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Neurogan Review

Neurogan Review

Family-owned Neurgan is rooted in a commitment to creating artisanal CBD products that don’t cut corners. While the company specializes in CBD products, you’ll also find high-quality CBG, CBN, and Delta-8 products in their one-stop-shop. Keep reading for the full review and don’t forget to collect your Neurogan coupon code!


Expert Review
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Who Is Neurogan?

The Neurogan story actually has its roots in Denmark, where company co-founder, Jan Brandrup, grew up watching his Grandmother brew herself hemp tea each morning.  Today, the family company is headquartered in San Diego, CA, but brings the goodness of hemp to several countries, including Macedonia, Mexico, Sweden, and Denmark.

At Neurogan, they take the craft of CBD seriously, creating products that are known for their potency and purity. In fact, you’ll find some of the most potent CBD products on the market at Neurogan. The company has its own private cGMP and Kosher certified manufacturing facility, so they can finetune their processes and put their own stamp on their cannabinoid products.

Product Sourcing: 

Neurogan uses only outdoor-grown, non-GMO hemp for its extensive line of products. At the company’s cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility, they use clean CO2 extraction to pull the good stuff out of the hemp biomass, making use of the whole range of cannabinoids in their products. 

Neurogan Product Line:

Neurogan offers a very impressive array of potent CBD products, including all the usual suspects like oils, capsules, topicals, and gummies, as well as CBD pre-rolls, cigarettes, and flower. You’ll also find a variety of CBG, CBN, and Delta-8 products in a variety of forms – from oils to edibles. If you’re a pet owner, Neurogan’s CBD products for pets go beyond the usual cats and dogs, extending to the more hard-to-find CBD for horses.

Neurogan Review: What are Customers Saying?

Neurogan’s website contains well over 2500 customer reviews, which are generally in the five-star range. Customers seem happy with the potency as well as the quality of Neurogan’s products – whether they be pre-rolls, topicals, or tinctures. 

Some examples:

  • “These are hands down the absolute best CBD gummies I have ever tried. Nothing else compares to them”
  • “We were using a different brand that only comes in 25 mg so we often had to double up our take more. This is so nice to have more mg. in one gel tab.”
  • I have never fully endorsed a product until I bought Neurogan’s Delta 8 gummies. Several of my friends have ordered, I have to get them to use the refer a friend option.?? I am calm, I sleep well, I have low to no anxiety, and my back pain since my surgery is better managed.

Pros & Cons

  • Extensive third-party lab testing
  • cGMP and Kosher certified manufacturing facility
  • Enthusiastic customer reviews
  • Returns for unopened products only

The Neurogan Story: About the Company

San Diego-based Neurogan is a family-run CBD company that prides itself on creating pure and potent hemp-derived cannabinoid products. The company has a do-it-yourself mentality, which results in crafted products manufactured in small batches. 

This means that the company doesn’t keep large quantities of product on its shelves, gathering dust. They create what they need as they need it – so you know you’re getting fresh batches of whole plant hemp products.

The company uses CO2 extraction and is careful to handle their raw hemp with care, never over-heating or over-processing. They provide both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (THC-free) products, so customers can choose what they need.

Additionally, Neurogan takes its commitment to the environment seriously, prioritizing processes that minimize waste in production, using recycled packaging materials, and eschewing the use of artificial dyes. Our box of sample products didn’t contain a single plastic bottle, so kudos for that.

Neurogan Review Product Summary

Neurogan Review Neurogan_CBD+CBG_Oil_1000mg_30ml
Neurogan Review Gummy_Bear_Apple_1000mg_FS
CBD Gummies
Neurogan Review Neurogan_CBD_Pre-Rolls_5_FS_2000x1000
CBD Smokables
Neurogan Review Neurogan_FullSpec_Delta-8_Cooling_Rub_4000mg_2oz
Topicals (CBD, CBG, Delta 8)
Neurogan Review Dog Treats_jar_previous design
CBD for Pets
Neurogan Review Hemp_Hemp Mints_250mg_top_amz
CBD Mints
Neurogan Review HempTea JP_Main Img
Citrus, Natural hemp, Cinnamon CBD/CBN/CBG/ Delta 8 options
Flavors: Lemon Tart, Wild Berry, Sour Apple
CBD Pre-Roll
CBD Cigarettes
CBD Flower
CBD cooling rub, balms, massage oil, facial products CBD Oil, Dog Treats, Horse Pellets, Chews Peppermint Natural hemp, Chamomile
Total CBD
500- 8000 mg 250-2700 mg Pre-Rolls: 1400 mg
Cigarettes: 700 mg/pack
Flower: 800-1200 mg
500mg -16,000mg Tincture: 500 mg -16000 mg 250-2000mg 900 mg
Total Volume
.5-2 oz 25 - 30 gummies Pre-rolls: 5-10 joints
Cigarettes: 20 sticks
Flower: 5 grams
.16 oz - 8 oz. Tincture: 1-8oz 25 mints 20 teabags
CBD Potency
33 mg/ml - 133 mg/ml 10-90 mg/gummy
Pre-rolls: 140 mg/joint
Cigarettes: 70 mg/stick
Flower: 160-240 mg/gram
8 mg/ml - 68 mg/ml Tincture: 17 mg/ml- 68 mg/ml 10-80 mg/mint 45 mg/teabag
Price Range
$29.95 - $329.95 $34.00- -$69.95 Pre-rolls: $16.98-$34.98
Cigarettes: $17.95 - $139.95
Flower: $39.95
$13.95-$139.95 Tincture: $29.95-79.95 $19.95-$69.95 $24.95
Price per mg CBD
$0.04- $0.06 $0.03-$0.14 Pre-Rolls: $0.02
Cigarettes: $0.02
Flower: $0.03 -$0.05
$0.01-$0.08 Tincture: $0.02 - $0.03 $0.08 - $0.04 $.03
CBD extraction

Neurogan Products

A Neurogan review wouldn’t be complete without a run-down on the company’s extensive product line. Whether you’re looking for tinctures, topicals, edibles, or Pet CBD, Neurogan probably has what you’re looking for. If you do check out their products, don’t forget to use your Neurogan coupon!


