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What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

If you’ve never lazily sucked down a honey stick while staring at some clouds, have you even truly lived? Beloved by schoolchildren and working folk alike, honey sticks are a convenient way to take a little of this natural golden confection courtesy of our bee friends with you on-the-go. Comprised of a (hopefully biodegradable) plastic casting filled with honey and then sealed, these popular snack items have been enhancing lunchtimes and staving off hangry tantrums for decades.

What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

Given how easy it is to infuse honey with cannabinoids (see below), it comes as no surprise that honey sticks (sometimes branded as “stix”) containing CBD have begun to appear on the market. Not only does a honey stick provide the perfect “incognito” dosing opportunity for those who may require some discretion — it’s also a somewhat less decadent choice as a treat when compared with more artificial sweets like CBD gummy bears.

Before we dive into the various options available for purchase, let’s take a look at how this product is created and enjoyed.

How Are CBD Honey Sticks Made and Used?

Compared with other forms of infusion, the process of naturally adding CBD to honey is remarkably simple. The first thing to occur is decarboxylation, in which the cannabis in question is heated to a given temperature to activate the cannabinoids within. At home, that may take the form of baking a tray of flower in your oven. From there, you slowly infuse your decarboxylated cannabis with your honey in a double boiler over low heat before straining out the plant matter. Viola!

However, in order to create honey sticks that contain CBD but only trace amounts of THC, one must extract the cannabinoid prior to the infusion process. Companies that rely on hemp to source their CBD, thus in turn making it legal to purchase across the U.S., must then also decide whether to use a CBD isolate or a “full-spectrum” extract (which contains not only CBD but a number of other helpful, and non-psychoactive, cannabinoids). In either case, complex machinery is required to create products like the CBD honey sticks we enjoy today.

What Are People Saying About CBD Honey Sticks?

Customers across the board appear to be quite enamoured with this quick and effective form of CBD consumption. Here’s a selection of what people are saying about CBD honey sticks:


  • “Works great without a bad aftertaste.” — Margaret C.
  • “Great relief of joint pain and helped with my sleep.” — Joann H.


  • “Tasty and so convenient. Goes great with […] tea at nighttime.” — Nikki


  • “Nice taste. Helps with sleep.” — Adelina M.
  • “Excellent. Works very well.” — Ralph S

Where Can I Find CBD Honeysticks?


The company Just CBD offers honey sticks in one variety, available as packs of 10 or at a bulk rate of 100. Each stick is infused with 10mg of CBD, which is a fairly uniform dose and will be the standard option available from most major CBD brands. Unfortunately, Just CBD does not list any specific source for their honey, instead noting the ingredient only as “US Grade A Honey.”

In terms of background information, Just CBD’s “About Us” page provides no insights as to where the company is headquartered, what extraction methods they employ, or where their ingredients are sourced from. It does, however, link to certified third-party lab test results. Additionally, customers on the site appear to be pleased with product, calling it “yummy” (Julie D.) and “instant relief” (Carla N.).


At CBD American Shaman, customers have the option to purchase packs of CBD honey sticks in quantities of 10 or 100 at 10mg of CBD per stick. Impressively, CBD American Shaman also offers an additional element of choice into the equation, giving shoppers the option to decide between a version of their honey sticks with CBD isolate or with a full-spectrum CBD extract. The main difference? The latter features a number of other potentially helpful cannabinoids, but as a result, will test with a THC content of approximately 0.3%. Neither option will induce the psychoactive properties of THC, but those skittish of drug tests sometimes prefer the safety of a THC-free option.

With store locations across the continental United States, CBD American Shaman is the rare CBD brand to have a physical presence as well as a digital one. In terms of their honey, they harvest their raw supply from Cooper’s in Missouri — specific information that lends the product a valuable air of accountability. A customer review from Courtney recently celebrated the product’s appealing flavour as well, noting that it “tastes so good” and that she would “definitely [be] buying more.”


Of the three companies surveyed here, no one offers more variety on the honey stick front than Diamond CBD. In addition to their “standard” 10mg CBD honey stick, the brand also offers this product in a number of other flavors, including sour raspberry, pink lemonade, and cherry. Each option is available in packs of 5, 25, and 100.

Diamond CBD uses a supercritical CO2 extraction process to get their CBD, which is sourced from soil-rich hemp farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. They also provide certified third-party lab testing results on their website. Customers speak highly of their honey stick products as well. “This was the bomb,” noted Elizabeth C. “Just makes me feel relaxed and have less arthritis pain,” added Cynthia S.

Other CBD Honey Products

The popularity of honey sticks, thanks in large part to the fact that they allow us to consume a sticky treat without necessitating a trip to the bathroom to wash our hands after (but always wash your hands!), does not mean they stand alone on the stage of honey products infused with CBD.

As one might expect, brands like the three examined here also offer CBD honey in other forms, including a 1000mg formula from Diamond CBD applied with an applicator, bear-shaped containers of honey (120mg per bottle) for use on toast, tea, and more from CBD American Shaman, and a “liquid honey” tincture available in various strengths from Just CBD.

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