2020 | Best Tasting and Most Effective CBD Coffee Brands

Drinking coffee has become a ritual for most people. CBD coffee is a decadent way to upgrade and balance your morning routine. For me, it is a requirement to wake me up for the day. My favorite coffee is a bold, dark roast espresso, served black with no cream or sugar.

Why would you combine the two? Well, it offers the best of both worlds; a good serving of caffeine to get you moving and a dash of CBD to ease you when the mornings get busy. I’ve shifted to CBD coffee because it gives me energy without the nervous jitters, it’s the perfect blend.

Most of it is freshly ground before it’s bagged because they blend in the hemp oil during this process. When brewing, I recommend using cold freshwater to enhance the flavor of the CBD coffee. It’s also best to use a French press as it saturates the drink with a bold taste, filters might trap some of the CBD and prevent you from maximizing your experience. In a traditional drip brewer, use 2 rounded scoops of ground coffee to 6oz of water. It’s not recommended to go beyond four servings of coffee a day.

Below we discuss the nine best CBD coffee and CBD coffee pods:

Willie’s Remedy

Legendary country singer, Willie Nelson is famous in cannabis and has now turned his passion into creating CBD products. He sells three types of whole or ground coffee: Dark, Dark Decaf, and Medium. Each blended with full-spectrum hemp oil from Colorado and infused at a ratio of 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee beans.

Priced at $18, it’s available in 8oz bags with 250mg of CBD (15mg of CBD per serving). I have personally experienced clarity and calmness when I drink their Dark Blend. It’s hard not to love Willie Nelson and his CBD products. If you’re looking for a small dose of CBD in your coffee, this is the perfect cup for you.


HempWorx creates instant organic coffee with 5mg of CBD in each packet. This is convenient for those who are traveling or don’t have time to brew. It is gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-GMO, THC-free, and vegan-friendly.

It’s derived from Arabica beans and includes organic Chaga mushrooms in the blend. I’m not a fan of the taste because it lacks a bold strong flavor, however, you can try it risk-free for 60 days. HempWorx sells boxes of 30 packets (150mg CBD), priced at $69.

Strava Craft Coffee

Strava Craft Coffee specializes in hemp coffee and is my favorite brand. I discovered them in 2017, this year they came out with K-cup coffee pods and Nespresso compatible pods. I am in love with their Elevate dark roast blend (which has the most CBD in each serving).

Their master roasters spent years devising and perfecting roasting practices, that allow proper CBD infusion without sacrificing the taste. They have four varieties: Focus (30mg of CBD), Restore (120mg of CBD), Elevate (240mg of CBD), and Escape (60mg of CBD).

Strava Craft Coffee sells its Medium roast coffee in a 12oz pack, (250mg of CBD) or $55 (500mg of CBD). They say you can experience peace and wellness in every cup and I agree. I highly recommend Strava as I think this is the best one in the market today.

Sun State Hemp

You will love starting your day with Sun State Hemp coffee. They have three unique blends from the sunny farms of Columbia: Medium Roast, Smooth Dark Roast, and my personal favorite, Pumpkin Spice Coffee.

Sun State Hemp’s CBD coffee comes in 8oz packs, has 300mg of CBD, and is priced at $28 (per pack). Their organic coffee is an exquisite treat with a fulfilling CBD experience.

Flower Power Coffee

Taste the decadent coffee flavors from Flower Power Coffee. They have four varieties: New York House Blend Signature, Costa Rican, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Big Island Joe (best-seller). Each bag has 2oz of coarsely ground, roasted coffee infused with 60mg of pharmaceutical-grade, water-soluble CBD. It’s from CBD isolates so it’s THC-free.

Their coffee has a nice full-bodied flavor with medium acidity. Bursting with flavor and a mild dose of CBD, it’s great for energy.

CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz offers one blend of medium-bodied CBD coffee. Made with Arabica Coffee beans grown in the rich soils of Central and South America, it contains 16mg of CBD per serving.

This well-balanced, premium CBD Coffee comes in an 8oz pack with a reasonable price tag of $40. Expect to experience an extra sweet, smooth taste with consistent flavors of vanilla and caramel.

Why You Should Try CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is a great way to consume CBD and coffee. It’s one of the fastest-growing products in the CBD space. If you appreciate the benefits of hemp and coffee, this is the perfect blend. Some coffee shops now offer properly infused CBD roast and its popularity is growing.

My pick for the best CBD coffee is Strava Craft Coffee (with Willie’s Remedy coming in at a second place and Buddha Beans Coffee for third). I love the smooth and robust taste, as well as the calming effects it gives me. I also love the undertones and spice notes of these coffees.

Caffeine and CBD combined can be a great enhancer. I find it gives me energy and calms my mind. My physical and emotional well-being has improved and after a year of drinking CBD coffee I don’t see any negative side effects. I would advise taking it in moderation, one to two cups is a perfect way to start your day.

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