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Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD is dedicated to providing its customers with premium quality products. All items are made from American hemp which is extracted to make some of the most consistent and finest CBD oil on the market. Offering full traceability, you can see for yourself precisely what is in Koi CBD oil, from potency to purity.


Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested

Overview: Koi CBD Review

This brand offers 100% transparency with third-party lab test results for all CBD products. Its product lineup is large and unique, including skincare, pet products, and Koi vape juice. The many offerings are made affordable with Koi CBD coupons, free shipping on orders over $35, and a ‘subscribe and save 10%’ program for frequent buyers.

Koi CBD as a Company

We feel great about recommending Koi’s large lineup because of the transparency they offer through third-party testing. Every batch of CBD oil is tested by an accredited, independent lab, and all results are published on their website. Additionally, the company is easy to contact for any questions you may have, with all of their contact information readily accessible online, including a live chat feature.

Product Sourcing: American Hemp from Strictly Validated Vendors

The hemp extract used in Koi CBD products is obtained through select vendors after passing a strict vendor validation process. The 100% USA-grown hemp used is carefully selected and tested to meet the highest standards of agriculture quality and consistency. Koi considers itself an ambassador for responsible farming, to ensure the earth can continue growing high-quality hemp without potent, unnatural fertilizers.

Unique Brand Product Line: Inhalers, Bath Bombs, Vape Juice & More

The lineup of Koi CBD products is one of the most impressive aspects of the company, including offerings you don’t see from most CBD brands. They carry the standard offerings of tinctures, gummies, softgels, and topicals, but also going beyond the standards, they have inhalers, bath bombs, pet products, skincare, and a great selection of Koi vape juice and smokable hemp flower.

What Are Customers Saying About Koi CBD?

With over 4,000 Koi CBD reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five, it’s safe to say their customers are having an overwhelmingly positive experience with the brand. Many customers rave about the taste, effectiveness, and exceptionally fast shipping they get with Koi CBD. There are also a ton of reviews about the amazing benefits people have seen in their pets from using Koi’s pet products.

Koi CBD Pros & Cons

  • USA-grown hemp
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Full traceability
  • Thousands of positive reviews
  • No zero THC options
  • No international shipping

All About the Company: Its Mission to Provide Greater Access to Quality CBD

Koi CBD has stated that their mission is to “create the standard of quality for CBD users everywhere.” They believe in better practices, better products, better prices, and enabling customers to live better lives. With full traceability, they push for quality, safety, and consistency.

From Koi CBD, you can find a wide range of products to suit your needs, including tinctures, topicals, pet products, CBD smokables, and more. It’s safe to say every option of theirs is a great one, with thousands of positive Koi CBD reviews talking about the excellent quality, customer service, and value they experienced.

It is clear that this company is dedicated to creating greater access to quality CBD products. It provides excellent financial incentives to offer better affordability through low standardized shipping rates, free shipping on orders over $35, new customer discounts, ‘subscribe and save’ plans, and Koi CBD coupons.

Koi is a force in the industry, driving CBD forward with its membership and involvement in the U.S. Hemp Roundtable (board of directors), Hemp Industries Association, and California Hemp Council.

Koi CBD Product Summary

Gummies & Softgels
Balms & Gels
Bath & Body
Vapes & Hemp Flower
Pet Products
Variety/ Flavors
Tinctures (Orange, Natural, Strawberry, and many more), CBD Shots Tropical fruit gummies, Softgels (Regular, Nighttime) Mojito mint, Dreamsicle Roll-on gel, CBD balm Moisturizer cream, Facial cleanser, Facial serum, Tightening toner Lotion (Citrus Burst, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit), Bath bombs (Orange Citrus & Lavender, Lemon Lime & Lavender, and more) Vape juice, Pre-rolls, Loose flower Spray, Soft Chews
Total CBD
Tinctures: 250-3000mg

