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Bluebird Botanicals Review

In the realm of CBD products, transparency reigns supreme, and Bluebird Botanicals is a company without secrets or surprises. All necessary information you may want to know about its products is available front and center on its website.

Bluebird Botanicals

Expert Review
American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested

BlueBird Botanicals Review: Overview

Quality, safety, affordability, and respect go a long way in the health and wellness world. Bluebird Botanicals delivers on all these fronts, and they offer so much more.

The Company: What Is Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird Botanicals was one of the first companies to sell hemp-based CBD products in the U.S. Launched in 2012, CEO Brandon Beatty has taken this company to soaring heights. Today, it has a well-established reputation, a large number of loyal customers, and a wonderful variety of full-spectrum and CBD isolate products.

Some of its standout qualities include its status as a Certifed B Corporation, it’s zero animal testing (Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free) certification, and its focus on using recyclable materials. For instance, its tinctures come in recyclable glass bottles and its lotions come in ‘green’ bioplastic packaging that is BPA-free, sourced from sugarcane, and 100% recyclable.

Local Sourcing From U.S. Farms

The company sources it’s non-GMO hemp from farms in the U.S. It then performs batch testing on its CBD hemp extract with the help of third-party labs. All of these tests prove the organic nature of the hemp – there are no pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, or microbial contaminants.

Product Line: Full-Spectrum & THC-Free Oils, Capsules, Lotions & More

Bluebird Botanicals has a great selection of CBD products. Many of them contain a full-spectrum formula, like the original and concentrated oils, softgel capsules, topical lotions, and CBD pet products. It also features THC-free CBD oil too as well as pure CBD isolates.

To save some cash on these products, use a Bluebird Botanicals coupon by subscribing to the company’s newsletter.

What Are Customers Saying About Bluebird Botanicals?

Customers seem very satisfied with the excellent quality and service of Bluebird. They have posted reviews about seeing great results and always coming back for more, and many of them have said they’d recommend these products to anyone. One Bluebird Botanicals review said, “I can’t get out of bed without it, it’s a lifesaver.”

Bluebird Botanicals Pros & Cons

  • Full panel of third-party tests
  • Certified B Corp & cGMP approved
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Products contain an organic carrier oil
  • Free shipping only on orders over $75
  • No broad-spectrum formulas

Bluebird Botanicals: Up Close & Personal

Founded in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals is a Colorado-based CBD company that strives for perfection in everything it does. This begins with a dedication to the quality and safety of its products. To ensure the best products for its customers, the company pays independent third-party labs to complete a full panel of potency and purity tests.

It’s also dedicated to transparency, compassion, and altruism. Therefore, the company treats its customers like family and wants CBD to be accessible to all who seek alternative options to optimum health. As such, it offers an assistance program to low-income individuals, veterans of the U.S. military, and those with long-term disabilities.

Furthermore, in true altruistic form, Bluebird Botanicals supports a handful of non-profit businesses, including Conscious Alliance, Paradox Sports, WSU’s Save the Honeybee Program, and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

This family-owned and operated business takes its position as a top CBD brand very seriously, and has since become the leader in many safety and quality control initiatives within the industry, such as passing its cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) audit in December 2019.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Summary

The majority of Bluebird Botanicals’ products contain full-spectrum hemp extract. Although, there’s also a good selection of THC-free items, including some CBD oils and CBD isolates.

Concentrated CBD Oil
CBD for Pets
CBD Isolate
Variety/ Flavors
Full-spectrum, THC-free, Immune support Classic, Complete, Signature Companion oil

Companion capsules
Classic, Complete Silk, Essential, Sport Regular-sized CBD isolate

Bulk CBD isolate
Total CBD
83-12,000mg 500-12,000mg 83-2,000mg

30-900mg 100-1,250mg 1,000-5,000mg

Total Volume
10-240ml 10-240ml 10-240ml

30-60 capsules
2-60 capsules 15-180ml 1-5g


CBD Potency (mg/mL)
8.33-50mg/ml 50mg/ml 8.33mg/ml

15mg per capsule
15mg per capsule 7mg/ml 1,000mg/g

Price Range
$12.95-399.95 $49.95-649.95 $12.95-139.95

$4.99-84.95 $9.95-59.96 $24.95-99.95

Price per mg CBD
$0.03-0.15 $0.05-0.10 $0.07-0.16

$0.09-0.17 $0.05-0.10 $0.02-0.03

CBD Extraction Method
CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation CO2, ethanol, or steam distillation

Bluebird Botanicals Product Lineup

The company’s product line has well-designed formulas that make these selections top notch. And with a Bluebird Botanicals coupon, you can save 10% or more.

