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Absolute Nature CBD Logo and Background

Absolute Nature CBD Review

Absolute Nature is an innovative and eco-conscious brand best known for its award-winning CBD oil. Yet, its ever-expanding product line of edibles, hemp flower, and topicals attracts more and more customers.

Absolute Nature

Expert Review
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Absolute Nature CBD Review

This company does everything by the book and then some. For instance, it sources premium, organic hemp, manufactures its products in certified ISO:9001 and cGMP facilities, and uses the best natural ingredients around.

Who is Absolute Nature?

Absolute Nature is a compassion-led, transparent, and environmentally focused CBD company. Its mission is to create absolutely natural products for all consumers, even those who have difficulty affording them.

Therefore, the company offers a generous 60 percent discount on its CBD products to several members of the community. These groups include U.S. military veterans, those on long-term disability, low-income households, first responders, and families with loved ones on the spectrum.

Product Sourcing: Organically Grown Hemp from Colorado Farms

The company sources its hemp from local farmers in Colorado. These farmers hold licenses and have many years of experience given Colorado’s longtime legal cannabis climate. Plus, these farms use organic farming methods, so they don’t spray pesticides and other chemicals on the crops.

To ensure and prove this level of quality, Absolute Nature pays a third-party lab to test for major toxins including pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and microbial contaminants. Even more, the lab checks the cannabinoid and terpenes levels of its products.

Brand Product Line: CBD & CBG Tinctures, Gummies, Hemp Flower, Topicals, & More

There is a robust selection of hemp-based CBD and CBG products to choose from. These include oils, softgels, CBD gummies (along with CBD + CBG gummies coming soon), muscle and joint topicals, lots of hemp flower strains, and CBD for pets. Staying true to its promise, the company chooses the most natural possible ingredients for all its product formulas.

With its high-quality formulas and products, the company earned itself a few awards, including an award granted by CBDValidator for having one of the top 10 CBD oils.

Customer Feedback on Absolute Nature’s Products

The majority of reviews on the company’s website were positive. One customer said this about the softgels, “my mood has improved and so have my backaches. Would purchase again.”

As for the gummies, someone comments that “the taste is probably one of the best I’ve had. Really helped with stress at the office.”

One of the most reviewed products is the company’s CBD oil. A happy consumer said “I tried a few different CBD oils before trying Absolute Nature CBD oil. I love this product! It’s helped with chronic joint pain and stiffness as well as muscle cramps.”

Then came the feedback on some of the hemp flower strains. “Bubba Kush bud is just awesome. Smooth and aromatic! Very fresh and well cured. Exceptional packaging.” And secondly, “I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time and the first night I tried it (White Dragon CBG) I slept all night without any interruptions.”

Absolute Nature Pros & Cons

  • Ships to more than 50 international countries
  • Assistance Program that offers a 60% discount
  • Products manufactured in a certified cGMP facility
  • Sells a diverse line up of CBD and CBG products
  • No high potency options
  • A bit expensive when products aren’t on sale

Getting to Know the Absolute Natural CBD Brand

Founded by Dustin Jones in Dallas Texas, this award-winning brand works to “provide all-natural, ecologically friendly, clean, accurately labeled premium quality products to everyone.”

The team that calls itself Absolute Nature shares several decades of experience in the health, fitness, and supplement industries. And of course, they use and rely on cannabis-based products in their own wellness regime.

Some of the core values of the company include honesty, charity, compassion, and professionalism. Also, they have a deep respect for Mother Earth and therefore only source organically grown hemp crops (zero sprays involved). They use recyclable glass bottles and containers to package their products and reduce the use of plastic wherever possible.

In addition, Absolute Nature is a reforestation partner with, showing their commitment to healing and saving the planet. Finally, the company also donates to cancer research and supports U.S. veterans and other members of the community with its Assistance Program.

