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As legislation and social understanding evolve, the market for CBD-infused beauty applications, as well as the variety of products offered is growing. Touting its many benefits — retailers, drugstores, boutiques, and established cosmetics brands are now offering CBD beauty options like makeup, skincare, shampoos, face masks, and more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Cannabis Infused Beauty Products Work?

CBD beauty products generally – though not exclusively – fall under the category of topical CBD. This means they are applied to the body (think skin, lips, hair) rather than being ingested or inhaled. While this means cannabidiol won’t enter the bloodstream, it can have a localized effect where it is applied. 


CBD works by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and increasing the levels of our own endocannabinoids and changing their effects. The ECS has receptors throughout our bodies, which trigger different reactions when activated by cannabinoid compounds, like the plant-sourced cannabidiol in CBD skincare products.

When it comes to beauty, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties 1 Philpott, H. T., O’Brien, M., & McDougall, J. J. (2017). Attenuation of early phase inflammation by cannabidiol prevents pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis. Pain, 158(12), 2442 give it a valued edge. CBD is recognized as a strong bioactive 2 Andre, C. M., Hausman, J. F., & Guerriero, G. (2016). Cannabis sativa: the plant of the thousand and one molecules. Frontiers in plant science, 7, 19. , with significant regenerative, anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. 


As studies continue, experts are discovering new ways CBD interacts with our body to our benefit. More recently, CBD has been shown to activate antioxidant pathways in [cite “skin cells” id=”2″. For non-medical usage, these antioxidant properties could help keep you looking younger for longer. Simply, antioxidants work by reducing the production of free radicals. Free radicals attack cells, causing much of the damage we associate with troubled skin.

What Are The Different Types of CBD Beauty Products?

CBD & Skin Conditions

One of CBD’s most attractive attributes is its ability to relieve inflammation. Therefore, it’s commonly found in topical skincare products and may be used to address skin conditions. There’s a lot to know about CBD and skin conditions but here’s a quick overview:

  • CBD skincare products may be used to soothe inflammation, skin damage, and other conditions like eczema.
  • CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help with acne (including scarring), psoriasis, and eczema
  • CBD skincare products may minimize signs of aging by offsetting damage from the sun, pollution, and other free-radical damage.
  • Research into the uses of CBD oil in treating a variety of skin conditions is ongoing, but experts have seen promising topical benefits.

CBD and Facemasks

If you’re considering using CBD facemasks and have some questions, you’re not alone. Just like other topical treatments, facemasks infused with CBD oil may offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Many users report positive experiences using CBD facemask to ease puffiness, address acne and other breakouts, and reduce fine lines and signs of aging.  


CBD and Cosmetics

With famous friends and influencers singing the praises of CBD oil in their beauty routine, CBD cosmetics is a new trend to watch. Mascara, lip balm, moisturizers, and more now can be found to include CBD oil. What sets them apart? Makeups and creams with CBD as an active ingredient serve their aesthetic purpose but may also promote soothing, restoring, and relaxing effects. 


CBD and Hair Products

The same principles that make CBD skin care products appealing apply to CBD hair products and make them an attractive alternative to traditional beauty regimes. Products like shampoos, conditioners, and serums can combat common hair issues. Dry or itchy scalp? Trouble taming frizz? Struggling with excess oil? Anecdotal evidence has shown CBD hair products as potential solutions. 

Where Can I Find CBD Beauty Products?

First, get informed about the regulations surrounding cannabidiol in your region. Depending on where you live, CBD beauty products may be available in your local drugstores. They can also be found online through specialized shops or big-name cosmetic and beauty brands. 


Remember to check out requirements and restrictions when travelling with CBD products. 

What Should I Look For When Comparing Cosmetic Cannabis Products?
  • Try it out! Beauty products that contain CBD are the same as any other cosmetic or aesthetic product. Some will work for you. You’ll like some more than others. Test out the growing number of products with samples and small purchases to start to understand the unique properties CBD oil provides.
  • Read the reviews. Wherever possible, read what others are saying about their experiences with CBD beauty products. The range of benefits that can be derived from various beauty and wellness products will affect different people differently. Learn how others experience CBD oil to find out what might work for you.
  • If you have any skin conditions or other health concerns, consider consulting a doctor before introducing any new product into your routine.
  • Have fun! CBD beauty is a new, safe, exciting trend. Lean into the relaxation and wellness benefits of CBD oil and let it be a fun shake-up to your beauty routine.
How Much CBD Beauty Products Usually Cost?

CBD beauty products are generally comparable to any other type of beauty product. The price will range based on brand, quality, quantity, and product. The good news is that more and more products are becoming available, meaning options are accessible for all budgets. 



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