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Caliper CBD Review

Caliper is all about making consistent, high-quality, bioavailable products so its customers notice a positive difference after using them. Therefore, its products are formulated by food scientists, lab tested, and water-soluble.

Caliper CBD

Expert Review
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Money Satisfaction Guarantee
Money Satisfaction Guarantee

Caliper CBD Review

This CBD brand offers unique products that are more bioavailable compared to oil-based solutions. Essentially, this means you get a bigger bang for your buck, and may experience better results.

Who is Caliper?

Caliper is a CBD company based in the greater Denver, CO area and promises “to be a reliable and trustworthy partner on your journey toward finding relief.” They don’t promise that CBD is a cure-all, but acknowledges its potential to be a critical piece of anyone’s wellness routine.

Product Sourcing: Domestic Hemp Farms in the U.S.

The company sources non-GMO hemp from licensed U.S. farms. After the extraction process, Caliper emulsifies CBD into a powdered form. And then a third-party lab tests the product for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants. This lab also confirms the cannabidiol potency and verifies there’s 0% THC.

Brand Product Line: Water-Soluble Powders

Caliper specializes in making water-soluble CBD powders that are more efficient and absorbable than oil-soluble tinctures and edibles. It has a tasteless powder that you can mix in nearly any type of drink or food. Also, the company sells flavored Swiftsticks that can dissolve right on your tongue.

Customer Reviews About Caliper CBD Powder

In regards to the flavorless powders, customers adore them.

  • “I have been looking for CBD to help me get through my day. Caliper was a great option because I could just throw some packets in my purse, car, and office desk and take it whenever I felt like I needed it. So convenient and I can feel it working so fast!”
  • “Quick dissolving, flavorless, odorless, consistent dosage, and effective…Had the calmest, restful sleep of my life last night.”
  • “A truly superb product! I love that it’s so easy to use and completely portable. It’s helped my neck and I wake up very rested.”

Feedback on the flavored swiftsticks was just as positive.

  • “Wonderful flavor. Easy to use. This is now a family favorite.”
  • “This was the hit of the house everybody wanted more. Everybody said the taste was awesome, definitely going to purchase this product and recommend others try this.”

Caliper Pros & Cons

  • Powders are 6.5x more absorbable in the first 15 minutes compared to oil-based CBD
  • Sources non-GMO hemp
  • Pays for third-party laboratory testing
  • Sells convenient, on-the-go forms of CBD
  • Limited product offering
  • Only one potency option (i.e. 20mg)

The Team Behind The Caliper Brand

Caliper believes “that quality is consistency. Also, that consistency is quality.” To ensure a high level of consistency and quality, this Colorado-based company employs a team of experts in various fields.

It has food scientists, quality control personnel, product developers, manufacturing and production professionals, and a whole lot more. It’s a big team dedicated to the mission of making highly absorbable, safe, and convenient CBD powders.

The “Explore our World” section on Caliper’s website has a host of resources on so many great CBD and health-related topics. Finally, the company has a Corporate Wellness Program where other businesses, large and small, can sign up to give their employees discounts on Caliper products.

Caliper Product Summary

Caliper CBD Powder
CBD Powder
Caliper CBD Swiftsticks
CBD Swiftsticks
Variety/ Flavors
Dissolvable powder- unflavored Cool Mint, Mixed Berry, and Lemon Lime
Total CBD
600 - 1,200mg 600 - 1,200mg
Total Volume
30 - 60 pack 30 - 60 pack
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
Price Range
$49 - $84 $49 - $84
Price per mg CBD
$0.07 - $0.08 $0.07 - $0.08
CBD Extraction Method
Unknown Unknown

Caliper CBD Products

The company’s products work faster and more efficiently in the body intending to provide better results. Also, all the ingredients in the Caliper CBD powders are Kosher-certified, GMO-free, and allergen-free.

Caliper CBD Powder

These flavorless packets contain CBD that easily mixes into baking recipes and dissolves quickly into a beverage or food of choice. Examples include your morning cup of coffee, a protein smoothie, or a bowl of oatmeal or soup. Even more, the powder has zero calories and zero sugar.

CBD Swiftsticks

The swiftsticks come in three different flavors to enjoy a tasty and dissolvable version of CBD that goes right on your tongue. Each swiftstick contains 20mg of CBD and is completely free of THC. Also, it’s more absorbable compared to tinctures and edibles. Instead of using artificial flavors, the flavors in these packs come from botanical sources.


I loved how easy Caliper’s CBD powder dissolved in my glass of water. After a few swishes, the powder was all mixed in. Taking a spoon through it wasn’t even necessary. Since the powder was flavorless, I was able to enjoy my glass of water without an unpleasant change in taste. Also, there was no gritty or chalky consistency. All around, this was a great CBD product.

-Allie Murphy


Caliper CBD Review girl holding product samples in her hand

These little packets were so cute and ripped open easily. The first time I poured a swiftstick on my tongue, a lot of powder came out. I worried that the entire packet of powder wouldn’t all fit on my tongue. But, it ended up working out alright.

It took about 20 to 30 seconds to fully dissolve and the mixed berry flavor was good, with a slight medicine-like taste. The lemon-lime and cool mint swiftsticks also had good flavor profiles and equally provided calming and relaxing effects.


-Allie Murphy

Caliper: Affordable, Highly Absorbable, & Versatile CBD Powders

The company’s unflavored powder and flavored swiftsticks have affordable price tags at just $0.07 to $0.08 per mg of CBD. Not only that, but a 2021 study from Colorado State University showed that the Caliper CBD powders have 30x more absorption than CBD oil in the first 30 minutes, and it was absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 minutes, making it the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD powder on the market.

These products also offer extreme versatility and convenience because you can add them to just about anything and easily take them wherever you go.

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