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CBD Genesis Coupon Codes & Review

CBD Genesis focuses its efforts and business strategy on giving customers choices—and lots of them. Plus, it does this at extremely competitive prices.

CBD Genesis

Expert Review
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CBD Genesis Review: Overview

This brand offers a great deal of product variety, provides many medium- to high-strength potencies, and seems to have made customers for life.

What is CBD Genesis?

Based out of Florida, CBD Genesis sells its own line of hemp-derived health products along with products from other CBD brands.

The company publishes a detailed blog, sends out a newsletter to interested customers, and has an online chat feature to talk to a live person within regular business hours.

Unknown Product Sourcing

Nowhere on CBD Genesis’ website does it state where it sources its hemp from. There’s a lot of detailed content and an FAQ section on the hemp flower page but it fails to mention the region, state, or country its hemp originates from.

Brand Product Line: Tinctures, Gummies, Hemp Flower, Pet Treats & More

Not only is this product line comprehensive but it’s also competitively priced. And that goes for every single item, not just the tinctures and vape e-liquids which are usually the most affordable products of the range. Even more, there are edibles like gummies and capsules, a pain cream, salve, hemp flower by the quarter, and CBD pre-rolls.

What Are Customers Saying About CBD Genesis?

By each CBD Genesis product, there are ratings and comments left by past customers, and nearly all of the testimonials written are positive. One user wrote, “the pain cream is helpful for arthritis in the hands and for painful knees. Rubbing just a little on the area helps to relieve flare-ups of pain.”

Another review said, “I love the gummies. Good variety of flavors and has really helped with some inflammation issues that I have been having.” Another commented, “the Genesis CBD vape, both 1,000mg, and 1,500mg takes away a great deal of pain, and works fast, to help get me to sleep!”

As for the hemp flower, the “packaging is good. Shipping was good. A little dry but not crumble status upon opening. Smell was great. Smokability was good.”

Finally, a happy dog parent said the treats are “working well. My dog has seizures and we needed a high-dose pet CBD. I’ll be ordering again. The price and quality are great!”

CBD Genesis Pros & Cons

  • Affordable pricing
  • Lots of product variety and range in potency
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Return unopened items within 14 days of receipt
  • No lab tests on contaminants like pesticides & heavy metals
  • The product descriptions make medical claims

Providing a One-Stop-Shop CBD Platform

Based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the company uses its online B2C platform to sell other CBD products from various brands. It also offers some Delta-8-THC products derived from hemp available on its site, which have been manufactured by the company as well as a handful of others.

CBD Genesis’ site makes it easy to search for every type of product under the sun and even has a blog page for customer education.

CBD Genesis Product Summary

CBD Flower
Dog Treats
Variety/ Flavors
Full Spectrum Softgels Pain Cream, Salve Sour, Organic Suver Haze, Hemptress, Hawaiian Haze, Green House Purple Punch, Green House Bubba Kush

CBD Pre-Rolls
Bacon + Cheddar Full Spectrum
Total CBD
100-2,000mg 750-1,500mg 250-500mg 500-1,000mg Flower: 12.5-18.5%

Pre-Rolls: 12.5-18.5%
500mg 350-2,000mg
Total Volume
30ml 30 capsules 60ml 20 gummies Flower: 7g

Pre-Rolls: 1.3g
20 treats 30ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
3.33-66.7mg/ml 25-50mg per
4.2-8.33mg/ml 25-50mg per
Flower: n/a

Pre-Rolls: n/a
25mg per
Price Range
$9.99-99.99 $39.99-74.99 $24.99-39.99 $49.99 Flower: $29.99-39.99

Pre-Rolls: $7.99-9.99
$29.99 $19.99-99.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.05-0.10 $0.05 $0.06-0.10 $0.05 Flower: $4.28-5.71/g

Pre-Rolls: $6.15-7.70/g
$0.06 $0.05-0.06
CBD Extraction Method
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

CBD Genesis Product Lineup

The company has full-spectrum or CBD isolate hemp extracts in its formulas. As such, the products appeal to those seeking hemp’s complete profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as those solely looking for 100% THC-free products.

Unflavored CBD Tinctures

All the Genesis CBD tinctures contain the exact same formula: full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil derived from coconuts. There are six different potencies to choose from and they all come in a conveniently sized 30ml (1oz) bottle.

Medium- & High-Dose Capsules

These THC-free capsules contain hemp seed oil, CBD hemp extract, gelatin, and a few other ingredients, which makes them softgels. Although they’re easier to swallow, they’re not suited for vegans or vegetarians since they contain gelatin.

These softgels come in medium and high potencies, making them great options for those who need stronger doses.

Topical Pain Cream & Salve

Both the pain cream and the salve have fairly decent CBD potencies, containing essential oils for a nice aroma and added therapeutic effects. Other key ingredients in these products include organic white willow bark extract, coconut oil, arnica, ginger root, and beeswax.

The salve comes packaged in a twist tube, making it easy to apply whenever and wherever you need it most.

Sour & Organic Gummy Worms

CBD Genesis sells two different pots of gummies. There is a sour version and the other is called organic because most of its ingredients come from organic sources, some of which include organic evaporated cane juice, organic corn syrup, and organic white grape juice.

Both of these contain CBD isolate for a 0% THC formula. And like the softgels, you can choose medium- or high-strength potencies.

CBD Flower & Pre-Rolled Joints

The company offers great variety with its hemp flower. There are several CBD strains to select from, and if you don’t want to commit to 7g, there are also 1.3g pre-rolls, so you can try a strain out before buying in bulk, so to speak.

On the downside, CBD Genesis doesn’t post third-party lab tests for all of the CBD strains. We only saw about half of them posted on the company’s website.

Bacon & Cheddar Dog Treats

The all-natural formula of these dog treats is something most pet owners can feel confident to give their pups. Some of the key ingredients are yellow peas, sweet potatoes, organic carrots, organic apples, cranberries, and blueberries. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or additives, which is great to see.

One disadvantage of these treats is the dose. Each dog treat has about 25mg of CBD, which could be considered too high for most small and medium-sized dogs. However, there is always the option of breaking them up into smaller pieces.

Versatile Vape E-Liquid

Although the company markets its vape oils as full spectrum, the lab tests show non-detectable (ND) levels of every cannabinoid except CBD. So, they actually appear to be pure CBD isolates.

Besides this, CBD Genesis says you can either vape this e-liquid or consume it sublingually (under the tongue). This is a nice feature because it increases its overall versatility.

Better Business Bureau Rating

CBD Genesis is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lab Testing

CBD Genesis is transparent about the potency of its products, so it posts third-party lab tests on each of its product pages.

Contact CBD Genesis
CBD Genesis Social Media

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