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Taking CBD to Relax: Get Ready to Chill (Netflix Optional)

Should you take CBD to relax? Does it help with anxiety? What about everyday stressors like work, paying bills, and a global pandemic?

The Effects of CBD

While this is quickly becoming the mainstream perception of CBD, the truth is that there has not yet been enough research to conclusively determine the full scope of CBD health benefits. However, the research is growing rapidly. And one of the fields that have received significant attention has to do with CBD for relaxation.

CBD is one of the two most prevalent chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. The other is THC. Generally speaking, THC provides the psychoactive effects of cannabis, while CBD provides the bulk of its therapeutic and medicinal properties. In fact, CBD helps counteract many of THC’s more intense psychoactive effects.

On its own, CBD will not produce sensations of being high. When it comes to what you’re going to noticeably feel when taking CBD, it may probably be a very subtle sense of calm and relaxation. For example, you won’t feel like you spent hours in the studio with Snoop but you may feel like you’ve had a great day hanging out with Snoop and Martha Stewart baking cookies.

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CBD for Relaxation

One of the great things about CBD is that there are numerous options when it comes to the specific type of CBD product you use and the consumption method you choose. Here are some tips specifically tailored toward using CBD for relaxation:

  • Take a dose at night, especially when you’re trying to wind down and get ready for bed. Those who have trouble falling asleep could see themselves catching up on some much-needed zzz’s with the help of CBD. Let’s be real here, 2020 hasn’t been the best year on the books and we could all probably use more sleep.
  • Pay attention to context. You’re more likely to experience deep relaxation when your CBD consumption is coupled with a calming atmosphere. Try taking your favorite CBD product while soaking in a hot bath, listening to music, reading, meditating, stretching, or whatever else you typically do to relax. Maybe doing your taxes relaxes you? Maybe walking your dog is what keeps you calm? Maybe it’s hate-watching Emily In Paris? Whatever it is that you enjoy, we suggest coupling that with CBD to help you loosen up.
  • If you know your day is going to be particularly stressful, give yourself a dose of CBD in the morning. Try eating a CBD edible, dropping some tincture beneath your tongue, mixing CBD into your coffee, or taking a couple of hits from a CBD vape pen to help cope with your stressful day.
  • If you suffer from social anxiety – and who doesn’t in this day and age – try taking some CBD before heading out to a social event or for a night out. To make it even better, bring your CBD vape pen along with you, that way you may dose throughout the night to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Make sure you use it discreetly or in designated vaping areas. And do not share! We know that sharing is caring, but during a global pandemic, it’s probably best not to pass around your vape.

What are the Different Types of CBD for Relaxation?

If you’re taking CBD to relax, you might be equally well served with pretty much any type of CBD product. The main thing you should focus on is timing. If you want something that could give you relief quickly, smoke or vape CBD flower, use a CBD vape pen, or consume a CBD concentrate or extract. Just remember that these methods produce effects that don’t last as long as other forms of CBD.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a longer-lasting release, you should go for an edible or a CBD-infused drink. While products like these tend to produce long-lasting effects, be aware that they also take their time setting in since they take much longer to metabolize than smoking or vaping.

Finally, if you want a subtler calming feeling that focuses on a specific part of your body, try CBD topicals. These products let you rub CBD into one part of your body only and tend to produce gentle calming effects. Think of it as a lotion that not only smells good but contains some CBD health benefits like pain management.

Which Brands Offer the Best CBD to Relax?

Whatever you’re looking for and whatever your preferences are, there is a CBD product out there that could give you the experience you’re after. The key is starting slow with small doses until you figure out how much CBD you need. Additionally, try experimenting with various products and brands until you find the type of CBD you like the best.

We recommend trying the following CBD brands to help with relaxation:

  • Although their selection of products is minimal, NuLeaf Naturals knows CBD. You’ll find a small collection of CBD oils that customers rave about. Why not turn over a new leaf with their CBD products?
  • The cream rises to the top, or in the case of Myaderm CBD, their Advanced Therapy Cream rises to the occasion. Non-greasy and lightly-scented, this cream may help with pain management and relaxation.
  • Koi CBD dropped the bomb – bath bombs that is. The company is known for its unique line of products like bathing accessories, inhalers, and a skincare line.

Using CBD to relax is a great way to unwind after a long day or set yourself up for a good day. No matter how you use it, what you use it for, or when you use it, your body and mind will thank you.


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