Best CBD Joints of 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

Smoking CBD Joints versus Ingesting CBD

There are a ton of ways to ingest CBD, and the method you choose really matters. This has to do largely with the fact that not all of the CBD you intake will be able to reach your bloodstream–an idea known as bioavailability. For example, when CBD is ingested via edibles or oil, only about 10-20% (some studies show as low as 6%) of it enters the bloodstream to produce active effects in the body (1). This is because, after ingested, CBD must pass through the stomach and the liver, where much of its content is reduced before entering circulation.

Smoking CBD, however, sends cannabinoids directly to the lungs, where they are more easily and quickly transferred to the bloodstream, yielding a higher bioavailability of 31% (2). A 2007 study by Marilyn A. Huestis also found that CBD can be detected in the body for up to 72 hours after smoking it, while CBD ingested by capsule is reported to be found closer to 6 hours later (3). This makes smoking one of the most effective ways to reap CBD’s many benefits.

Young adult man rolling a cbd joint

CBD Joints and What to Look For

While smoking a joint may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for ways to consume CBD, pre-rolled CBD joints are viable options with several benefits that other methods lack: there are no additives involved, dosages are exactly measured, there’s no rolling required, and you feel the effects fast.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a high-quality CBD joint. Sourcing is paramount. Hemp flower (not marijuana flower) is used to make CBD joints (think: therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the high). Your CBD joint should be made with the full spectrum hemp flower, which contains not only CBD but also trace amounts of THC, terpenes (aromatic oils), and other compounds that are widely thought to interact and strengthen the efficacy of the CBD more than simply isolating the CBD would (4). Transparency of sourcing ensures that you are getting the most out of your CBD without more THC than you bargained for. Other factors like strain (sativa, indica, hybrid), ingredients, cost, andcompany reputation may affect your decision about which product may be right for you. Here’s a review of three of our favorite options to help you navigate the market of CBD joints for sale.

American Shaman CBD Joints & Flower

American Shaman’s pre-rolled CBD joint is a high-quality option. Available in their Cherry Wine strain, each cone contains one gram of full-spectrum industrial hemp. This is on the pricier end of CBD joints for sale, at $14.99 plus shipping for one, with no discount for multiple purchases. American Shaman is abundantly clear about their sourcing, and their hemp is grown 100% organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO with no heavy metals or insecticides. This particular CBD joint contains 1.433 mg/g of THC, well under the legal limit, and some say it is the perfect option for first-time smokers who are reluctant to get high. They claim that their nanotechnical approach makes the bioavailability of their products 9x greater than their competitors. The Cherry Wine CBD joint boasts a smooth smoke, and reviews for the product, though few, are very positive.

Plain Jane CBD Joints & Flower

The CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joint from Plain Jain is a great option for those with a lower price point. One pre-rolled joint of the CBD blend will put you out $4.50, which is an affordable way to try out the product before committing. Once satisfied, you can buy a whole pack of 20 for $75. Shipping is not included. Plain Jane offers a wide variety of top-selling hemp strains that can also be purchased pre-rolled, which all have varying but similarly low-price points. Their CBD Blend claims to come from the smoothest, most odorless CBD hemp flower in the market, and reviewers praise a discreet, tasteless smoke. Plain Jane hemp plants are grown with organic methods from family-owned farms in Southern Oregon, with no unnatural chemicals involved. Each pre-rolled hemp joint is made up of fresh ground hemp flower buds and contains up to 18% CBD and less than .3% THC. Plain Jane gets a 5/5 for its transparency of sourcing, affordability, variety, and overall quality of the product.

Dr. Ganja CBD Pre-rolls & Flower

Dr. Ganja’s CBD Flower Cone contains one gram of hemp flower in their Juicy Fruit strain. This strain is known for its sweet taste, citrusy aroma, and sativa content–giving it an energizing and refreshing effect. This product tests at 15.05% CBD and contains less than .3% THC. One joint costs $12, and there is a discount for multiple orders (2 for $22 and 3 for $30) with the added benefit of free shipping, making it a nice middle ground, price-wise. They have an online forum, which offers customers a place to interact with other Dr. Ganja consumers and staff, as well as a blog that delves further into CBD research and the latest news on the subject and also links to full lab reports. Besides some varying subjective opinions about the taste of the Juicy Fruit strain, reviews of Dr. Ganja’s CBD pre-rolled joints are largely positive.

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