Full Spectrum & CBD Isolate Oils

Bluebird Botanicals offers full-spectrum CBD oil made with cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil. The process of cold pressing preserves the nutrients in the hemp seeds, which makes the oil a nutritional powerhouse. The THC-free versions include organic MCT coconut oil as the carrier.

The company also sells a tincture that contains vitamin D3, the perfect remedy for wintertime when vitamin D from the sun is rarely available.

In total, the lineup of CBD oils come in various sizes, potencies, and reasonable price points. And finally, they are all vegan certified.

Super Concentrated CBD Oil

This category of tinctures is six times stronger than the company’s traditional CBD oils, so there’s 50mg of CBD per ml. Additionally, the Complete Oil has an equal percentage of CBD and CBDa. Respectfully, these are the heated and non-heated elements of cannabidiol. It also has steam-distilled terpenes to enhance the entourage effect of its full-spectrum nature.

The Signature edition has a unique formula as well, with black cumin seed oil and frankincense extract to add to its therapeutic potential.

CBD Oil & Capsules for Pets

There are two products on offer here for your dogs and cats: CBD oil and capsules. Both choices include full-spectrum hemp extract and contain hemp seed oil. Bluebird sources certified organic hemp seeds from Canada to make this oil, which further increases the quality of these pet products.

15mg CBD Capsules

Both the Classic and Complete CBD capsule varieties have a medium-low potency of 15mg in each piece. This is a good starting dose for many people, but it would be nice to see a higher potency option for those needing something a bit stronger. They contain full-spectrum hemp oil and gelatin for the softgel, so they’re not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

CBD Cream: Sport, Essential & Silk

Bluebird Botanicals offers three excellent CBD lotions, each with a magical set of plant-based ingredients. All of the lotions contain full-spectrum hemp oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. Yet, each of them has a different set of essential oils and extracts: The Sport Lotion has ginger extract and arnica, the Essential Lotion includes rosemary oil and carrot extract, meanwhile the Silk Lotion has lavender and geranium oils.

As for the potency and prices, they both fall in the ‘average’ category compared to the competition.

96-99% Pure CBD Isolate

The company offers 96-99% pure CBD isolate. This crystalline form of cannabidiol comes in both small containers for everyday use and large bulk tubs. When buying the bulk sizes, the prices are hard to beat. It’s a lot of money upfront, but the price of CBD per milligram is less than a penny.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: A Stand-Up Company That’s Leading the Way

As a company with a long history in the CBD industry, Bluebird Botanicals has taken the opportunity to set a high bar. The mission is not to meet expectations – it is to exceed them. This is reflected in the high-quality hemp that’s accompanied by a full panel of lab tests to ensure clean, non-toxic, and safe products.

The business is a member of several organizations, including the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, Hemp Industries Association, and American Herbal Products Association. As a member, it lends its voice and support for the advocacy of hemp and plant-based remedies. Even more, the company is a Certified B Corporation, so it considers the environment, the community, workers, and its purpose, all ahead of profits.

Finally, Bluebird Botanicals doesn’t test any products on animals, it uses eco-conscious, recyclable materials, and it offers a financial assistance program. In short, Bluebird Botanicals takes strides each day, week, month, and year to make all kinds of positive impacts.

Bluebird Botanicals FAQs

Where can you buy Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird Botanicals sells its full product line on its website. Alternatively, you can find its products in various health food stores, vape shops, apothecaries, and other brick-and-mortar wellness stores.

Which Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil makes you sleep?

The company was

Not everyone shares the same experience when consuming CBD oils. Some report getting better sleep, but this varies from person to person. One of the largest variables, besides your health, is the dose you take. It’s best to try out one of Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD oils for 30 days and see how you feel. This same recommendation is given for any health supplement.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Bluebird Botanicals is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it does have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Lab Testing

With a focus on transparency and product quality, Bluebird Botanicals posts third-party lab tests on its website for all to see.

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