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Lord Jones Royal Oil

With a royal name like Lord Jones, you’re intrigued to know more about its CBD oil, right? Who wouldn’t be? It definitely caught our attention.

In this Lord Jones CBD Oil review, you’ll learn a lot about the regal brand who developed this product, the source of its hemp, the product details, and how consumers feel about this Royal Oil.

Lord Jones Royal Oil

Expert Review

You’re a smart consumer. So, naturally, you want the ‘inside scoop’ on a product and its brand before you buy it. This overview will provide exactly what you’re looking for.

The Company

Lord Jones was honored in 2019 for being one of the most innovative companies in the wellness space. It received this recognition from Fast Company, a team of editors, reporters, and contributors who track down and acknowledge the most progressive, stand-out brands in the world.

Part of this award included a shout out for “elevating the edible into a luxury product.” Lord Jones may be known for its gumdrops — with their chic, luxe designs, and elegant flavors. But its CBD oil is getting a lot of love too.

Besides being an ingenious CBD company, Lord Jones is appreciated for giving 20% off to qualified military personnel, teachers, and medical professionals. Also, its ‘Subscribe and Save’ monthly plan gives customers $5 to $10 off products, and the company lets you switch up products, or cancel anytime.

Hemp Source

The company sources its hemp from farms in the U.S. The farmers practice sustainable (and non-GMO) farming methods to produce the best quality hemp.

Third-party lab tests also indicate that the hemp source is organically grown. Each batch of Lord Jones CBD oil is potent and consistent; to ensure purity, the company tests for pesticides, contaminants, and residual solvents.

CBD Oil Specs

Lord Jones CBD Oil includes broad-spectrum hemp extract and grapeseed oil. One bottle contains 30ml of oil with a total of 1,000mg of CBD. This is considered a medium to high potency with 33.3mg of CBD per ml.

The price is $100 (or $90 under the ‘Subscribe & Save’ plan). As a broad-spectrum formula, there’s 0% THC, but the oil still has several cannabinoids and terpenes.

What Are Customers Saying?

The mega-skincare brand, Sephora carries the Lord Jones Royal Oil and its customers are raving about it. The majority of Sephora’s customers used this product as a topical. Nearly everyone gave this product 5-stars and provided glowing commentary.

We also wanted to know how customers viewed this product when taken sublingually, under the tongue. Since Lord Jones doesn’t have the feature to leave reviews on its site, we found reviews on third-party websites and the company’s IG page. It’s worth mentioning that Lord Jones’ IG account has almost 100,000 followers with lots of engagement. Clearly, there’s something about this brand that has people intrigued.

While reading the Lord Jones CBD oil reviews online, we noted lots of positive praise. Customers said they get the best results with this Royal Oil compared to other products. Some complained about the price, but couldn’t dispute the quality, so they were happy regardless.

Pros & Cons

  • Pure CBD and Grape Seed Oil
  • Hemp-Derived
  • No Added Flavors
  • Subscription available
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Very Expensive
  • Strong Cannabis Smell

Lord Jones: All About the Company

Lord Jones co-founders, Cindy Capobianco and Robert Rosenheck came from backgrounds in the creative, fashion, and natural food industries. When they left NYC to move to Los Angeles, they became medical cannabis patients. But, the edibles they were eating were sub-par and never consistent week to week.

They saw an opportunity to create something different, a cannabis brand that would “appeal to the Whole Foods shopper or Equinox member. Or Coveteur reader.”

The goal was to formulate a luxurious and affluent brand, with products that “could sit on a department store beauty counter or on the shelf at an artisan confectionery.”

Although they started out creating their legendary CBD gumdrops, they’ve since evolved to offer Lord Jones CBD oil, tinctures, topicals, and more.

How Does Lord Jones Source its Hemp?

The company sources non-GMO hemp from farms in the USA. These farms practice sustainability by composting the fields after harvest to assist with soil regeneration.

Also, Lord Jones uses CO2 extraction and purification technology to remove the phytochemicals from the plant in a safe way. Furthermore, testing is performed at different stages of the process — from harvest right up until the final product hits the shelves or online marketplace.

Customers can find third-party lab reports online or locate them using the product (batch) code on the CBD oil bottle. These lab tests check for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and microbials. Also, these labs measure the cannabinoid and terpene levels of products. This comprehensive level of testing ensures that every product remains safe, consistent, and potent.

Lord Jones CBD Oil: A Closer Look

With just two ingredients — broad-spectrum CBD oil and grapeseed oil — this product gives you only the essentials and nothing more. Depending on who you ask, this could be a good or not-so-good thing. On the one hand, there are no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Lord Jones kept it plain and simple. But, on the other hand, there’s no flavor option or extra beneficial plant-based ingredients.

We like the decision of using grapeseed oil as the carrier oil because it has vitamin E, making it perfect for topical application or when taken sublingually.

The Royal oil boasts a strong potency and is priced about average compared to other CBD oils. Yet, we would’ve liked to see a variety of sizes, potencies, and flavors. Perhaps the company is working to create a more robust CBD oil line.

We also obtained a recent copy of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for this product. The report included pertinent details about Lord Jones CBD oil. For instance, we saw the cannabinoid profile which showed the oil contained mostly CBD and a little bit of CBDV. It also confirmed this was a THC-free product.

Then, we looked over the terpene profile and were pleased to find three different ones, including Caryophyllene, Guaiol, and Humulene. The percentages of these three terpenes totaled 0.30%. Generally, 1% or higher is ideal for terpene content, but it’s still nice to see the levels tested.

Finally, we analyzed the contaminants section on the COA. The third-party lab reported ‘non-detectable’ traces of pesticides, metals, solvents, and other impurities. As reviewers, we love to see this.

Lord Jones Royal (CBD) Oil
Variety/ Flavors
Total CBD
Total Volume
30 mL
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
33.3 mg/mL
Price per mg CBD
CBD Extraction Method

The Final Verdict

In our Lord Jones CBD Oil review, we learned a lot about the company, its mission, and all the characteristics that make up its Royal Oil.

Compared to the competition, the ingredients in this CBD oil are fairly similar to others, the potency is about the same, and the price is about mid-range.

However, this brand is highly regarded and admired by its loyal fan base. Plus, Lord Jones pays for a full panel of lab tests, which is incredible. It’s one of the most important measures a CBD company can take, yet only a few do.

Overall, you get our support and recommendation for this product. It makes a wonderful gift for a relative or friend, or even you.

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