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Endoca CBD Review

Endoca makes affordable, high-quality CBD products, and follows organic and sustainable philosophies. It backs its products 100% by offering a satisfaction guarantee. Take advantage of our Endoca CBD coupon to save some cash on your first purchase.


Expert Review
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Money Satisfaction Guarantee
Money Satisfaction Guarantee

Overview: Endoca CBD Review

Endoca proudly offers expert-formulated CBD products that are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers and sold at an affordable price.

The Company: Endoca CBD

In the words of Endoca, “we keep our hemp extracts as close to nature as possible because we believe nature makes the best formulas.” When you read the product formulas, you’ll see how true this statement is.

The Dutch company respects Mother Nature by growing organic, non-GMO hemp crops, and utilizing sustainable farming practices.

In addition, Endoca believes in making CBD products available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status or hardship. As such, the company launched the Endoca Foundation Access Program, which provides 50% off to qualifying applicants who are living below the poverty line, as well as those with long-term disabilities.

Endoca’s Product Sourcing

Endoca has a seed bank and grows its own hemp on sustainable farms in Denmark. These plants are grown organically without GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides. Furthermore, the company uses its own custom-built equipment to perform CO2 extraction. This safe and gentle process removes the hemp extract from the crops in an efficient manner.

Endoca performs regular internal batch testing to confirm the hemp extract is pure and potent. However, there are no third-party lab tests to confirm Endoca’s internal test results.

Endoca’s Brand Product Line

All of the company’s products contain full-spectrum hemp extracts, while some even have a combination of CBD and the raw, unheated version of CBD, called CBDa.

Endoca’s full product line consists of oil tinctures, capsules, extracts, topicals, and suppositories.

What Are Customers Saying About Endoca?

Over and over again, we read reviews from customers saying they trust Endoca’s products to deliver great results, and they enjoy the excellent, friendly service.

Specifically, customers say they use Endoca’s products for better sleep, chronic pain relief, reducing anxiety, enhancing mood, helping with migraines, and more. Those who use Endoca CBD coupons can also feel chuffed with their brilliant savings.

Endoca Pros & Cons

  • Product formulas developed by biochemists and herbalists
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Operations overseen from seed to sale
  • Full-spectrum hemp extracts
  • No third-party tests
  • Some limited size options

Endoca: All About the Company

Henry Vincenty founded Endoca in 2010 in his native country of Denmark. He named the company after the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). While Henry attended the University of Copenhagen, he became fascinated with ‘plants as medicine’ – cannabis in particular. This interest propelled him toward a future in CBD.

Today, his expert team of scientists, herbalists, and nutritionists manufacture hemp-based CBD products, grow the hemp, perform the extraction process, carry out quality control testing, and create the formulas.

Furthermore, because of its focus on quality, Endoca makes all of its products inside a good manufacturing practice (GMP) facility, which enforces strict safety protocols.

And to back its promise of making high-quality products, Endoca offers and stands by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy. Any customer not happy with a product can return it within 30 days to receive a refund.

Finally, Endoca dedicates itself to being a premier CBD education resource, so anyone looking for in-depth information on hemp and cannabis can find it on the website or YouTube channel.

Endoca Product Summary

Endoca’s products contain full-spectrum hemp extracts, and a few varieties contain heated (CBD) and non-heated, raw (CBDa) elements.

Endoca CBD Oil
CBD oil
Endoca Capsules
Endoca Topical
Endoca Extract
CBD extract
Endoca CBD Suppositories
Variety/ flavors
Unflavored and CBD + CBDa or CBD Unflavored and CBD + CBDa or CBD Salve, body butter

Lip balm
CBD + CBDa and CBD Natural
Total CBD
300 -
300 - 1,500mg 300 - 1,500mg

2,000 - 3,000mg 500mg
Total volume
10mL 30 caps 30 - 100mL

1 stick
10mL 10 suppositories
CBD potency (mg)
30 - 150mg/mL 10 - 50mg/cap 3 - 25mg/mL

200 - 300mg
Price range
$31 - 129 $31 - 129 $36 -

$199 - 286 $52
Price per mg CBD
$0.09 - 0.10 $0.09 - 0.10 $0.05 - 0.12

$0.10 $0.10
CBD extraction method

Endoca CBD OilEndoca CBD Oil

Endoca CBD oil comes in a medium and a very high potency. You also have the choice of whether to go for a decarboxylated (heated) state, known as CBD, or a combination of both CBD and its raw (CBDa) component.

In addition to the full-spectrum hemp extract, the formula includes hemp seed oil, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Endoca Capsules CBD Capsules for Convenient Dosing

Like its CBD oils, Endoca’s capsules also contain a full-spectrum formula. And again, you have the choice between the standard CBD formula and one that includes CBD and CBDa. Also, these capsules are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Endoca TopicalCBD Topicals for Skin Care and Pain Relief

Under this product category, there’s a salve, whipped body butter, and a lip balm. The salve has the highest potency of the bunch. It delivers 25mg of CBD per mL, which is a lot stronger than the average hemp-derived topical.

All three of these topicals have plant-based formulas and are free of preservatives and artificial colors.

Endoca ExtractCBD Extracts Provide Concentrated Doses

Endoca’s extracts are highly concentrated products that provide an extra-strong potency. Customers who opt for extracts tend to be long-time CBD users or have a serious health concern. Therefore, this product is not for everyone, yet exceptional for those who do need a strong dose.

Endoca SuppositoriesEndoca CBD Suppositories

These CBD suppositories by Endoca are meant for rectal or vaginal use. They’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a vital option when it comes to specific ailments or being the most bioavailable (second to needle injection) way to consume CBD.

Endoca: Full-Spectrum Extracts Made in a way Mother Nature Herself Would Be Proud of

Endoca is all about keeping its products as close to nature as possible, and it does a wonderful job of it. It has its own seed bank, grows its own hemp on organic land, extracts the hemp oil using its own machinery, and leaves the final extract as is. No flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives are added.

In addition, Endoca supplies its own hemp, helping to save costs, which is why it’s able to offer fair prices – however, you can always find Endoca CBD coupons online for extra savings.

Endoca FAQs

What is Endoca?

Endoca is a CBD company based in the Netherlands, also with an office in San Diego, CA.

Is Endoca CBD full-spectrum?

Yes, all of Endoca’s CBD products contain full-spectrum hemp extracts.

Is Endoca CBD oil good?

Endoca CBD oils contain high-quality formulas. Also, the customer feedback on the company’s oils is almost entirely positive.

What is Endoca CBD paste?

Another name for CBD paste is extract. It’s a highly concentrated CBD product with a thick consistency, similar to that of a paste. The company keeps its extracts in syringes to make it easier to administer an accurate dose.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Endoca is not listed or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lab Testing

Endoca doesn’t provide third-party lab tests, but does provide the results from its internal quality control testing on its website.

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