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CBD Drip Eco Sciences Review

CBD Drip Eco Sciences focuses on the necessity for hemp sustainability while incorporating the best of what science has to offer. From here, it’s able to make some pretty great CBD products.

CBD Drip Eco Sciences

Expert Review
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CBD Drip Review

This brand has a lot to offer with its dedication to quality, a focus on safe extraction, lots of product choices, and customer happiness.

Who is CBD Drip — Eco Sciences?

According to CBD Drip, “we strive to bring the best science, and the most sustainable practices that will enable us to provide our customers with the most exceptional quality hemp extract products.”

Besides focusing on quality, the company also places a big emphasis on CBD education and providing enough product variety so that every customer can find their ideal product.

Product Sourcing: The Netherlands

The company sources its industrial hemp from farms in the Netherlands. The farmers get hand-selected not only for their growing expertise but for understanding what it takes to perfect the cultivation process.

After harvest, the hemp plants get sent to a German facility that uses CO2 extraction to efficiently and safely remove precious compounds, like CBD, from the plants.

Once the hemp extracts get added to the product formulas, they are tested by a third-party lab for potency. Unfortunately, the lab doesn’t test for pesticides, heavy metals, or other types of contaminants.

Brand Product Line: Tinctures, Cream, Gummies, Pet CBD & More

Whether it’s a full-spectrum extract or CBD isolate, all of the company’s products get created with the customer’s needs in mind. Therefore, you’ll find a variety of tinctures with different terpene profiles, a few edible options, a topical that targets pain, gummies, drinks, as well as CBD products for dogs.

CBD Drip Reviews from Real Customers

You’ll find customer reviews posted on the company’s website and through TrustPilot. In general, customers rave about the products from Eco Sciences. Most of what’s written is expressed with immense gratitude. For instance, customers said:

  • This is the “first CBD where I can actually feel the difference after taking it. I use it to quell pain from Migraines, Aches/Pains, and to help with Anxiety. First time I’ve had CBD drops that I’d consider Full Spectrum quality.”
  • What an “excellent CBD oil. Reduces pain and inflammation, is calming, tastes good, and at a great price!”
  • “The CBD cream is the best product I have found of this type. I have arthritis in my hands. When they hurt the cream takes the pain away within 10 minutes.”
  • “Great product, my dog loves the taste and takes it without a problem. It helps keep him calm, he has a few seizures a month, and he’s doing much better while using your product.”
  • “Our dog also is enjoying the benefits of greatly reduced anxiety brought to her by the bacon flavor pet CBD tincture.”
  • “Love all the products I’ve used so far and decided to try the gummies. I absolutely love them over any other brands I’ve tried. They work wonders for my anxiety and help in falling asleep.”

As for a CBD Drip Onyx review, a few different customers commented, “absolutely worth spending a few extra dollars for the ONYX. And “It is a big help to us in dealing with our arthritis pain.”

There was also a really positive CBD Drip Platinum review. It “gets me through the day and helps with my pain.”

CBD Drip Pros & Cons

  • Lab-tested for potency
  • Subscribe & save program for 25% off
  • Free shipping on orders over $29.99
  • Good product variety
  • No third-party testing on contaminants
  • No returns on opened products

Eco Sciences: Formally Called CBD Drip

Before going by Eco Sciences, this CBD company based out of southern California was known as CBD Drip. And according to the Better Business Bureau, they’ve been in business since 2014. There’s no formal “About Us” section on the website to explore this further, but we gleaned quite a bit about them from the company’s site and social media channels.

One thing the company does really well is that it provides helpful content about its products on each individual product page and in its FAQ section. CBD Drip has an active blog page with lots of great articles that fall under four different categories. They include health & lifestyle, pets and hemp, industry news, and learn about CBD.

CBD Drip Product Summary

CBD Drip Cream
CBD Drip Capsules
CBD Drip Cream
CBD Drip Drinks
CBD Drip Gummies
CBD Drip Additives
CBD Drip Pet CBD
Variety/ Flavors
Relief, Dream, Focus, Boost, RixMix, + Social Capsules + Softgels Energy + Relax Pain Relief Cream Fruit Gummies EcoDrip: Gold, Platinum, + Onyx Calm + Comfort Tincture: Bacon +
Peanut Butter
Total CBD
50 - 1,500mg 50 - 900mg 25 mg 25 - 1,200mg 50 mg 16 - 160mg 10 - 300mg
Total Volume
10 - 30ml 2 - 30 capsules 60ml (2 oz.) 2 - 480ml