Shots: 300mg
Gummies: 60-200mg

Softgels: 750mg
1000 mg Roll-on: 500 mg

Balm: 150 - 1000 mg
500 mg Lotion: 200mg

Bath bombs: 100mg
Vape juice: 250-1,000mg

Hemp flower strains: 16-20% total CBD
Spray: 500mg

Soft chews: 50mg
Total Volume
Tinctures: 30-60ml

Shots: 12 75ml bottles (900 ml total)
Gummies 6 or 20 pack

Softgels: 30 caps
200 inhales Roll-on: 89 ml

Balm: 14 – 45 g
Moisturizer cream: 50ml

Facial cleanser: 100ml

Facial serum: 30ml

Tightening toner: 50ml
Lotion: 125 ml Vape juice: 30ml,

Pre-rolls: 1-5 1-gram pre-rolls,

Loose flower: 4-gram tin
Spray: 60ml

Soft chews: 25 chews
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
Tinctures: 8-66mg/ml

Shots: 0.33 mg/ml
Gummies: 10mg per piece
Softgels: 25mg per piece

5 mg/inhalation Roll-on: 5.6 mg/ml

Balm: 10.7 – 22.2 mg/g
Moisturizer cream: 10 mg/ml
Facial cleanser: 5 mg/ml

Facial serum: 16 mg/ml

Tightening toner: 10 mg/ml
Lotion: 1.6 mg/ml

Bath bombs: 100mg per bomb
Vape juice: 33mg/ml

Flower strains: 16-20%
Spray: 8mg/ml

Soft chews: 2mg per chew
Price Range
Tinctures: $30-180

Shots: $60
Gummies: $10-30

Softgels: $55
$75 Roll-on: $49.99

Balm: $19.99 – 79.99
Moisturizer cream: $80

Facial cleanser: $70

Facial serum: $100

Tightening toner: $60
Lotion: $30

Bath bombs: $14 each or $40 for 3
Vape juice: $20-60

Pre-rolls: $10-40

Loose flower: $25
Spray: $50

Soft chews: $25
Price per mg CBD
Tinctures: $0.07-0.16

Shots: $0.20
Gummies: $0.15-0.16

Softgels: $0.07
$0.08 Roll-on: $0.10

Balm: $0.08 - 0.13
Moisturizer cream: $0.16

Facial cleanser: $0.15

Facial serum: $0.20

Tightening toner: $0.12
Lotion: $0.15

Bath bombs: $0.13-0.14
Vape juice: $0.06-0.08 Spray: $0.10

Soft chews: $0.50
CBD Extraction Method

Koi CBD Products

The brand offers many different CBD products, from all the standard ones to some very unique offerings. And to prove their commitment to quality, Koi has all their products lab-tested for purity, consistency, and safety, offering full traceability on every batch of their broad-spectrum CBD.

Tinctures with Different Flavors and Potencies & CBD Shots

Koi CBD blends natural flavored oils and ingredients with their premium broad-spectrum hemp extract, to bring you one of the best tinctures on the market. Available in five different flavors, there’s an option for everyone, whether you like something natural, fruity, or minty. There’s also a wide range of potencies, so there are choices for both the inexperienced and the most experienced CBD users.

Koi also carries something they call CBD shots, an excellent, travel-friendly way to get your CBD dose on the go, and it’s available in three delicious flavors.

Softgels for Day and Night & Gummies Bursting with Flavor

The CBD softgels come in either a regular variety or a nighttime option that contains 1mg of melatonin per serving. Koi’s softgels are an excellent choice as they offer one of their lowest costs per mg of CBD at only $0.07 per mg. On the other hand, you don’t get the same value with their CBD gummies, with the price per mg being $0.16. Despite this, Koi CBD gummies are bursting with the flavors of lime, tangerine, and strawberry, so the extra cost is likely worth it for the delicious adventure.

Inhalers: 200mg of CBD in Every Puff

Inhalers from Koi are a convenient and travel-ready option that deliver consistent dosage with every puff. Packing 1,000mg of PurZorb® Micellized broad-spectrum CBD in each inhaler, you can get up to 200 inhales with 5mg of CBD every time. Choose from two great flavors, Dreamsicle or Mojito Mint, and experience fast-acting, effective CBD without the need to inhale heated smoke or vapor.

