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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review

With a deep respect for Mother Earth, a passion for natural healing, and a commitment to military veterans, Charlotte’s Web is more than just a CBD company.

Charlotte's Web CBD

Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp

Charlotte's Web Review: Overview

Charlotte’s Web believes in the powerful synergy of full-spectrum CBD, the varying needs of its customers, and souring the best quality hemp possible.

What is Charlotte’s Web?

Founded in 2013, Charlotte’s Web is a Colorado-based CBD business with headquarters in Denver and Boulder. The company is a steward for nature, a force for hope, and as a Certified B Corp, it puts people and its values over profits.

Even more, the company donates to several charities each year, has a veteran’s discount program, and actively volunteers its time. And from the product quality side of things, it operates manufacturing facilities with FDA registration and its products meet the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements.

Hemp From Colorado, Oregon & Kentucky Farms

Charlotte’s Web sources its hemp from farms in three different states, Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. All of these states have great histories and track records of producing top-quality hemp. Plus, they are all licensed farms that comply with the Industrial Hemp Farming Program in their respective states.

Additionally, the company uses CO2 as an extraction method, which is safe, gentle, and preserves all the compounds within a full-spectrum hemp extract. It also posts sample copies of Certificates of Analysis (COAs), also known as lab testing reports, online. And when you buy a product, you can enter the batch number to access the specific COA. These reports look like internal quality control testing reports rather than tests conducted by a third-party lab.

Brand Product Line: Oils, Capsules, Gummies, Topicals & Dog CBD

Each product offered by Charlotte’s Web contains full-spectrum CBD. It’s working on a CBD isolate product that will be released in 2021, but for now, the current products it offers have great versatility, therapeutic formulations, wonderful flavor variety, and affordable price points (for the most part).

Customer Feedback on Charlotte’s Web CBD

Based on customer reviews, the CBD oils have lots of positive feedback for their flavors and calming effects. The Sleep gummies are also a big hit with comments like, “provides a great night’s sleep! And I feel well rested the next day without side effects of being tired.”

The topical products are well regarded too, however many customers were upset with the switch from powdered capsules to liquid versions – not just because of the texture and form, but several customers have said they didn’t notice a difference or feel any effects with these new ones.

Lastly, the dog chews, and balm hold high reviews, though people are disappointed with the new pump on the CBD drops.

Charlotte's Web Pros & Cons

  • Hemp sourced from Oregon, Colorado & Kentucky farms
  • Lots of variety in flavors and potency
  • Veteran’s discount program (15% off)
  • Certified B Corp
  • No pure CBD isolate options
  • Third-party lab testing reports aren’t available - only internal one

A Closer Look at Charlotte's Web as a Brand

“This company wasn’t started as a company. It was started as a mission.” These are the words of the Stanley brothers who founded Charlotte’s Web. Their mission from the very beginning was clear: to help others heal naturally with the power of plants. Before forming the business, the brothers were helping those in the community who needed access to CBD.

One day, they received a call that sent their mission into overdrive. A young girl by the name of Charlotte Figi suffered from a tragic form of epilepsy, causing her to experience hundreds of seizures a day. Her parents reached out to the Stanley brothers asking for help, so they quickly developed a high-CBD strain, especially for her, that reduced her seizures to only a few a day.

The seven brothers called this strain (and later the company) Charlotte’s Web, in honor of Charlotte Figi. From that day forward, the brothers committed to being a force for good, not just in the way they source and create their products but also for their employees and philanthropic partners.