5 gummies 7ml 1 - 30ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
25 - 30mg/
0.42mg/ml 2.5 - 12.5
10 mg/gummy 2.3 - 22.9 mg/ml 10mg/ml
Price Range
$5.99 - $99.99 $5.99 - $59.99 $4.99 $12.99 - $149.99 $4.99 $6.99 - $19.99 $3.99 - $29.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.07 - $0.12 $0.07 - $0.12 $0.20 $0.13 - $0.52 $0.10 $0.13 - $0.44 $0.10 - $0.40
CBD Extraction Method

CBD Drip Products

The company offers its product in full-spectrum or CBD isolate formulas. And it has a good variety of product offerings to appeal to vegans, sweet-tooths, pet parents, and everyone in between.CBD Drip Tinctures

Terpene-Enriched CBD Tinctures

CBD Drip has six types of CBD oils, each with a name that described its intended effects, such as Relief and Boost. These formulas consist of a full spectrum hemp extract, MCT coconut oil, natural flavors, and a specific blend of terpenes that help bring on the desired effects.

Also, each of the six tincture varieties comes in an “on-the-go” option that you can use to try out the oil before investing in the small or medium-sized bottle.

CBD Drip CapsulesVegan Capsules & Softgels

These vegan capsules and softgels are unflavored, edible CBD options for those looking for a quick and easy way to dose, with virtually no calories and zero sugar. The capsules are free of animal- by-products, which is why the company calls them vegan. But, the softgels contain gelatin, which derives from an animal. As such, these are not vegan or vegetarian-friendly. However, they’re easier to swallow and dissolve easier too.

Either way, each option contains a medium potency of CBD, and the CBD price is reasonable.

CBD Drip Drinks

Energy & Relax CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are a specialty product that doesn’t give you a lot of bang for your buck, but it does provide convenience and a juice-like flavor. Both the “Energy” and “Relax” options include CBD isolate, so there’s 0% THC in these.

And the “Energy” drink has a mixed berry flavor and contains caffeine, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6. As for the “Relax” drink, it has a grape punch flavor with Gaba, Kava, L-Theanine. The ingredients in each of these formulas serve to enhance the cannabidiol and provide a more well-rounded health supplement.

CBD Drip CreamCBD Drip Creams

CBD Drip offers its pain cream in a small trial-size packet, a medium-size bottle that has the consistency of foam, and a large tub that’s like lotion. Its main active ingredient is methyl salicylate, which is a topical agent that can reduce pain in muscles and joints.

But the other inactive ingredients don’t seem to add much value as many of them are common chemicals and additives you find in body care products. Also, the potency of the bottle and tub creams is only 2.5mg/ml, which is low for a CBD topical.

CBD Drip GummiesCBD Isolate Fruit Gummies

The mixed fruit CBD Isolate gummies come in one size only — a packet of 5. They have five different colors and assorted fruit flavors. Although they contain natural flavors, they also have artificial flavors and colors too. This isn’t the best option for the health-conscious consumer.

CBD Drip AdditivesVape Additives

The Ecodrip full-spectrum CBD additives come in ultra-low, low, and medium potencies. And they contain a PG/VG blend (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin). Since these are food-grade ingredients, you can use them under your tongue or mix them in with food or drinks.

This is a versatile feature that you don’t often find with vape additives.

CBD Drip Pet CBDYummy Flavored Tinctures for Dogs

Last on the list of CBD categories, is the company’s dog tinctures. The two options are both made with full-spectrum hemp extract, fractionated coconut oil, and natural flavors. One comes in a bacon-flavor and the other in peanut butter. The 30ml bottle has a potency that appeals to most sized pets and has a great price point.

CBD Drip: Great product variety, pricing, and opportunities for savings

The company creates CBD products across all the major category types, plus more. Offerings like small, convenient drinks, on-the-go packs, vape additives, and pet products make supplementing that much more fun and exciting.

And for the quality, the prices are really good. Also, for those customers who use CBD daily, the company offers a weekly and monthly subscription program, which can add up to 25% in cost savings. This makes dosing with hemp-derived CBD much more affordable and accessible.

Better Business Bureau Rating

CBD Drip is not accredited or rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lab Testing

CBD Drip is transparent about the safety and quality of its products and has the lab testing results available on its website.

Contact CBD Drip Eco Sciences
CBD Drip Eco Sciences

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