Balms & Gels: For Soothing and Pain Relief

CBD topicals from Koi can be great for soothing the skin and temporary relief of aches and pains. The roll-on CBD gel is made of Koi’s proprietary blend of menthol, CBD, and 19 essential oils, and acts quickly to deliver relief right where you need it. Infused with their premium broad-spectrum CBD and over a dozen other natural oils, Koi Naturals CBD Balm can provide an immediate soothing sensation and is available in various sizes and strengths.

Skincare: Moisturizer Cream, Facial Cleanser, Facial Serum & Tightening Toner

Koi offers a complete line of skincare products to help you maintain a healthy glow with the added benefits of CBD. Incorporate a nutrient-dense blend of natural fruit acids, essential oils, and 500mg of hemp extract in a bottle into your daily routine. You can save over 10% when you order the complete Koi Skincare 4-step system.

Scented Body Lotions & Bath Bombs

As if baths weren’t relaxing enough, Koi offers CBD bath bombs, formulated with quality ingredients and hemp extract, that can help you achieve ultimate relaxation. After your bath, you can hydrate your skin with Koi’s CBD lotion. The lotion combines natural and organic ingredients infused with hemp extract, and is available in three pleasant scents: Citrus Burst, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit.

Smokables: Vape, Juice, Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls

The lineup of smokables is a new offering from Koi CBD. The pre-rolls make it easy to light up and experience CBD’s potential benefits without the hassle of rolling up yourself. Koi also offers a 4g tin of CBD hemp flower, so you can choose how you want to light up your dried herb. With seven delicious flavors, Koi carries another smokable form for your CBD dose: Koi vape juice. The vape juice they offer is rising in popularity because of the high-quality ingredients and the wide variety of strengths and flavors.

Pet products: Spray & Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats

Koi CBD offers products for your furry friends to help them enjoy a better life. The CBD spray is veterinarian-formulated to deliver a restorative experience for your dog or cat. It is made from natural coconut oil, infused with broad-spectrum hemp extract, and contains 500mg of naturally occurring CBD. Simply spray onto your pet’s food or directly into their mouth. The Koi Pets soft chews are another CBD option for your pet, but carry a higher cost per mg of CBD, at $0.50 per mg, compared to only $0.10 for the spray.

Koi CBD: A Transparent Company with a Unique Lineup

Fully transparent, Koi publishes its lab results from third-party testing for potency and harmful substances like solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and more, and this is the number one reason we like Koi CBD. Another great reason we trust this brand is from reading the pages and pages or stellar Koi CBD reviews made by real customers.

The CBD used in all Koi products is made from USA-grown and extracted hemp. Koi uses whole plant CO2 extraction to create their unique Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum hemp extract, a method that preserves the naturally occurring CBD, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes, while ensuring no detectable levels of THC remain (<0.001%). Each batch is carefully crafted and packaged to minimize cross-contamination and human error.

The wide range of potency found in the Koi vape juice, tinctures, and other CBD products is excellent for CBD users of all levels. Overall, the customer service, fast response times, affordability, high quality, and wide range of products from Koi get an A+ from us.


What is Koi CBD oil?

Koi CBD oil is a blend of natural flavored oils and ingredients with their premium Koi PRIZM™ broad-spectrum hemp extract, featuring naturally occurring CBD and other phytocannabinoids. Before trying any CBD oil, you may want to learn how CBD oil will make you feel.

How do you use Koi CBD oil?

Koi suggests the following steps: shake well before using, consume 1mL of CBD oil orally with food up to three times daily, then wait three hours after first-time use to determine how the product affects you. Of course, everyone is different, so it’s essential to understand the best time to take your CBD.

Where can you buy Koi CBD oil?

Koi offers their CBD oil and all their products from the online store on their main website. If you’re looking for a retailer closer to home, you can also use their Koi CBD distributor locator tool. If you’re considering joining the Koi CBD team, you can learn more about becoming a wholesaler.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Koi CBD.

Lab Testing

Koi CBD is transparent about the quality and safety of its products and publicly discloses its lab testing results.

Contact Koi

Telephone: 877 774-4779

Save 25%

Use code BESTCHOICE at checkout

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