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The Benefits of CBD Oil for Skin

CBD products are everywhere – you probably know a neighbor that is giving some form of CBD to their dog and a friend who totes CBD oil for everything from candy to face masks. But do these products really work or are the bold claims just part of a passing fad? Since CBD products are sold in so many forms and are being used for almost every problem, it can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer looking at CBD for skin care. We’re going to break down what you need to know about CBD oil and topical CBD treatments for your skin.

Adding CBD to Your Skin Care Routine

Using cannabis topically, as in applying it directly on the skin, has been done for thousands of years in traditional medicine. The sale of CBD skin care products, however, has only become more mainstream in recent years, following new legislation.

Like other skin care lines, CBD can be applied as a balm, salve, cream, or lotion that has been infused with CBD oil. These products are being marketed for their ability to help with skin complaints like wrinkles and dryness and even to improve skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

Is There Research to Back-Up the Hype?

The short answer? Yes. CBD is recognized as a strong bioactive¹, with significant regenerative, anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. It probably sounds too good to be true – how can one compound have so many powerful medical properties? Well, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has receptors all throughout our bodies, which trigger different reactions when activated by cannabinoid compounds, like the plant-sourced cannabidiol in CBD skin care products.

A research group recently reviewed 2 decades worth of studies on topical CBD treatments and concluded that CBD products can indeed serve as a remedy for a variety of skin issues. They found that when CBD products are applied to the skin, they activate the ECS, which signals the body to maintain skin homeostasis², stimulate regeneration² of damaged skin cells, and initiate an anti-inflammatory response². If you’re considering CBD oil for skin care, even with all these potentially great effects aside, the simple act of moisturizing is important for skin health³.

CBD for Inflammation

Skin inflammation a common problem tied to most skin conditions and diseases. Fortunately, angry, reactive skin can be soothed by CBD skin products. When applied topically, CBD oil has been shown to help skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

CBD oil has been identified as a strong anti-acne agent in studies. Anti-inflammatory effects have been noted to help acne-prone skin by visibly reducing breakouts and redness, lessening the painful throb of lumps and bumps, and promoting a healing process. In addition, the balancing effect of CBD oil has been shown prevent excess oil production and buildup, one of the main causes of acne. There’s also good news for people who have already suffered from acne, even if the damage is done, CBD oil may reduce the appearance of scars by improving the skin’s elasticity and hydration.

CBD for Calming and Soothing

CBD products have the potential to minimize the sensitivity and reactivity that comes with dry skin issues like eczema. In a clinical trial⁸, over 80% of patients suffering from itchy skin due to kidney failure found CBD cream to relieve their itch-related symptoms. They credited the CBD cream with strengthening skin cell membranes, which helped skin stay hydrated and reduced irritation. This study also highlighted how CBD may deactivate itching signals from nerve endings in the skin, so they are not transmitted to the brain (stopping the ‘itch’ feeling).

CBD for Skin Damage

On top of that, CBD oil has antioxidant and regenerative qualities that may help offset damage from the sun, pollution, and aging. CBD skin products can rejuvenate maturing skin by counteracting free-radical damage that skin cells endure over time.

Even if you don’t have a serious skin condition, everyone’s skin could use a hydration boost after normal stressors like sunburn in the summer or dry wintery conditions.

How To Find Quality CBD Skin Care Products?

Finding quality CBD skin care products that you can trust is challenging. Here are some tips for your next CBD skin care shopping trip:

  • Know the lingo and read the label. With many brands eager to join the CBD craze, some products do not contain CBD like the label implies. Make sure the ingredient list states “cannabidiol”, and if you see that the product is third party tested, that is a good sign.
  • Negative side effects aren’t likely, but you should sill consult with your doctor before using CBD oil to treat a skin condition.
  • The right ‘dose’ of CBD for skin care products is yet undetermined. Topical CBD products have little risk for reactions, but you should still start your new regime by testing the product on a small area of skin before using it fully.
  • Free samples! If buying in-store, some stores, like Sephora, will give you a sample of their CBD skin care products to try for a few days before purchasing.
  • If you’ve found a product you love, you don’t want to lose it! Check the cannabis legislation for your area, which dictates if you can legally purchase CBD products. When traveling, be sure to check the same laws for along your travel route and destination.

The current market for CBD skin care leaves a lot of clarity and transparency to be desired, but the experts agree that CBD oil has promising topical benefits. Trustworthy brands like Highland Pharms offer a variety of skincare products to try out like lotions and bath bombs, while other brands like cbdMD focus their topical product line on pain relievers and hydrating creams.

It will be exciting to see how the research behind these products advances and whether CBD oil becomes a mainstay in the skin care industry. What do we think? The trend of CBD for skin care is far from CB-Done.

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