Absolute Nature Product Summary

Absolute Nature CBD oil
Absolute Nature Gummies
Absolute Nature Softgels
Absolute Nature Flower
Absolute Nature CBD for Pets
CBD for Pets
Variety/ Flavors
CBD Drops and CBD + CBG Drops Fruit Slices Full-
Hawaiian Haze, Bubba Kush, Siskiyou Gold, T1 (Trump), Sour Lifter, Suzer Haze, Wedding Cake CBG, The White CBG, + White Dragon CBG Full Spectrum CBD Oil Muscle + Joint Relief + Recovery Roll-On, and Relief Salve
Total CBD
500 - 1,000mg 450 - 900mg 900mg Prerolls: 9 - 17.5%

By the gram: 9 - 17.5%
500mg Roll-On: 500mg

Salve: 500mg
Total Volume
30ml 15 - 30 gummies 30 softgels Prerolls: 1 - 14

By the gram: 1 - 28
30ml Roll-On: 90ml

Salve: 30ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
16.7 - 33.3
30mg/gummy 30
Prerolls: 9 - 17.5%

By the gram: 9 - 17.5%
16.7mg/ml Roll-On:

Price Range
$74.99 - $124.99 $61.89 - $112.99 $112.49 Prerolls: $12 - $90

By the gram: $11.50 - $125
$74.99 Roll-On: $86.99

Salve: $86.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.13 - $0.15 $0.13 - $0.14 $0.13 $4.50 - $12 per gram $0.15 $0.17
CBD Extraction Method






Absolute Nature CBD Products

The company’s product lineup is diverse and able to meet the needs and preferences of many types of consumers. They carry everything from tinctures, edibles, softgels, and topicals, to pet products and a huge selection of CBD and CBG hemp flower strains.

Absolute Nature CBD Oil CBD & CBG Oil Drops

Absolute Nature sells full-spectrum CBD oil and a product with a 50/50 hybrid of CBD and CBG oil. Choosing the hybrid option gives you the benefits of both these hemp plant cannabinoids, which is a great feature if you’re looking to optimize your results.

Both options are unflavored and mixed with MCT oil derived from coconuts. As a medium-chain fatty acid (triglyceride), coconut oil helps the compounds of these full-spectrum products digest quickly and efficiently. In other words, your body can feel the effects faster and with increased benefit.

Gummy Fruit Slices

A bottle of these vegan fruit slices includes a mixture of flavors including, apple, orange, blackcurrant, and mixed fruit. To flavor and color these gummies, the company opted for the natural route by selecting fruit and vegetable juices. For sweetness, it chose organic cane sugar.

Many other competitors use inexpensive and poor-quality ingredients like corn syrup, regular sugar, and food dyes. So, this is a huge selling point for Absolute Nature’s gummies and ideal for those looking for “cleaner” and healthier ingredients.

Full-Spectrum Softgels

Full-Spectrum Softgels

The liquid softgels have a medium strength potency in each smooth, easy to swallow application. These are flavorless and make dosing simple any time of the day, and even when you’re on the go. As an ingestible method of delivery, these capsules provide a slower onset of effects compared to sublingual applications like oil tincture, or inhalation, such as smoking or vaping flower.

Yet the effects of edibles can last anywhere from six to eight hours. This statistic alone is reason enough for consumers to choose softgels, capsules, edibles, etc. over other types of products.

CBD & CBG Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls

This category of Absolute Nature products is the largest selection by far. The company sells six different CBD hemp flower strains, and three CBG dominant strains. Also, the flower is available by the gram or ground-up and packed in pre-rolled cones for convenience.

CBD & CBG Oil Drops

All the hemp flower grows indoors in a controlled environment, is slow cured to enhance terpene production, and is hand-trimmed. Terpenes not only produce the aroma and taste of a strain, but they also have therapeutic benefits, too many to list.

Each strain includes a summary of helpful information like its genetics, terpene profile, aroma, effects, cannabinoid content, and more.

CBD Pet Tinctures

The pet tincture has a full-spectrum formula and a medium potency dose of CBD meant for dogs, cats, or your other pets. For medium to big-sized dogs, this dose is great. So, for smaller dogs and cats, you may need to measure out a smaller dose. Luckily, the dropper has lines to indicate 0.25 all the way up to 1 full ml to help you dose appropriately.

