What Type of Drug is Marijuana?

Depending on who you ask, marijuana may be described as a depressant, stimulant, hallucinogen, or all three. Here’s how your unique body chemistry, environment, strain, dosage, and other factors can result in different effects every time you use mari…

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Five Unique Benefits of Using Hemp Lotion

Hemp skincare products come in many forms, from body butter to facemasks and even lip balm. Hemp lotions are becoming increasingly popular due to their active ingredients, including essential fatty acids and varying levels of cannabinoids, which can…

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Midsection of bearded man igniting marijuana joint with lighter at home

How Long Does a High Last?

Whether you’re new to using cannabis or you’re a seasoned smoker, you may be wondering about how long a high lasts. The high refers to the euphoric, mind-altering effects caused by THC. Before you get started, it can be useful to know what to expect…

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CBD Tincture on Marble Table


Out of the 100+ cannabinoids in the cannabis plant – Cannabidiol, or CBD, is thought to be the most beneficial for human wellbeing. 1 in 7 adults are already using CBD as an alternative medicine to alleviate symptoms from a variety of health conditio…

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