Neurogan Review Neurogan_CBD+CBG_Oil_1000mg_30ml

Tinctures: CBD, CBG, CBN

Neurogan offers a wide variety of CBD oils which come in three flavors (Citrus, Natural Hemp, and cinnamon). You won’t find any low potency products here – the company definitely focuses on high concentrations. Neurogan also has CBN- and CBG-dominant oils for calm and focus respectively.



Neurogan Review Softgels_40mg_front_BS

Softgels & Capsules

Neurogan offers both softgels (25-40 mg each) and capsules (20-60 mg each). The softgels are great if you’re looking for a vegan, easy-to-swallow solution, delivered with natural hemp seed oil (broad-spectrum or full-spectrum). The capsules are also plant-based, flavorless, and full spectrum.



Neurogan Review Gummy_Bear_Apple_1000mg_FS

CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 8 Gummies & Edibles

Coming in flavors like Lemon Tart, Wild Berry, Sour Apple, and Fresh Watermelon, Neurogan offers gummy squares and bears that are either CBD-, CBG-, CBN-, or Delta 8-dominant. These are all precision dosed in Neurogan’s own cGMP certified manufacturing facility and come in a range of potencies. Neurogan also offers CBD Mints and CBD Tea.


Neurogan Review Neurogan_FullSpec_Delta-8_Cooling_Rub_4000mg_2oz

CBD and Delta 8 Topicals

If topicals are your jam, then Neurogan will make you very happy. There are seven different CBD topical options, ranging from an amazing cooling peppermint rub to massage oil, face cream, night serum, and lip products. There’s even a Delta 8 Calm, Cooling Peppermint Rub. 


CBD Smokables

Neurogan Review Neurogan_CBD_Pre-Rolls_5_FS_2000x1000

Neurogan offers three types of hemp smokeables. These include CBD Cigarettes that are nicotine and tobacco-free, CBD Pre-Rolls, and full-spectrum CBD Flower. 


CBD Pet Products

Neurogan Review Dog Treats_jar_previous design

Neurogan offers CBD products for pets, crafted specifically for dogs, cats, and even horses. These are potent products (though of course, you can customize your pet’s dose with their marked droppers). Also, they’re all THC-free, so you can have peace of mind that your pet won’t have any psychoactive effects at all – even if they’re getting a fairly high dose of CBD. 

Neurogan: Potent, Artisinally Crafted Cannabinoid Products

As you can see from this Neurogan review, this company offers a head-spinning array of products – edible, topical, and smokable. The company strives to provide its customers with cannabinoid products that work – so you’ll find that they are mostly high potency while still being reasonably priced (and more so when you use our Neurgan coupon!). 

This family-run company uses quality, certified cGMP manufacturing processes so you can feel sure that products are being dosed precisely and safely.  And Neurogan also offers a high level of transparency, with third-party lab reports for all of their many products, easily accessible on the website. 

First-hand Review Of Neurogan Products

CBD Sleep Gummies With Melatonin

Since I’m a tiny bit of an insomniac, I was interested to try these. I’ve used CBD/melatonin combination products before and have had success with them, but at 45 mg CBD per gummy, these are more potent than what I’ve used in the past.  Of course, whenever you combine two substances it’s hard to tell which one is doing the heavy lifting, but FWIW, I slept well and felt rested in the morning.

Delta 8 THC Calm Gummies

I really liked the Fresh Watermelon taste of these gummies – the flavor works well with the slightly grassy taste of hemp. Each bottle contains 30 gummies with 25mg of Delta 8 each. Most gummies come in plastic bottles, but I appreciated that these came in an amber glass bottle, protecting the cannabinoids from light and air. 

Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Rub

This topical was probably my favorite product by Neurogan. Sitting at the computer, typing for hours is notoriously hard on the neck and shoulder muscles and I really loved this cooling rub. It’s light, non-greasy, and cooling – and with 4000 mg of CBD, it packs a pretty potent punch. I highly recommend this stuff.

Full Spectrum CBN Calm Oil – Citrus Flavor

The citrus flavor of this CBN/CBD combination tincture is nice and light. With 1000 mg of CBD and 1000 mg of CBN, this is a solid potency, and the marked droppers make it really easy to see how much you’re taking. I didn’t notice much of a difference between the CBN tincture and a CBD tincture, but this will vary from person to person.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Citrus Flavor

For a full spectrum and HIGHLY potent (12,000 mg per 2oz. bottle) CBD tincture, this one had a nice, refreshing citrus taste. Because this is so strong, you really only need a tiny bit to experience the effects – so dose wisely. But the nice thing about a tincture that is highly potent is the ability to experiment with different CBD doses – and the marked droppers make this easy. 

– Sonja

BBB Rating

Neurogan is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a C+ rating. Customer reviews on the BBB website are 5-star.

Lab Testing

Neurogan provides third-party lab tests for all products on its website.

Contact Neurogan

(858) 832-2065

8821 Production Ave.

San Diego, CA 92121

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