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The Best Rolling Papers of 2021

The art of a perfect roll is a time-honored tradition in the consumption of cannabis. Part patience — part party trick, a well-rolled smoke is a simple, accessible, and familiar vessel to enjoy cannabis. The ritual of the roll is part of the attraction. The DIY mentality behind building and perfecting a joint, while controlling the burn rate and smoking experience, appeals to both novice and veteran smokers.

Some may call it old-school, but the practice of self-rolling persists, even as the options for cannabis consumption grow. Hand-rolled joints remain among cannabis’s most cost-effective avenues, as they eliminate the need for extra equipment or pricier pre-rolled product.

All you need are good rolling papers and the cannabis, or CBD hemp flower, of your choice. Luckily, we’re here to give you a breakdown of the best CBD rolling papers and the differences between flavored and non-flavored.

Rolling Paper

Flavored vs. Non-Flavored Rolling Papers

Rolling papers can be categorized by cost, quality, burn rate, and size. However, there is one additional quality that can uniquely contribute to your smoking experience: Should you opt for flavored or non-flavored papers?

The difference is simple: flavored rolling papers bring a subtle taste and aroma to your joint. They can be an occasional treat to add variety to a smoker’s experience, or they can be used by those who prefer the flavor of the roll to the taste of cannabis.

Purists might favor non-flavored CBD rolling papers as they allow a smoker to experience the authentic taste of cannabis. While you may not be choosing between pineapple, strawberry, or watermelon, there is still a lot to consider.

To help make that decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best rolling papers of 2021:


RAW Rolling Papers

RAW promises a chemical-free smoking experience. A natural alternative, they offer chlorine-free, additive-free, and organic hemp papers. Their distinctive look comes from their patented crisscross watermark, which ensures they are smooth and burn slowly.

RAW is among the most popular brands for CBD rolling papers. They offer a wide range of options, including rolling trays, filters, rolls, and pre-rolled cones.

Smoking Rolling Papers

Smoking Rolling Papers are a great option for those who prioritize purity and sustainability. Not only are these papers free of additives and chemical coloring, but they’re also tree-free. In an attempt to be environmentally friendly, the Smoking brand, founded in 1929, produces many products without destroying trees and forests.

Their best rolling papers range from ultra-thin, slow-burn options, to the thicker and faster Smoking White.

Rizla Rolling Papers

Rizla rolling papers were originally made out of tissue and used by Napoleon’s troops to roll cigarettes while at war. If that doesn’t impress you, the quality will. Rizla ranks among the best rolling papers for products that offer chlorine-free options for a cleaner smoke, and thin delicacy for a slow burn smoking experience.

Elements Rice Rolling Paper

Made of rice (obviously), Elements CBD rolling papers produce a caramel undertone while maintaining the flavor of cannabis. Elements rolling papers are thin and produce little ash. However, like other ultra-thin products, their weight may make them difficult to manage for less experienced rollers.

They also rank amongst the more affordable options, with 300 papers per pack.


Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

When it comes to flavoring, Juicy Jay doesn’t cut corners. Their rolling papers are “triple-dipped” to ensure subtle flavor comes through the smoke and onto the lips, all with no chemical taste.

Plus, they look good. All-natural ingredients like soy-based ink, are used to decorate each flavor, which vary from blackberry, mint, birthday cake, and beyond.

Try a sampler kit to get a taste of all their flavors, and to check out their wide range of sizes for smoking customers of all experience levels.

Cyclones Flavored Cones

Where there are flavored rolling papers, there are flavored pre-rolled cones. Cyclones are the solution to creating a good-looking joint while enjoying a flavorful experience.

Like others on this list, Cyclones flavored cones are chemical-free. They produce a great taste, even burn rate, and smooth smoke. Fruit flavors include grape, blueberry, and even a unique peach-mint combo. They also offer hemp cones for a natural alternative.

Grapeaid Organic Wraps by High Hemp

Because of their organic production practices, High Hemp rolling papers contain naturally occurring CBD in the paper itself, and rank among the best rolling papers for quality. They use organically grown hemp, are pesticide-free, and contain no fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth stimulants. Grapeaid Organic Wraps are available in flavors like mango, lemonade, and honeypot swirl, they also have vegan options.

CannaWraps Hemp Wraps by Dank Industries

CannaWraps Hemp Wraps are among the best organic hemp options for CBD rolling papers.

Impressively, the wraps are hand-processed and powered by zero-emission energy sources, and produced without a single toxic byproduct. Their affordable single box includes 24 pouches and comes in flavors like grape and mango.

Skunk Flavored Rolling Papers

Skunk rolling papers are 100 percent hemp with natural gum and come in flavors like blackberry, blueberry, Hawaiian, strawberry, and menthol. As the name would suggest, the flavors are strong. Skunk is among our best rolling papers because they are incredibly thin, with a slow and even burn.

Zig-Zag Skins

Did you know Zig-Zag invented the interleaving packing method now commonly used by CBD rolling papers around the world? With a long history, Zig-Zag rolling papers are made from natural flax plant fibers and have a natural Arabic gum line. Their flavors include vanilla, grape, and their ever-popular orange. A slow burn at 1 ¼”, Zig-Zag Orange is quite thin and might be difficult for novice rollers.

Dosist Vape Pen

Vape pens come in disposable and reusable varieties and are becoming a popular delivery cannabis delivery method on the go.

Packed Air Vape X

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