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2020 Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 Best CBD Wax Products

There are so many varieties of CBD products on the market today: including coffee, tinctures, vapes, and lotion. This is because CBD is increasing in popularity, so companies have been coming up with unique products to offer their customers. Not all hemp is created equal, so if you’ve been finding inconsistencies in the strength of cannabidiol products, you might want to try CBD wax. Not sure if CBD wax is for you? Read on for more information.

What are CBD Dabs and CBD Wax?

Simply put, CBD dabs are a cannabis concentrate extracted from hemp. It’s so highly concentrated you only need a small amount to deliver high levels of CBD. What’s the difference between CBD wax and CBD dab? Well, the wax is a form of the dab filled with terpenes and cannabinoids, whereas CBD dabs contain 99% CBD (and little else). When the wax is processed right, it has no residual solvents and an extremely high concentration of CBD. If you’re looking for a higher strength of CBD, go for wax or dabs.

How to Use CBD Wax

There are a lot of ways to ingest CBD wax, like heating it with a vape pen. This is one of the most popular methods today, as it’s portable and discreet. Another way is to use a bong or water pipe as you do with cannabis wax. However, we’ve discovered the most popular method of consuming CBD wax is through dabbing.

Dabbing looks daunting at first because you’ll need a dab rig, but it’s actually easy to use. Just add a tiny amount of the CBD wax to the hot nail surface, as it heats it will convert into vapor, then inhale it like a traditional bong. Since it is very concentrated, you will likely only need a few puffs to get your desired effects.

Below are five of the best CBD wax, CBD dabs, and CBD concentrates of 2020.

#1 CBDFX Wax Concentrated Dabs

CBDFX Wax Concentrated Dabs is one of the best CBD wax on the market. Created with the dabbers in mind, it’s made from quality organic hemp oil and has 30% of pure CBD per gram. Its ultra-potent concentrate offers 300mg of full-spectrum CBD oil with 20 servings per jar.

It also has amino acids and terpenes. It isn’t too sticky so you can pack it into the dab pens. These dabs contain the legal amount of THC (<0.3), and it’s priced at $50 which I think is pretty reasonable.

#2 Steve’s Good CBD OG Wax

Established in 2016, Steve’s CBD OG Wax was voted: #1 Best Concentrate in Colorado, by Rooster Magazine (in 2018). Their Wax Crumble is made with only two ingredients: alcohol and industrial hemp. Each 100g of CBD OG Wax contains 10% of CBD oil, and each jar has approximately 100mg of pure CBD. It comes in two affordable batches: a half gram priced at $19, and a full gram at $30.

Steve’s Good CBD OG Wax is available in five different delicious flavors which include: Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, Pineapple Express, Terpin Gorilla, and Girl Scout Cookies.

This broad-spectrum CBD, OG Wax, does not contain any THC; however, it contains cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC, which may have added benefits.

#3 CBDistillery Wax

CBDistillery is one of the best CBD wax for sale that also has CBG, a beneficial, non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It’s derived from CBD-rich industrial hemp extract and has a sweet, strong, earthy, hemp flavor. It has 80% broad-spectrum CBD oil which means one gram of wax contains almost 800mg of CBD. This makes it a more potent wax than others on the market. It was made for dabbing but you can also use it for vaping: it’s packed in a 1g jar and priced at $40.

#4 Hemplucid Wax

Higher terpene level, rich in CBD, and amazingly effective, Hemplucid Wax might be just what you need. This CBD wax uses the C02 extraction process from Colorado-grown hemp. It contains 20% of CBD oil per pack and nearly 200mg of CBD. This wax is completely free of any solvents and artificial flavors.

This full-spectrum CBD Hemplucid Wax has the legal amount of THC (<0.3%). Full-spectrum CBD wax means it includes cannabinoids: terpenoids and flavonoids. One pack of 200mg Hemplucid CBD Wax costs $35 which is pricey compared to the others, however, the potency is impressive.

#5 Rad Dabs

Rad Dabs from Cloud 9 Hemp is a highly concentrated wax shatter that is made from CO2 extracted hemp honey. It contains 24% of CBD oil, which means that you will get 240mg of CBD in a 1g pack. Other ingredients are fatty acids, terpenes, and naturally occurring vitamin E.

Rad Dabs comes in a 1g container, it’s priced at $45 and has 4 – 10 servings per pack. They offer five great flavors we love: including natural, strawberry, bubble gum, wildberry, and peach melba.

Final Thoughts

To wax or not to wax? CBD wax effects are better compared to the traditional CBD products. The biggest benefit is that it’s highly concentrated CBD; therefore, highly potent. This might be what you need to get things done and get a noticeable effect. We always recommend that you start with a tiny amount, and work up at a slow pace.

Some have reported better experiences with CBD wax, than with traditional methods like CBD tinctures or CBD capsules. On a per gram basis, it has at least 800mg of CBD and is a better value for your money. CBD wax may also be ideal for those in need of instant relief. We’ve given you five of the best CBD wax on the market – now go and try them for yourself!

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