TopicalsSalve & Roll-On Topicals

Within the topicals category, there’s a roll-on product intended to relieve muscle and joint discomfort and a salve with a strong potency for smaller areas of the body. Both contain full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts, so there are traces of THC, but less than 0.3%. However, since you apply topicals to the skin, the THC doesn’t enter the bloodstream. This is the only application and delivery method where this is true.

Absolute Nature: A Company With a Heart of Gold That Makes Environmentally Conscious Products

This CBD brand sets a positive example for companies everywhere. Absolute Nature gives back to the community, treats the environment with love and respect, and still runs a successful business — showing what’s possible when putting people and the planet first.

The company’s determined to leave a positive impact on current generations and future ones too. So it makes eco-friendly business decisions, and reduces waste and plastics, whenever possible. It also plants trees in America’s national parks and offers 60% discounts to veterans, long-term disabled, first responders, and more.

On top of all, Absolute Nature’s products include organically farmed hemp and simple, clean, natural ingredients.

First-Hand Review Of Absolute Nature


I’m all about hybrid cannabinoid blends because of their awesome potential, and this CBD & CBG oil did not disappoint. After having a terrible argument with a family member, I felt anxiety coming on a few hours later.

The aftermath of the fight was starting to manifest in my body. I looked to my left and saw this oil on my nightstand. I took a full dropper and within 30 minutes I felt immense relief. It was surprising, yet very welcomed. I don’t think I ever had a CBD product help me on that level before. 



Like some of the other products from Absolute Nature, I gave this CBD oil to my neighbor to try out. She loves all things cannabis and wanted to dive more into CBD products. She has autism and chronic pain and found this oil to be helpful in a number of ways. Primarily, it helped her relax, relieved the aches and pains in her body. And she enjoyed her workday more when she dosed beforehand.  


Fruit Gummies

These fruit slices had some amazing flavors, I couldn’t decide which flavor I liked the most or the least, which is rare with gummies. Each of the four flavors is unique and delightful. Also, the effects were great too. After having a half or sometimes a full gummy I felt extremely relaxed.



I also offered these softgels to my neighbor and she loved how they made her more calm and peaceful. She told me she takes them every day and plans to do so until the bottle is empty.


CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls

I tried the CBG White and Sour Lifter strains. CBG White had an earthy and

Absolute Nature Review girl with red nail polish on her nails holding a pre-roll joint

floral smell and when smoked provided soothing effects and I could focus easily. Sour Lifter had sweet, tart, and gassy aromas, and after smoking some, I felt full-body and mind relief and relaxation.

The pre-rolls I smoked contained the Hawaiian Haze and T1 (Trump) strains. Hawaiian Haze has one of the best terpene profiles in my opinion, and the minute I put my nose in the jar that had these pre-rolls, I experienced pure bliss. The effects offered were pretty similar with slight alertness and grounded feeling. The T1 (Trump) pre-roll surprised me with its slightly sedative nature, which is rare in a hemp strain. It was relaxing no doubt and I felt tempted to chill the rest of the afternoon. 


Topical Roll-On & Salve

Instead of using all of the CBD products for myself, I wanted to share the abundance and offer these two topicals to a neighbor and my landlord. My neighbor used the roll-on while experiencing sharp pains in her hips and legs. She said she felt so much better after applying this topical and used it whenever the pain came back. 

As for the salve, my landlord used it mostly on her hands because she suffers from arthritis. She’d tried other CBD products before, mostly oils and gummies, but found the cream much more effective and gave her some lasting relief throughout the day. Plus, she absolutely loved the smell and texture of the salve. Major points all the way around.

-Allie Murphy

Better Business Bureau Rating

Absolute Nature is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lab Testing

Absolute Nature provides access to its third-party lab testing reports on its website. While there, you can search by product and read the most recent Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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