Wondering who made our top CBD oils list?  Click here to find out! 

Who made our top CBD oils list?  Click here to find out! 


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Woman putting CBD lip balm on

Our Top 5 Favorite CBD Lip Balms

In the growing industry of CBD beauty products, CBD lip balms offer a range of aesthetic, health, and wellness benefits. In part, the popularity of CBD-infused beauty products is due to changing attitudes. But it’s also a testament to their effective…

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The Best Rolling Papers of 2021

The art of a perfect roll is a time-honored tradition in the consumption of cannabis. Part patience — part party trick, a well-rolled smoke is a simple, accessible, and familiar vessel to enjoy cannabis. The ritual of the roll is part of the at…

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CBD Facemasks: Five Benefits that May Surprise You

CBD oil is quickly becoming the must have ingredient for beauty and skincare products. Facemasks infused with CBD oil – or CBD facemasks – are promising to tackle common concerns for all skin types. The benefits they offer may surprise you.   Fe…

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CBD Cosmetics: Understanding the Beauty Blaze

In case you missed it, CBD is popping up in the list of ingredients on literally anything you can think of. CBD-infused products have taken a giant leap beyond traditional consumption methods, like oils and capsules, and can now be found in food and…

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