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Valentine's Day

Ask a Pro: Eddie Robinson’s Guide to CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is on to find that perfect gift for your special someone. In my experience, the best gifts are the ones that show that you’ve really gone to the trouble of finding something that is uniquely them. Whether you pull out all the stops to deliver an over-the-top experience, or purchase something that is more material but is both unexpected and unconventional, putting in that extra effort to do something that’s just a little bit different can score you major brownie points.

That’s right fellas, I’m calling on you to ditch the roses and store-bought chocolates and consider elevating your game – and this year, I’m recommending you do it with CBD.

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Now at first glance, you might think CBD is a strange choice for Valentine’s Day – but stay with me here: CBD is not only wildly popular and current, it’s also shown to be mentally relaxing and physically soothing. If you ask me, this sounds like the perfect way to set the tone for a special Valentine’s Day date night. What’s more, is there’s also said to be properties found in CBD that can elevate your experience between the sheets, with many people reporting that the relaxing effects of CBD make them feel more spontaneous and adventurous when it’s time to get down to business.

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CBD can truly be the gift that keeps on giving, and you’re probably wondering just where to start when it comes to selecting items for your loved one. I’d suggest approaching your gift selection from the standpoint of delivering a full experience. Why not arrange a sweet treat of CBD gummies and couple them with a luxurious CBD body cream to help your sweetheart feel relaxed and rejuvenated as she gets ready for your date night? Next, you can surprise her after a romantic dinner with another CBD-themed twist on the evening: a CBD-infused massage oil that you can experience together.

Personally, I love being surprised with cannabis and CBD-themed gifts that are both surprising and unique. This past Christmas, CBD sodas found their way into my stocking, and a few years ago on my birthday, my wife surprised me with a vape pen before taking me out to a comedy show. Both of these gifts were completely unexpected, thoroughly enjoyed, and things that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to purchase for myself; and that, my friends, is the special recipe that I believe makes a great gift.

I’ve rounded up a few CBD-themed gift ideas that I think will be a total slam-dunk with your Valentine. In no particular order, here they are:

Green Gorilla CBD Oil

Green Gorilla: Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Now, this may not be massage oil, but it’s still a great gift that will keep on giving. This particular organic full spectrum CBD oil comes in a 30-day supply and is designed to help support a sense of calm, provide stress relief, maintain healthy sleep cycles, and deliver recovery from strenuous activities … which may be needed if you really impress her this Valentine’s Day - if you pick up what I’m putting down. Use code BLOOM20 for 20% off your purchase!

Penguin CBD Gummies

Penguin CBD: Gummies

Fellas, it’s time to step it up from the drug store candies and surprise your love with a pack of these bad boys. At first glance, they look like any other sweet treat, but when she looks more closely she’ll be surprised to find each of these gummy worms is packed full of 10mg of CBD, allowing her to satisfy that sweet tooth while maximizing her relaxation. What could be better?

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oils

NuLeaf Naturals CBD: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Now because I’m really hoping you’ll have a really great night, I’m recommending another full spectrum CBD oil, but this time it’s made of organic virgin hemp seed oil. This product also offers 2 to 3-day shipping within the United States, which is great news if you’re reading this at the very last minute – and let’s be honest, most of you probably are.

Populum CBD Products

Populum CBD: Build your own CBD kit

This next gift idea is super cool and will really let your thoughtfulness shine through. Populum CBD will allow you to build a custom kit that’s tailored specifically for your sweetheart. They offer a wide range of product categories to choose from, including nighttime, daily wellness, stress and relaxation, spa and skin, and even pets.

hemplucid body butter

Hemplucid CBD: Full Spectrum CBD Body Cream

Now, this stuff is luxurious! Here, I’m recommending a soothing full spectrum CBD body cream. This product will elevate her hydration game to a whole new level. In addition to feeling soft and renewed, she’ll also gain the added benefits of including whole-plant cannabinoids to her beauty or self-care routine.

Charlotte's Web Couples GIft Set

Charlotte’s Web: Couples Gift Set

If you and your Valentine are anything like my wife and I, we love sharing experiences and trying new things together – that’s why I think this Charlotte’s Web Couples Gift Set is a perfect choice. You’ll find all kinds of treats to share, from CBD gummies to balms and lotions that will help you both relax, and feel rested and renewed.

Pure Hemp Peace Pops

PureHempShop: Valentine’s Day Bundle

For me, this package is a little bit like striking gold. It has everything already selected, packaged, and Valentine’s Day-themed. It’s clever, convenient, and really kicks those run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day gifts up a notch with the unexpected, yet exciting inclusion of CBD.

Green Roads- CBD Chocolate Bar

Green Roads: CBD Chocolate Bar

Again, fellas – while it is the thought that counts, you don’t want to be that guy who simply grabs a few “Valentine’s Day treats” from the drugstore on your way home. You are better than that, and you are more thoughtful when it comes to your lady! Swap the $5 chocolate box for something a little more extravagant like this CBD chocolate bar.

Hot CBD Picks for Her

If you find yourself wanting to hold onto a couple extra bucks because you’ve splurged on these amazing CBD items, you can always make the card – she’ll love the effort.

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