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Green Roads CBD Review

Green Roads CBD Review

Transparency separates CBD companies from the pack. Green Roads has a huge commitment to staying transparent, which makes life-long customers out of its first-time buyers. People can trust they’re getting safe and potent products.

Green Roads

Expert Review
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Lab Tested
Lab Tested
American Hemp
American Hemp

Overview: Green Roads

There’s a lot to be said about a CBD company that’s weathered the storm (i.e. FDA and DEA roadblocks) and managed to stay standing. And their products reflect that grit and determination.

Who is Green Roads?

As a veteran CBD-company, Green Roads spent several years improving and perfecting its craft. It does all this to honor its word of “helping every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.”

Green Road’s dedication to quality, safety, and innovation is proof that they embody this mission.

Product Sourcing Traces Back to American Farms

Green Roads sources its hemp from farms across America. And they have three things in common. The farmers have state-issued licenses, provide a certificate of origin and certificate of analysis (COA). Then the company uses a safe and effective method called CO2, to extract the cannabinoids (mainly CBD) from the hemp plants.

After incorporating the CBD oil into its products, Green Roads sends samples to a third-party lab to test cannabinoid levels, check for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, and other contaminants.

Brand Product Line: Tinctures, Gummies, Topicals, Coffee, and More

The product line has lots of goodies and covers the wide spectrum of CBD offerings. There are oil tinctures and gummies for day and nighttime use, all types of topicals to suit various skin-care needs, coffee for a morning pick-me-up and chocolates to cap off your day.

What Are Customers Saying About Green Roads Products?

Green Roads customers are very satisfied with their purchases. They say the CBD oils help them feel calmer, sleep better, and are better than other oils they’ve tried. The ‘Relax’ bears are also a very popular product with thousands of positive reviews.

As for the cooling and heating roll-on sticks, people say it relieves tight, sore muscles and that a little goes a long way. Also, the feedback on the coffee is positive. Customers love the taste and are happy they don’t get the jitters after drinking a cup.

Green Roads Pros & Cons

  • Full-panel of 3rd party testing and QR codes
  • Well-designed website with a great layout
  • Military & first responder discounts (50% off for life)
  • Products available in all hemp extract types
  • Some gummies contain artificial flavors
  • Certain products are pricey

Green Roads: How It All Began

Laura Fuentes and Arby Barroso started Green Roads out of their necessity to share the incredible powers of hemp-based CBD products with the masses. When they founded the company in 2013, regulations were tight. Hemp was still very much illegal. So, it took time, a lot of patience, and sheer will to make Green Roads what it is today.

Laura was a compounding pharmacist for 20 years and Arby experienced the therapeutic effects of hemp first hand, plus he had a knack for entrepreneurialism. Together, they made the perfect business partners. Over the years, the company worked diligently to make the most helpful and safest products possible. And they were one of the first in the industry to get independent lab testing.

To this day, transparency is paramount. In their words, “we have nothing to hide when it comes to how we conduct our business.” This is something many customers appreciate and want from a company they buy wellness products from.

Also, Green Roads is committed to CBD education and giving back to the community. To show its support, the company offers a 50 percent lifetime discount to military personnel and first responders.

Green Roads Product Summary

Green Roads CBD Review CBD oil
Green Roads CBD Review CBD joint & muscle
Green Roads CBD Review CBD gummies
Green Roads CBD Review CBD capsules
Green Roads CBD Review CBD pet drops
Green Roads CBD Review CBD coffee
Green Roads CBD Review CBD bath bomb
Bath Bombs & Roll-Ons
Variety/ Flavors
Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, Sweet Sleep, Original, Mint Breeze, + Apple Kiwi Bliss, Daily Dose Packets Heat Relief Roll-On, Cool-Relief Roll-On, Muscle + Joint Relief Cream, + Skin Relief Cream Relax Bears, Sleep Z’s Gummies, Dark Chocolate Bar, + Sweet Froggies Everyday Support Softgels, Relax Capsules, + Sleep Capsules Dog + Cat CBD Oil Drops Founders Blend, Hazelnut, French Vanilla Bath Bombs: Peace, Calm, Refresh, Unwind, Uplift + Relax

Roll-ons: Relax, Peace + Refresh
Total CBD
25 - 1,500mg 50 - 750mg 25 - 750mg 750mg 60 - 600mg 60 - 290mg Bath Bombs: 150 - 200mg

Roll-On: 50mg
Total Volume
2ml - 30ml 10 - 90ml 1 - 30 pieces 30 capsules 30ml 2.5 - 12oz Bath Bombs: 1 - 2

Roll-On: 10ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
10 - 50
1.7 - 10
10 - 50mg/
2 - 20 mg/ml 24 mg/oz Bath Bomb: 100 - 150mg

Price Range
$2.99 - $149.99 $11.99 - $69.99 $3.25 - $49.99 $49.99 $19.99 - $59.99 $14.99 - $44.99 $17.99 - $24.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.10 - $0.15 $0.09 - $0.24 $0.07 - $0.15 $0.07 $0.10 - $0.33 $0.15 - $0.25 $0.10 - $0.50
CBD Extraction Method

Green Roads CBD Products

The company offers a diverse line up of products within seven CBD categories.

