard of a slide lighter? This fuel-free electric lighter is no bigger than a memory stick, and you just slide one side down with your thumb to reveal a heated element, just like the ones found in older cars. Cool, right?

And let’s not forget about fashion and lifestyle products. Some jewelers are getting in the game by offering stash box necklaces, and brands like Shine now let you roll your joints with 24k gold rolling papers. Prefer the ambiance factor? Then companies like Malin + Goetz have you covered with their line of cannabis candles.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a lifelong connoisseur, cannabis accessories are a great way not only increase your enjoyment; but showcase a bit of your personality. One thing’s for sure though, as the industry continues to grow, there will always be more to discover. So, get your explorer hat on.

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