Best CBD Tea Products & Brands

Inspired by tradition, the ritual of tea drinking is a widely popular way to unwind after a long day. You can sip it while chatting with a friend, or at the end of a meal. Infusing tea with CBD is a wonderful and effective way to add more calm and relaxation to your tea experience. Many choose CBD tea because it’s an enjoyable method to consume CBD, without any off-putting flavors. CBD infused tea is the perfect beverage to sip in the evening, taking advantage of the calming effects at bedtime. It can also be used during a busy workday, to help alleviate the pressures of daily life, or after a hard workout to support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation. Many CBD users enjoy the benefits of CBD tea as part of their daily routine.

green roads cbd tea

Green Road's Chamomile is perfect for daily drinking. It contains a modest amount of Broad Spectrum CBD at 7mg along with light chamomile, vanilla & peppermint flavors – perfect for intermediate CBD users. With over 200 five star reviews, you can be confident that this CBD tea will meet your expectations.

kickback cbd tea

Kickback's premium Matcha CBD Tea comes with nano infused CBD which is ~x5-10 stronger than CBD isolate. It contains the equivalent 1g of CBD per tea bag and supplies a total of 42 cups of tea per package. If you like a smooth drinking slightly sweet tea, this could be for you!

What are the Top Brands of CBD Tea on the Market?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite cannateas.  These CBD products range from sleep enhancers to more traditional green teas.

#1 Green Roads – Chamomile

Green Roads is an award-winning CBD producer, specializing in a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oil, coffee, edibles, and topicals. Their chamomile tea is widely reported as the best CBD teas on the market, and is a relaxing blend of CBD, chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint. Many CBD users prefer Green Roads because of the quality of hemp, the transparency of the company, and their use of third-party lab testing. Each teabag has 7mg of 100% pure hemp-derived CBD.

#2 Kickback - Matcha’cha CBD Matcha

Kickback Matcha’cha is a high-quality CBD tea. Made from single-origin matcha it’s perfect for real green tea lovers who enjoy the earthy, vegetal taste of matcha. This CBD green tea is made from hemp-derived, broad-spectrum nano CBD, by a company that specializes in cold and hot CBD beverages, including coffee and lemonade. Each tea bag contains 5mg of CBD, but Kickback claims it feels like 25mg. Balance out the earthy flavor of this tea with a sweet treat like a CBD cookie, which will also boost your CBD dose if the 5mg CBD tea serving is a little low for your preference.

#3 Buddha Teas - CBD Turmeric & Ginger

Turmeric is still trending as an ingredient that may have an array of health benefits and anti-inflammatory capabilities, and you’ll often find it paired with ginger, which can have pleasant stomach-settling effects. Buddha Teas blend power couple turmeric and ginger to offer a warming, pungent, spicy, and sweet tea. It’s made with hemp-derived, full-spectrum water-soluble CBD. Each tea bag has 5mg of CBD. Additionally, Buddha Teas offer a lineup of organic non-CBD teas available in grocery store chains around the world.

#4 The CBD Cooltura - Hemp Tea Hand Cut

A bit more for the hemp purists of the world, The CBD Cooltura, a U.K based brand, has a lineup of raw and unprocessed products like their full hemp flower teas (uncut, with seeds), hemp powder, hemp isolate, CBD oil, honey, and liquid vape. The hand-cut, seedless tea is not blended with other ingredients, and can simply be steeped and enjoyed as hemp tea, or mixed with other dried (or fresh) ingredients to create your own blend of CBD tea. Because it is loose tea, the amount of CBD varies with personal use.

#5 Everie - Peach Ginger Green CBD Tea

Canadian-made, Everie Peach Ginger tea is a great decaffeinated choice for those looking to relax with a hot cup of tasty, fruity, herbal tea – minus the effects of caffeine. Made with 98% pure cannabis-derived CBD isolate, Peach Ginger is just part of their refreshing lineup. Everie makes three herbal teas, and three cold sparkling canned beverages, each with a 10mg dose of CBD.

#6 The Brothers Apothecary - Chai Awakening

Popular flavor Chai finds a home in The Brothers Apothecary CBD infused tea Chai Awakening, using a blend of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg to offer an earthy, warm and subtly sweet flavor. This low-caffeine blend is made with hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD, and each tea bag contains 60mg of CBD. The Brothers Apothecary is committed to using local and sustainable ingredients in their extensive lineup of CBD teas. They also make CBD capsules, superfoods, and infused skincare products.

#7 Glow Water - SLEEP CBD Tea

Designed as a sleep aid, Glow Water’s SLEEP is a CBD tea blend which includes pacifying herbs lavender, and chamomile. Recommended to be enjoyed before bed, each teabag contains 25mg of 100% organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. In addition to SLEEP, they offer, RISE jasmine green and spearmint blend, CALM rooibos, and RESTORE hibiscus and ginger. Each tea is blended for a specific purpose. The company specializes in teas and does not offer any other CBD products.

Time for Tea?

Enjoyed before bed, CBD tea can be soothing and promote a sense of relaxation. There are also benefits to drinking CBD tea other times of the day. While the effects of CBD tea may vary from person to person, it can support the management of everyday stress, promote calmness, and may enhance physical and mental well-being. CBD may also offer relief of chronic pain and migraines. Tea is a pleasant way to get a dose of CBD in a relaxing setting, as well as the potential benefits of the other herbs the teas are blended with – like lavender, chamomile, or matcha.

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