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Bespoke Extracts

Bespoke Extracts CBD Review

Rather than solely making and selling wellness products, Bespoke Extracts CBD strives to create a brand that offers a wellness experience. For this company, it’s about every single drop of CBD, from the first to the last.

Bespoke Extracts

Expert Review
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Bespoke Extracts CBD Review: Overview

This company takes pride in every aspect of its product line, starting with the source of its hemp to its premium extraction and manufacturing process, all the way to its organically derived ingredients.

What Is Bespoke CBD?

Bespoke CBD is a publicly traded company based in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. One of its shining features (and there are many) includes a 30-day money-back guarantee because the brand genuinely wants customers to be happy with their products. Customers also have the option to exchange one product for another if they prefer this over a refund.

Wherever possible, many of the products’ ingredients are organic. The company offers discounts to first-time customers, military veterans, front-line workers, and the 55+ population. On occasion, free shipping is available on orders over $60, but the regular policy applies to orders greater than $100.

Product Sourcing: Small-Batch Kentucky Farms

Bespoke Extracts sources its hemp from small farms in Kentucky. And before the extraction process, it tests its hemp several times in-house. Once the plants pass quality and purity tests, they go through CO2 extraction, which is a clean, safe, and heat-free process that preserves the phytochemicals (the good stuff) from the hemp plants. In turn, the potency remains intact, making for a stronger product.

After this stage, the products are made in an FDA registered facility that operates under certified good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards. Then, as a final check, a third-party lab tests the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the products and runs an analysis on pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants (e.g. salmonella and E. coli), and heavy metals (e.g. mercury and lead). All of this ensures a high-quality end product for customers.

Product Line: CBD + CBG + CBN Tinctures & Vegan Capsules

Bespoke Extracts’ lineup of tinctures and capsules may sound basic, though its products are anything but. The tinctures have a whole lot of botanical goodness in each 100% vegan formula — for starters, the oils include blends of CBD + CBG or CBD + CBN. They also contain hemp-derived terpenes for added health benefits.

Like the tinctures, the capsules are also suited for vegans and vegetarians. This formula was specially designed for female bodies’ health needs with its combination of women’s health-specific herbs.

What Are Customers Saying About Bespoke Extracts?

You won’t find customer testimonials on the company’s website, but there are dozens to read on TrustPilot. Most Bespoke CBD reviews awarded five stars with lots of positive commentaries. Here are some examples:

“High-quality products. Completely in love with Bespoke. Fast & quick shipping really helped!” 

“Bespoke is reasonably priced and I believe the products are pure. It works better than any other CBD I have used. The delivery was fast and my pain level is definitely lower. Thank you Bespoke!”

 “Have been trying different products for some time now for my sleeping and anxiety problem, nothing seemed to help until I tried this product. Made such a difference in my life. Highly recommend this company.” 

“Love this product as it helped ease the joint pain in my hip.” 

Pros & Cons

  • Hemp extracts are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified
  • Organic ingredients
  • Offers financial assistance programs
  • Speedy shipping
  • Only sells tinctures & capsules

An Up-Close Look at Bespoke Extracts CBD

In the words of its founder, “Bespoke doesn’t compromise on quality, we are committed to producing the safest, most effective CBD products on the market…because your health is our pride.” And based on its hemp source and the steps involved from seed to bottle, this statement couldn’t be truer.

Bespoke sources organic, fair trade ingredients to make its formulas even more potent and unique. Although it’s not easy or cheap to find these high-end ingredients, the company puts its customers’ health and wellness above all else. In short, it doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

When you visit the company website, you can see its dedication to customer education. All the information presented is visually appealing, clear, concise, and very insightful. The detailed descriptions of each product and every single ingredient helps guide customers in their buying decisions.

Lastly, Bespoke practices corporate responsibility by offering generous discounts (25% off) to front-line workers, military vets, and anyone older than 55.

Bespoke CBD Product Summary

Bespoke Extracts 3C
Oil Tinctures
Bespoke Extracts Capsules
Liquid Capsules
Variety/ Flavors
3C, Recovery, Comfort, Active Serenity
Total CBD
1,200-2,000mg 1,500mg
Total Volume
30ml 30 capsules
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
40-66.7mg/ml 50mg per capsule
Price Range
$79-119 $79
Price per mg CBD
$0.05-0.07 $0.05
CBD Extraction Method

Bespoke Extracts Product Lineup

Currently, the company’s product line consists of oil tinctures and liquid capsules. This may seem limited at first, but each product has a specific function that makes them (collectively) diverse in their abilities.

Bespoke CBD Oils with Terpenes & Cannabinoid Blends (CBD, CBG & CBN)

There are four awesome CBD oils, each with its own unique formula, medium-high or extra strength potency, and a flavor or flavorless option.

