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Grow Weed Easy – Beginner's Quick Start Guide Cannabis Grow Room with Fan

How to Grow Weed: Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Cannabis

Growing cannabis is easy. It’s called “weed” for a reason. Put a seed in the ground and it will grow. Growing high-quality weed can be a bit more challenging, especially for a first-time grower.   Don’t be intimidated by the extent of informatio…

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Girl rolling a CBD pre roll

Best CBD Pre-Rolls

We rank five of the most popular CBD pre-rolls and compare them on factors like price, pre-roll size, quality of hemp, and more to reveal the best CBD pre-rolls available.

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Close-up of CBD Oil bottle with hemp flowers and seeds

Everything You Need to Know to Buy Cannabis Seeds

So you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis, and you’ve got your grow space all set up. You’re all ready, except for one small detail; you are going to need some genetic material to get started. In other words, you will have to loca…

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Best Bud Trimmers for the Home Grower

Does doing the laundry have anything to teach us about growing cannabis? Yes, it does!  Laundry has distinct steps, like washing, rinsing, drying, folding, and sometimes ironing. Growing cannabis has distinct stages as well, such as vegging, blooming…

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