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Ambary Gardens Review

Ambary Gardens is a Colorado-based company focused on running an eco-friendly operation while providing top-tier customer experiences.

Ambary CBD

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Lab Tested
Lab Tested
American Hemp
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Overview: Ambary Gardens CBD Review

Ambary Gardens maintains a commitment to providing high-quality CBD products with sustainable growing practices, a state-of-the-art laboratory manned by expert technicians, and an interest in supplying CBD goods specifically tailored to their customers’ needs.

The Company: Ambary

Ambary Gardens has a mission to provide next-generation, hemp-derived CBD products. They hope that with high-quality CBD and in-house quality control, they can provide alternative remedies with higher efficacy, to give their customers a chance for better wellbeing with natural solutions. Beyond helping their customers, Ambary Gardens recently started a ‘Helping Hand’ program, to help those who might not have the means to purchase the wellness products they require.

Product Sourcing for Ambary

Ambary Gardens CBD is made from non-GMO hemp, grown in their well-regulated greenhouse nestled in Kittredge, Colorado, using a hybrid soil-aquaponic system. Each plant is cared for by the hands of seasoned cannabis growing professionals and raised without the use of harmful pesticides or nutrient blends. To back up their potency claims, every batch of Ambary Gardens CBD oil is given a unique designation and sent for third party testing by Botanacor Labs.

While Ambary provides details about their growing and extraction efforts on their website, the proof is in the pudding. In this case, the pudding would be an extensive analysis published for the public to verify the company’s claims. However, unlike many other CBD companies we’ve seen, the certificates of analysis published by Ambary Gardens are only a test for potency with no other tests proving the absence of harmful substances.

Ambary Product Line

The most impressive aspect of Ambary Gardens is their extensive line of products – it’s one of the largest we have ever seen. You will find CBD droppers, topicals, softgels, edibles, CBD packs, pet remedies, skincare options, CBD water, and tattoo aftercare products available on their website.

What Are Customers Saying about Ambary?

Despite the nonextensive number of reviews for Ambary Gardens products, the few reviews they do have are all from delighted customers, who happily go into great detail about their positive experiences with both the products and staff. Reviewers have found the high potency of these CBD products to provide much better results than other brands. You will find only perfect five-star reviews on Ambary Gardens’ online store.

Ambary CBD Pros & Cons

  • Try before you buy policy
  • Free shipping on orders over $40
  • Extensive lineup of CBD products
  • Low to high CBD options
  • Limited retail locations
  • Published COAs are only potency tests
  • No zero-THC options

Ambary Gardens: All About the Company

Ambary Gardens offers one of the most unique CBD experiences with their Garden Center, a fascinating retail-greenhouse combination located in Kittredge, Colorado. This location, run by their professional staff, gives them the chance to meet and greet each customer and offer a dedicated hands-on service to find the right CBD products for them. Visitors are even given the opportunity to try before they buy at the Garden Center, which is something you don’t frequently witness in the CBD industry.

Ambary Gardens’ mission is to provide CBD products that are highly effective. They know that with a lineup offering rapid relief, they can help people quickly moderate or overcome the uncomfortable conditions they live with every day.

From any CBD supplier, you’d mainly find CBD hemp extracts, therapeutic hemp topicals, softgels, and edibles. However, Ambary Gardens has gone the extra mile and additionally offers hemp seed oil softgels, CBD packs, pet remedies, skincare options, CBD water, tattoo aftercare products, and more. After examining the reviews of all their offerings, it seems that customers are extremely satisfied with the effectiveness and customer service they experience from this Colorado-based organization.

Recently, Ambary Gardens launched a new ‘Helping Hand’ program to help support those who might have more difficulty accessing the wellness products they need than others. Veterans, people with long-term disabilities, and those in low-income situations may be eligible to receive a discount on full-price retail orders. You can also save money by signing up to their mailing list and receive a 10% off Ambary Gardens coupon.

Ambary Gardens Product Summary

With nearly a dozen different types of CBD products and multiple variations of each type, this company is focused on giving its customers plenty of choices, in order to find the ideal products for them. Ambary Gardens is here to help customers experience the potential benefits of CBD any way they like it.