CBD Oils for Day, Night & On-the-Go

Green Roads CBD Oils contain full or broad-spectrum hemp extracts and are available in small, medium, or high potencies. There’s also a sleep oil with a hint of blueberry flavor for sweetness along with 2.5mg of melatonin per serving. This formula is also unique in that it has 22.5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of CBN per ml.

Finally, the company offers both the day and nighttime CBD oils in a convenient on-the-go packet. This gives you a chance to ‘sample’ before buying a bottle.

Muscle & Joint CBD Topicals

To aid in the recovery process after a workout or long day on the job, Green Roads designed topicals to provide relief. There are heating and cooling formulas, one that specifically targets muscles and joints, and another for general skin support.

Besides having broad-spectrum or CBD Isolate, these topicals include essential oils, like peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus. There are other helpful skin-care ingredients like avocado oil, cayenne extract, and bentonite clay. One thing to point out is the potency. Although the total amount of CBD per bottle or container is high, the potency per ml might not be strong enough for some people, depending on the intensity of their condition.

CBD Edibles

There are three types of gummies and one chocolate bar under this edibles category. Let’s start with a Green Roads gummies review. The selection consists of daytime bears, nighttime sleepy gummies, and medium to high potency froggies. Firstly, the brightly colored, low dose bears come in five flavors — blue raspberry, green apple, lemon, orange, and cherry. Unfortunately, to achieve these colors and tastes, there are artificial flavors and color additives.

However, the Sleep Z’s gummies don’t contain these ingredients or any artificial sweeteners. They have a natural blackberry flavor, include 5mg of melatonin each, and are vegan-friendly.

As for the dark chocolate bar, each piece has a low-medium dose potency of 15mg, and includes simple and pure ingredients — cacao bean, sugar, cacao butter, and CBD isolate. Finally, the froggies come in their own pack, but like the bears, they include corn syrup, artificial flavors, and food dye.

CBD Softgels & Capsules

All the capsules and softgels contain CBD isolate, for a THC free experience. And they all have a medium dose potency of 25mg. Both capsules contain a vegan formula and have other natural support like melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP to help users sleep and relax.

CBD Drops for Dogs & Cats

This category consists of CBD drops for cats and a selection of CBD drops for dogs that are formulated based on the size of your pup. So, there’s an option for small, medium, and large-sized dogs. All the drops include broad-spectrum hemp extract, along with MCT and hemp seed oils.

CBD Coffee Sourced from Small Columbian Farms

The three varieties of coffee are all medium roast blends and have notes of chocolate caramel, hazelnut, and vanilla, respectively. According to the most recent lab report for the Founder’s Blend, it’s cannabinoid profile consists of CBGA, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBD, and D9-THC. And we listed them in order of concentration from highest to lowest.

So, it’s cool to see that this is more of a CBG (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) product, but still full-spectrum in nature. It’s also refreshing to know the coffee is free of pesticides and other contaminants, which isn’t the case for most coffee out there.

CBD Bath Bombs & Essential Oil Roll-Ons

For a relaxing and restorative nighttime ritual, the company created bath bombs that you drop into your bath water before hopping in. There are several different types including a duo of small sizes or one large bomb. Each recipe has a unique set of essential oils which differentiates them.

And the CBD roll-ons are a smart offering that caters to those who use essential oils for therapeutic reasons. By adding CBD into the equation, it gives the essential oil roll-on a nice boost. Some of the oils you’ll see in these products include eucalyptus leaf, West Indian sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and lavender oil.

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Green Roads: Transparent CBD Brand Dedicated to Creating a Healthy Community

By proving the potency and safety of its products via third-party lab testing, Green Roads is and continues to remain transparent. Also, the company’s not shy about sharing the details of its origin story and the struggles it faced along the way. It has nothing to hide and that honesty connects many people to the brand. Green Roads is relatable and even more, it makes some fantastic CBD products.

Plus, the company gives back to those who’ve risked a lot and kept communities safe. Particularly those who served in the armed forces, and first responders like EMT professionals, police officers, and firefighters. All those under this umbrella can apply for a 50 percent lifetime discount on all Green Roads products.

