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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. We'll help you choose the right CBD products and learn about the effects and benefits of CBD

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of two primary cannabinoids found within the Cannabis plant – it’s cousin being THC. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t give you that traditional high that many associate with consuming marijuana products. Rather, many believe it provides subtle therapeutic benefits across a wide variety of health conditions. Just like traditional cannabis products there are many ways to consume CBD such as a food additive, inhalation through vaporization or smoking, capsular form, or the most popular delivery method: oils. From a legal standpoint, its use is much less controversial as it does not impair coordination or perception – meaning it can be used safely in most situations even at high dosages. Its recent legalization in the United States has led to a flurry of research into its potential health benefits as well as the mobilization of a massive new consumer CBD industry.

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CBD 101

Just getting started with CBD or want to learn more about this popular cannabinoid? Check out this guide for an overview of the benefits, side-effects, perceptual effects and other important pieces of information.

The CBD Benefits

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system which in turn, influences the function of numerous physiological systems and organs throughout our bodies. From what we know of these complex interactions, it appears that there are numerous way CBD could be acting as a therapeutic or medicinal agent. This has led many to tout CBD as a miracle cure and to have a variety of health benefits for medical problems from A to Z. Unfortunately many of these claims are under researched and unsubstantiated. Notwithstanding the lack of evidence, the small amount of research  that has been done coupled with a plethora of anecdotal  success stories  is promising. Here are several areas where CBD may one day become a go to therapeutic supplement for those suffering from related conditions.

1) Anti Inflammatory

CBD seems to reduce inflammation which gives it possible medicinal value possible reducing redness and puffiness associated with skin conditions and blemishes

2) Anxiolytic

CBD may have a calming effect for those prone to unwarranted bouts of stress.

3) Pain Relief

For those with neurological and chronic pain, CBD presents an attractive option give it's safety profile compared to common NSAID medications.

4) Seizure Relief

One of the most conclusive benefits of CBD is reducing the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients.

CBD and Health

Scientists are currently researching the efficacy of CBD in treating the symptoms of a variety of health conditions. Here are just a handful of health conditions that may respond to CBD.



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