Close-up Image of CBD shatter

What is CBD Shatter? Cannabis Concentrates Guide

To start our primer, we first need to answer the question, ‘what is shatter?’ While the name is quite intriguing, shatter isn’t nearly as mysterious as it sounds. Shatter is essentially a brittle, translucent form of cannabis concentrate that’s high…

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Senior man on an eye exam for glaucoma

CBD for Glaucoma: Does it Help? 2020 Guide

In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has gained a reputation for aiding with just about every condition and disorder. It’s a reputation that has been well earned, with research finding . Unfortunately, using CBD for glaucoma…

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A woman treating allergies with CBD

CBD for Allergies: Does it Help? 2020 Guide

You know the feeling. Your eyes are red and itchy, your throat feels tight, and the sneezing is so uncontrollable you can barely get a word out. You have allergies. Whether seasonal or related to unintended exposure to something you usually try to…

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  • Vaping

The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer Review | In Depth Analysis – 2020

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