Pet remedies
CBD water
Isolate extract, full-spectrum daily extract, daily extra-strength extract, water-soluble extract, rapid delivery extract, and many more Sprays, salves, deep rub, muscle recovery, soothing soak, bath bombs, and many more Softgels, softgels + hemp seed oil, extra-strength softgels Gummies, caramels Extract, softgels Hibiscus cucumber, orange mango
Total CBD
150-5,000mg 5-500mg 450-3,000mg 50-1,000mg 250-5,000mg 5mg per bottle
Total volume
30-60ml 30-120ml 30-60 capsules Packs of 5, 20, or 40 30-60ml or 30-60 capsules 500ml bottle
CBD potency (mg)
5-83mg/mL 2.4-8.3mg/mL 15+-50+mg per capsule 10 mg per caramel, 25 mg per gummy 8.3-83mg/mL, 15-25 mg per capsule 0.01mg/mL
Price range
$40-280 $8-145 $50-280 $28-50 $40-280 $4-4.25
Price per mg CBD
$0.05- 0.46 $0.12-0.26 $0.06-0.09 $0.05 $0.05-0.16 $0.8-0.85
CBD extraction method
Ethanol extraction Ethanol extraction Ethanol extraction Ethanol extraction Ethanol extraction Ethanol extraction

Ambary Gardens Products

Ambary Droppers

Droppers from Ambary Gardens come in eight different varieties, ranging from “low and slow,” to one of the highest dosage options we’ve ever seen.

They use their full-spectrum blend of high-quality CBD in daily use, rapid delivery, water-soluble, and peppermint flavor options. Ambary Gardens also offers a CBD isolate extract dropper, where they take their full-spectrum Ambary Gardens CBD oil and put it through a distillation process, to separate any other cannabinoid or terpene, leaving only CBD.

Ambary Topicals

A wide variety of topicals are available for all your external-use needs. In their line of topicals, you will find CBD sprays, salves, bath bombs, massage oils, roll-ons, lip care, and more.

While the CBD potencies of these topicals are less than average compared to other CBD brands we’ve reviewed, Ambary Gardens makes up for it with a price on the lower end of the scale.

Ambary Softgels

CBD softgels from Ambary Gardens come in regular, extra strength, or regular plus hemp seed oil options. You can find bottles containing anywhere from 450-3,000mg of high-quality, organic CBD.

Buying your softgels from Ambary Gardens is an excellent idea because of their wide variety and impressively low price per mg of CBD.

Edibles Archives - Ambary GardensAmbary Edibles

CBD-infused gummies and caramels are both a delicious and travel-friendly way to get your daily dose of CBD. The caramels are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with only organic ingredients, while their gummies are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% vegan.

mbary Gardens Review Pet Formulated Full Spectrum CBD Extract – 1000

Ambary Pet Remedies

You will find both CBD droppers and CBD softgels specially formulated for your furry friend. Ambary Gardens’ pet remedy options are made in partnership with Anderson’s Natural Pets, a company that pursues providing high-quality and biologically appropriate products for your pets.

Available in a wide variety of strengths, you can find an option for your pet, large or small, with these products.

Ambary CBD Water

Relatively new to the market, CBD water has become a way to both consume CBD and stay hydrated at the same time. While this CBD water is travel-friendly and available in two delicious flavors, hibiscus cucumber and orange mango, its potency compared to its cost doesn’t exactly make it the best choice for your CBD needs.

17 times higher than the lowest price per mg of CBD available from Ambary Gardens, we would not recommend this option for anyone who requires medium to large doses in order to gain the full benefits from CBD.

Ambary Gardens: Incredible Variety of Products but a Lack of Transparency

Ambary Gardens is dedicated to the craft of making CBD wellness products with high-quality, non-GMO CBD, made from hand-tended plants grown in the USA. Their business and products are supported by a team of friendly and dedicated CBD professionals and expert lab technicians.

We trust the claims on Ambary Gardens’ website, but we do wish they went further with third-party testing, so that customers could be 100% certain about the chemical composition of their products. The certificates of analysis (COAs) found on their website only include the results of testing the cannabinoid profile. Other CBD brands go as far as conducting additional tests and publishing the results of the terpenoid profile, microbiological screening, pesticide residue screening, residual solvent screening, heavy metal screening, and more. Furthermore, while they use the term “organic” many times around their website, we failed to find any official certification for the organic status of their products.

So, while we love the mission behind Ambary Gardens and the incredible selection of CBD products they offer, we would like to see them stand behind their products with full transparency, with additional third-party testing.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Ambary Gardens.

Lab Testing

Ambary Gardens is transparent about the potency of their products, publishing their lab testing results on their website, but could be more transparent by testing to verify the other claims behind their offerings.

Contact Brand

Local: 720-328-1514

Toll-Free: 855-426-2279

EU Phone Number: 442037462774

Email Ambary Gardens

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