Bespoke Extracts 3C3C: Cool, Calm & Collected

The 3C tincture comes in a berry or mint flavor and has two different potencies. They both share a

50/50 hybrid blend of full-spectrum CBD and CBG distillate powder. Each ml also contains 4mg of the terpenes linalool and limonene. As for the carrier oil, the company chose MCT oil, otherwise known as medium-chain triglycerides.

3C Berry Tincture — 1,200mg

First of all, I have to say the berry flavor was amazing. From my experience, it’s hard to get a full-spectrum product to taste great, but Bespoke pulled it off. Besides having the blueberry and raspberry flavors, I think the addition of the terpenes linalool and limonene made the flavor pop.

As for the effects, those were wonderful too. The 50/50 ratio of CBD to CBG was a great combination for offering relaxation, peace, and calm in my body and mind. Even with a full dropper at a time, I felt the dose hit the mark, at least for me.

– Allie Murphy

Bespoke Extracts RecoveryRecovery for Intense Athletes

With this particular formula, Recovery caters to athletes who train hard every day. As such, there’s a high-strength potency of CBG (33mg/ml) and CBD (33mg/ml). Not only that, this tincture also contains 3mg or 5mg (your choice) of beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that’s well known for its pain-relieving effects. Lastly, for flavor, there’s a citrus zest that comes from orange oil and a natural lemon flavor.


Recovery Citrus Tincture — 2,000mg

This product was similar to the 3C tincture but with higher potency and 3mg of beta-caryophyllene in every 1ml dose. This terpene has been reported to exhibit pain-relieving properties, making it a great addition to a formula focused on recovery.

My sister actually tried this product and she said the flavor wasn’t stellar, but that there was no aftertaste and she appreciated that. Maybe orange and lemon flavors have a harder time masking the taste of hemp, compared to berry flavors. She experiences bad anxiety at times and took a full dose of the recovery tincture and noticed her racing heartbeat returned to normal. So, that’s huge!

At the same time, it doesn’t surprise me much, because the formula and ingredient list is top-notch.

– Allie Murphy

Bespoke Extracts Comfort for Falling AsleepComfort for Falling Asleep

As the name suggests, this formula makes it easy to get comfortable before dozing off to sleep. It has sedative properties that come from the linalool terpene and the 3mg/ml dose of CBN. It also includes 66.3mg/ml of full-spectrum CBD, which is a strong dose. Plus, Comfort has a natural hempy flavor, so you can add it to just about any snack, nighttime tea, or right under the tongue.

Comfort Tincture — 2,000mg

The Comfort Tincture is all about preparing the body to get some zzz’s. The big dose of CBD and 3mg of CBN aims to give the body great sleep and that’s what this tincture gave me. I felt calm before dozing off to sleep and definitely felt the sedative effects of CBN. This has a natural flavor which for me is fine, but the hempy taste does make a grand appearance. However, it’s not off-putting.

– Allie Murphy

Bespoke Extracts ActiveActive for Pain & Sore Muscles

This Bespoke CBD oil has a similar formula to the Recovery blend, minus the citrus flavor and as much CBD and CBG content. To be exact, this Active tincture contains 20mg/ml of CBG powder and 20mg/ml of full-spectrum CBD. There’s also 3mg of beta-caryophyllene terpene to help ease pain and sore muscles.

Bespoke Extracts CapsulesSerenity CBD Liquid Capsules

For a discreet, on-the-go option, Bespoke Extracts created liquid capsules. Besides CBD, there’s a nice herbal blend catered to women’s health, including black cohosh, evening primrose, and chaste berry. In addition, there’s also vitamin D to support brain health and mucuna pruriens to help the body respond to stress.

Serenity Capsules —  1,500mg

Out of all the Bespoke products I tried, I would have to say these capsules were my absolute favorite. Even before trying them all out, I had a hunch I would love these, based on the formula alone. With herbs like black cohosh, evening primrose oil, and chaste berry, I was already geeking out.

Then add on the 50mg CBD in each capsule and it’s a win, at least they were for me. I noticed that my body felt balanced after taking a capsule, my hormonal system did too. After all, many of the herbs in these caps are beneficial for women’s health. I never took more than one cap in a day but might try having one in the morning and once at night to see if that magnifies the effects a bit more. 10 stars!

– Allie Murphy

Bespoke Extracts: Formulating Cutting-Edge CBD, CBG & CBN Wellness Products

This innovative company is changing the landscape of the wellness industry for the better. Bespoke Extracts doesn’t just make health products — it carefully sources, extracts, and formulates top-notch creations. And in the process, it manages to keep costs low.

The initial cost may be high to some, but every product has a strong potency, making the cost per mg of CBD very low. In addition to CBD, each product also includes value-added components like hemp-derived CBG or CBN and terpenes like linalool, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. All of this increases the therapeutic potential of these tinctures and capsules.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Bespoke is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it does have a business profile on the website.

Lab Testing

Bespoke is transparent about the potency and purity of its products, so it uploads the latest third-party lab tests on its website.

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