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Must Have Cannabis Accessories

When you were young, you were told that those who indulged in cannabis were wayward members of society. This old adage needs to be thrown away. Cannabis is much more than a way to get high. It’s a dynamic culture, and for many consumers, it’s an important part of their lifestyle. That’s why many people enhance their cannabis experience with CBD gear. To highlight the ever-changing landscape, take a look at our list of a few must-have cannabis accessories.

Some weed accessories provide you with ways to actually consume it, others are used for storing cannabis, transporting cannabis, and more general lifestyle products. Whether you’re a cannabis newcomer or a seasoned pro, this guide will walk you through some of the most helpful and stylish weed accessories on the market today.

Close-Up Of Cannabis In Mason Jar On Table

Storing Your Cannabis

Storing your weed properly is critical. If you don’t do it right you could end up with herb that’s dried up, less potent, or moldy.

Light, oxygen, and humidity are some of the biggest factors that contribute to the degradation of cannabis. Light and oxygen break down the cannabinoids and terpenes that give cannabis its psychoactive effects, medicinal properties, tastes, and smells. Also, the wrong humidity levels can dry your product out or contribute to the onset of mold.

To store your cannabis properly, look for containers that keep your flower away from direct light, open-air, and that keep your stash from getting too dry or too moist. Here are some storage options to get you started:

  • Glass Mason Jars – This is one of the simplest and most effective tools for storing cannabis. Use a small jar so there’s not too much empty space, screw the lid on tight, and store it in a cool location away from direct light.
  • Silicone Storage Containers – Silicone containers are popular among those who store cannabis concentrates—the non-stick nature of silicone makes it easy to scoop out dabs of sticky concentrates.
  • Humidity Control Packs – To regulate the humidity of your product, toss a humidity control pack into your storage container. Cannabis should be stored anywhere between 54% and 63% relative humidity. Look for cannabis-specific humidity products like Boveda and Integra BOOST, both of which have been designed to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Preparing Your Cannabis

While the exact tools you need to get your weed ready for consumption depends largely on how you’ll be consuming it, there are a few standard cool weed accessories that any cannabis smoker should have:

  • Grinder – It’s a good idea to opt for a multi-chambered model with filter screens. Grinders like this automatically filter out the fine particles of kief — the potent resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids — and store them in a separate container for future use.
  • Rolling Trays – Whether or not you spend time rolling joints, spliffs, or blunts, a rolling tray is a good idea. It’s a simple accessory that can add a little bit of style to your consuming experience. More importantly, it’s helpful to have a clean workstation that will catch any bits you might spill while getting ready to consume.
  • Multi-tools – Having a good cannabis multi-tool on hand can be incredibly helpful, whether you’re rolling a J, packing a bowl, smoking a bong, or dabbing concentrates. To get started, check out RYOTNuggy, and DoobTool

Using Your Cannabis

Arguably the most important cannabis accessories are the ones that directly facilitate consumption. This category is all about your preference for how you like to consume weed. Common accessories for using cannabis include:

  • Vaporizers – There are a lot of vaporizer choices, including vapes for concentrates, vapes for dry herb, vapes that do them both, small portable handheld vapes, larger complex desktop vapes, and disposable and reusable vape pens.
  • Dab Rigs – If you’re a concentrates fan and you’re into dabbing, you’ll need a dab rig. This typically includes a glass water pipe that’s very similar to a regular bong, but that’s equipped with a “nail.” The nail is the component that holds and vaporizes the concentrate. You can buy a nail that you heat manually with a blowtorch or an e-nail that electronically brings the nail to your desired temperature.
  • Glass Pipes – Glass smoking pieces are among the most classic of all cannabis accessories. Glass doesn’t leach anything into your smoke and it’s easy and generally safe to heat up. Glass pieces include spoon pipes, bongs, bubblers, and chillums.
  • Rolling Papers – If you like smoking joints and spliffs, you’ll need rolling paper. It’s not uncommon for cannabis consumers to be passionately loyal to their favorite paper, so experiment with different brands and flavors and see what you like best. If you’re into blunts, test out different cigarillo wraps until you find your favorite.
Open Jars of Dried Cannabis Flower

Accessorizing Your Cannabis

While cannabis has many accessories that are primarily functional in nature, there are also many weed accessories that are specifically lifestyle-oriented. Some of these include:

  • Tote Bags – In recent years, there’s been an explosion of bags created especially for carrying marijuana—including duffle bags, backpacks, handbags, purses, clutches, and more. These bags are odor-proof to give you a stylish, fashionable, and discreet way to carry weed with you outside the house.
  • High-End Humidors – Technically speaking, a humidor might be overkill. But they’re an excellent option for serious cannabis consumers or for consumers who want to store their weed in style. If you go this route, stick with a humidor designed specifically for cannabis, such as the ApothecarryCannador, or other similar products. These humidors maintain conditions perfect for marijuana and very often serve as attractive accents to your home décor.
  • Apparel – In the past, the only real cannabis-related apparel was mostly in the “stoner” aesthetic vein. But today, as cannabis continues moving into the mainstream, you can find cannabis-related apparel that offers versatility in style and wear. You can even buy hoodies with built-in vapes for on-the-go consumption.

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