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1CBD Brand Review


Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp

1CBD Review: Overview

This company goes the extra mile to source high-quality hemp, uses an excellent extraction process, and gives customers lots of interesting product choice.

What is 1CBD?

The UK-based company specializes in creating hemp-derived CBD products. It ships orders over £60 for free within the UK, and it also ships to international countries where CBD is legal.

Even more, it offers subscription pricing (i.e. discounts) to benefit those who use 1CBD products on a regular basis.

Product Sourcing From Colorado Farms in the U.S.

1CBD sources its hemp from organically raised farms in Colorado, U.S. It believes this state supplies the world’s best-quality hemp. These plants contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and amino acids, making the products more beneficial.

Furthermore, the company uses a safe and eco-friendly extraction method known as CO2. And it prepares its products in “small batches, ensuring quality, consistency, taste, color, and potency.”

1CBD claims that its extracts are tested by independent labs in the U.S., but unfortunately, it doesn’t make the results available online. It only includes a product analysis report which appears to be an internal form.

Brand Product Line: Oils, Capsules, Topicals & Edibles

Although 1CBD states its products are full spectrum, it also says they’re free of THC. So, it appears they’re broad-spectrum as opposed to full-spectrum products. This means they have a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile but there are no traces of THC.

When it comes to variety, the company does a great job in that department. Even with a small to average-sized product lineup compared to the competition, it still manages to create unique, interesting offerings with wonderful scents and flavors.

What Are Customers Saying About 1CBD?

Although you won’t find customer reviews on the company website, we did find some posted on Trustpilot. Most of the feedback related to the oils and capsules, of which one woman said, “this oil has improved my wellbeing, my sleep, my state of mind, my dad’s Parkinson’s, and my friend’s autistic child. What did I ever do without this?!”

As for the capsules, two reviewers wrote:

  • “The capsules are really helping my partner sleep after having months of trouble and the oil helps me with the anxiety of flying.”
  • “I have been taking the capsules for over a week now and not once in that time have I taken a painkiller.”

And finally, the skin balm: “The balm smells nice, a little greasy but it’s ok. Gave me good relief from my pain.”

1CBD Pros & Cons

  • Hemp sourced from Colorado farms
  • Low, medium, high & extra-strength potencies
  • Ships internationally
  • Good prices
  • Shares the product analysis but not third-party lab reports
  • No money-back guarantee

Taking a Glance at 1CBD

1CBD is based in the UK and is well regarded for having an excellent customer support team. Besides these personal details, there isn’t a lot of information about the company on its website. It talks at length about its process of making high-quality CBD hemp products, but nothing is mentioned about the founders, nor does it share a mission statement.

The phrase, “driven by a passion for what we do,” seems like part of 1CBD’s mission, but nowhere does it mention the company’s reason for entering the industry in the first place.

The website gives customers a chance to subscribe to a newsletter. And even though there’s no blog, the company posts on its social media platforms fairly often. So, there are a few ways to learn about 1CBD and see what the company’s up to.

1CBD Product Summary

1CBD Oil
1CBD Capsules
1CBD Gummies
Variety/ Flavors
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Lite CBD Softgels, CBD Softgels + Curcumin Balm + Body Spray: Natural, Citrus Zest, Sandalwood Gumdrops

Salt Caramel Blonde, Raspberry Burst, Twisted Latte
Total CBD
100-4,000mg 300-2,250mg 300-1,000mg Gumdrops: 100-600mg

Chocolates: 300mg
Total Volume
1-10ml 30-90 capsules 50ml Gumdrops: 10-60

Chocolates: 12
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
50-400mg/ml 10-25mg per
6-20mg/ml Gumdrops: 10mg

Chocolates: 25mg
Price Range
£9.99-255.99 £39.99-179.99 £29.99-69.99 £12.99-55.99
Price per mg CBD
£0.06-0.10 £0.08-0.13 £0.07-0.10 £0.07-0.13
CBD Extraction Method

1CBD Product Line

1CBD makes products in the most popular categories – oils, capsules, topicals, and edibles – and it provides lots of variety within each of those categories.

1CBD OilFour Levels of 1CBD Oils

1CBD oils come in a few different varieties based on various potency preferences. There are lite, bronze, silver, and gold options with a different percentage on the bottle – 5, 10, 20, and 40 percent. It’s not clear on the company’s website which oil carrier it uses. However, they all appear to be unflavored.

One of the nice aspects of these oils is their high concentration and small bottle size. This means you may only need a drop or two rather than a full dropper (like most other products) to get the amount of CBD you want.

1CBD Softgel Capsules

The company offers low and medium potency softgels along with a specialty softgel formula with 25mg CBD and 10mg curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric). This root has anti-inflammatory properties and is a prized spice in the Ayurvedic tradition.

All of these softgels contain gelatin, an animal by-product, so they’re not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. 1CBD has mentioned this in bold on its website as not everyone reads or understands ingredient labels.

Skincare: Balm & Body Spray

There are two great topical products offered by 1CBD. The first is a balm with coconut oil, beeswax, and CBD oil. And this 300mg balm also includes lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Even more, there are three great body spray oils, each with its own unique scent. One is natural while the other two have flavors of Citrus Zest and Sandalwood. The formulas of these two sprays include a variety of essential oils to give them a nice ‘pop’. The base ingredients for all three of the sprays are healthy for the skin. They include sunflower oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E.

1CBD GummiesGum Drops & Chocolates

The CBD gum drops are chewy in texture and come as little bite-sized pieces. No matter which quantity you choose, all of them have a mixture of orange, grape, and lemon flavors. They don’t have the best ingredients list (i.e. corn syrup and refined sugar), but on the plus side, the company uses natural flavors and a few different juice concentrates for color.

As for the chocolates, these may be the most premium products offered by 1CBD. These tasty confections are hand made by British award-winning chocolatier Choc Amor. Each piece is infused with 25mg of CBD. And finally, the packaging is not only recyclable but fully compostable. We love eco-conscious companies here at Bloom & Oil.

1CBD: Building a Strong Foundation for All Its Products to Stand On

At 1CBD, the company strives to procure the best possible hemp plants, apply a safe and effective extraction process, and select good-quality ingredients to formulate its products. All of these steps are taken in an effort to give its UK and international customers great-tasting, high-quality CBD products.

By staying true to the vision of making great products, the company has a brilliant future ahead of them.

Better Business Bureau Rating

1CBD is not accredited or rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the company is not incorporated in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.

Lab Testing

1CBD is transparent about the safety and quality of its products so it makes its product analysis available on its website.

Contact 1CBD

+44(0) 161 839 6960

Brand Social Media

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