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Black, White and Green: Why the U.S. Election Matters so Much for Black Americans

In just a few days, Americans will decide whether President Trump will be elected to a second term, or if former Vice President Joe Biden is better suited for the job. For Black Americans like me, there is much on the line.

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Top 50 Movies to Watch While High

While there are many things you can enjoy after a great smoke session, a sure way to elevate your maxin’ and relaxin’ experience on cloud nine is to kick back with a good movie and some really great snacks.

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How to Roll a Joint

Like a chef in pursuit of perfecting his recipe, or a beer connoisseur chasing the perfect pour, mastering how to roll a joint is an enjoyable part of the smoking ritual for cannabis enthusiasts.

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NBA Players Get Green Light on Weed – For Now

The NBA has decided against marijuana testing when players resume their season this July at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

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