First-Hand Review of Green Roads

CBD Muscle & Joint Roll-On Cool Relief — 750mg

This is a lovely smelling roll-on with a minty fresh aroma. Although I don’t have much pain in my body, I do sit cross-legged a lot while working. And with the weather getting colder I noticed my knees making a cracking sound when working out. So, I figured why not rub some on my knees to see how they’d feel.

First I have to say, the sensation and the smell were great. Also, the application of the formula is clear and naturally dissolved into my skin. It was nice that I didn’t have to rub the solution in with my hand. The next day, I could sit for longer periods of time without having to adjust or stretch my legs out. So, they appeared to get relief from this product.

With the high potency of this CBD roll-on, I feel it could help a lot of external problem areas. Especially for people that spend a lot of time in the gym every week.

Sweet Tooth CBD Gummies — Relax Bears 10mg

Ok, yum! These bears have amazing flavor. In total, I tried each of the 5 flavors twice before writing this review. Also, the effects were super relaxing and calming. As a nutritionist, I’m not a fan of artificial flavors and color additives, so that was a drawback. However, if that doesn’t phase you, then I’d highly recommend these gummies.

CBD Sleep Capsules —  750mg

I was a little worried about trying these capsules because they each have 5mg of melatonin. I’ve had CBD gummies from another brand that had 2mg of melatonin and that dose felt too high for me. So, I tried these on a weekend and definitely slept in later than I normally do. Plus, the dose of CBD (25mg) is a little higher than I usually take at one time, so that could have contributed to the extra sleep.

These could be a great product for someone who really needs 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and doesn’t need to wake up at an exact time. But then again, all our bodies are different, so my experience might be different than yours.

Pet CBD Oil Drops Medium Dog —  210mg

Let’s just say, these drops were a big hit with my dog Layla. She’s no stranger to CBD oil. It’s become a regular part of her routine for over a year now. The moment I filled up the dropper, her nose was all over it. She stuck her tongue out and tried to get to the oil through the dropper.

Once she gave me some space, I was able to put it in her food bowl and I observed how she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hemp Flower Coffee Sampler —  French Vanilla, Hazelnut, & Founder’s Blend

I was so happy to try out all three of Green Roads coffee flavors. Since this was too good not to share, I invited my sister and mom to a little coffee tasting and we sampled them together. Flavor wise, the unanimous vote for best taste was the French Vanilla one. Granted, none of us really like hazelnut in general. But, the Hazelnut coffee wasn’t bad. I definitely think those who love this flavor, will like it.

Lastly, the Founder’s Blend was rich and smooth. We tried them all without creamer or sugar to get a true sense of the quality of flavors. And they were each enjoyable that way.

CBD Bath Bomb Duo — Peace & Calming 200mg

Each of the Bath Bombs had 100mg of CBD isolate and both smelled true to their stated fragrance of Lavender and Frankincense/Roman Chamomile. I gave my brother in law the frankincense and chamomile bath bomb because he’s on his feet all day at work. He enjoyed it and it relaxed his body and he had a good night’s sleep afterward.

For me, I tried the Lavender bath bomb and had a peaceful and blissful experience. I went into a meditative state, feeling deeply calm, and free of mental chatter. Yet, I had creative thoughts and my mind went on this internal genius rant. Wish I could’ve written it down or had my phone to record it all. Think I’ll be trying this product out again, to see what happens next time!

– Allie Murphy

Green Roads FAQ

Is Green Roads CBD good?

Yes, the company sources clean, lab-tested hemp from American farmers and also pays for third-party lab tests before its products hit the shelves.

Does Green Roads CBD get you high?

The majority of Green Roads CBD products don’t have THC, the psychoactive compound. Only the full-spectrum CBD oils do, but it’s less than 0.3%. So, in short, without ingesting more THC, getting “high” in the cerebral sense, is very unlikely.

Is Green Roads CBD full-spectrum?

Green Roads offers full-spectrum CBD oils, but the rest of its product line up has broad-spectrum or CBD isolate hemp extracts.

How much Green Roads CBD oil should I take?

General guidance is to start off slow, with about 10mg of CBD a day. You can split that dose into two servings or take it all at once. After 6 to 7 days of consistent use, decide if you want to increase the amount. If you do, go up to 15mg or so, take it in small strides. Too little is better than too much.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Green Roads is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it does have an “A-” BBB rating.

Lab Testing

To stay transparent, Green Roads posts the lab testing results of its products on its website.

Contact Green Roads
Green Roads Social Media

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