Charlotte's Web Product Summary

Charlotte's Web Oil
Charlotte's Web Gummies
Charlotte's Web Capsules
Charlotte's Web Topicals
Charlotte's Web Pet CBD - Dog Chews
Variety/ Flavors
Lemon Twist,
Mint Chocolate,
Olive Oil - Natural,
Orange Blossom
Raspberry - Sleep, Ginger - Recovery, Lemon Lime - Calm Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules Balm, Roll-Ons, Ointment, Sprays, Sticks, Massage Oil, Cooling Gel, Creams, Hydrogel Patches, Facial Cleanser Chews, Balm, Drops
Total CBD
170-6,000mg 300-600mg 450-2,250mg 100-750mg Chews: 75-150mg

Balm: 450mg

Drops: 510-1,700mg
Total Volume
10-100ml 30-60 gummies 30-90 capsules 15-75ml Chews: 30-60

Balm: 45ml

Drops: 30-100ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
7-60mg/ml 10mg per gummy 15-25mg per capsule 2-10.6mg/ml Chews: 2.5mg

Balm: 10mg/ml

Drops: 17mg/ml
Price Range
$24.99-274.99 $29.99-44.99 $39.99-169.99 $14.99-39.99 $19.99-149.99
Price per mg CBD
$19.99-149.99 $0.08-0.10 $0.07-0.10 $0.05-0.27 $0.06-0.27
CBD Extraction Method

Charlotte's Web Product Line

Charlotte’s Web features a robust variety of full-spectrum hemp extract products that cover all the major CBD categories.

Full-Spectrum, Flavored & Unflavored CBD Oils

With Charlotte’s Web CBD oils, you have the choice of either coconut or olive oil as your carrier oil. Then you get to choose your flavor or instead select the naturally flavored option. In addition, the selection of sizes and potencies cover all the bases.

CBD Gummies: Calm, Sleep, Recovery, Daily Wellness, Immunity & THC-Free

The company offers many flavors of gummies, each with a different intention. The Calm option has lemon balm in the formula, while the Sleep gummies each have 3mg of melatonin. The muscle recovery gummies include the anti-inflammatory spices of ginger and turmeric.

These products contain natural flavors, and the coloring comes from fruit and vegetable juices.

Charlotte’s Web also offers Daily Wellness, Immunity and THC-Free gummies. The Daily Wellness gummies will help you manage everyday stress with a supporting sense of calm. The Immunity gummies work with your body to maintain a healthy immune function. These gummies contain Vegan Vitamin D, which supports immune function and is essential for optimal wellness.

Charlotte’s Web’s THC-Free gummies allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of edibles without any of the THC. The gummies contain trace amounts of less than 0.01% THC.

Gluten-Free & Vegan-Friendly Capsules

These CBD capsules come in a low or medium potency. They contain a full-spectrum hemp extract and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Each capsule contains a precise amount of CBD that delivers a slow-release dose with effects that can last for hours. This is a signature attribute of edible products.

Skin, Muscle & Joint Topicals

Charlotte’s Web offers a full lineup of skincare products that all contain full-spectrum CBD. There are options intended to provide pain and joint relief, cleanse the face and eliminate acne, soothe eczema, and more.

The types of applications are varied and include roll-ons, creams, gels, patches, massage oils, balms, and sticks.

CBD for Pups: Tincture, Chews & Balm

This last category includes items targeted to your beloved canines. There’s a tincture you can add to their food, chews that make a tasty treat, and a balm to apply on sensitive skin.

Like most other CBD pet products, the prices of a few of these items can be costly, especially the dog chews.

Charlotte’s Web: Pioneers of the CBD Industry Who Continually Find Ways to Be Better

Although Charlotte’s Web may be the most famous company in the CBD industry and got a jump on the competition, it still works hard every day to do better. By this, it’s continually improving, meeting cGMP manufacturing and FDA standards, sourcing hemp from the best farms in the U.S., and modifying formulations to provide more valuable and helpful products.

In addition, it supports charitable causes close to its heart and mission and gives 15% discounts to military veterans. They even have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to make sure their customers are happy. It is for all of these reasons that we can confidently recommend Charlotte’s Web CBD.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Charlotte’s Web has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2019 and has an A rating with the BBB.

Lab Testing

Charlotte’s Web is transparent with the quality of its products so you can search for the results of lab testing on its website by product batch number. You can also view sample reports to see what it tests for.

Contact Charlotte’s Web
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