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Not Pot Brand Review

If the name didn’t already give it away, Not Pot is a happy, lighthearted company with an adorable line of CBD gummies. Everything about the business is cheerful and fun, which is excellent for advertising, but we would like to see it take CBD and its claims a little more seriously.

Not Pot

Expert Review
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Lab Tested
Lab Tested
American Hemp
American Hemp

Not Pot Review: An Overview

While we’re a big fan of the company and its branding, we would like to see more in-depth information on the CBD itself. Lab-tested products are what we always recommend, but only after seeing the test results for ourselves.

What Is Not Pot?

Not Pot is an American CBD company that specializes in gummies and being super chill. The website has hippy vibes for days, and you can tell by what they have to say that these folks are as laid back as they come.

More than anything, we love Not Pot’s fight against mass incarceration through the Not Pot bail fund, a self-funded organization designed to combat racial disparities and unjust actions.

Product Sourcing: Oregon-Grown Hemp

Not Pot uses organic Oregon-grown hemp and makes its gummies in a pharmaceutical-grade facility, but that’s about all we know. While many other CBD companies go into great detail about the CBD they use, the lack of information on Not Pot’s website slightly concerns us. While we want to believe that what’s in its products is high quality, we can’t say for sure without seeing more. We love seeing lab-tested CBD products, as stated on Not Pot’s website, but we’re left wondering where the results are. If its products are indeed third-party lab tested, we’re not sure why the business wouldn’t want to proudly show its customers the results of that. We’d also love to know which type of CBD is used in Not Pot gummies, as it can make quite a difference.

Product Line: Original & Limited-Edition Flavors

Not Pot offers fun and flavorful CBD gummies. These gummies are cruelty-free, non-GMO, and lab tested. They give no high, contain no artificial flavors, and are made in the U.S. Each jar contains 30 gummies and a total of 300mg of CBD, equating to 10mg in each gummy. There are six classic flavors to choose from on the website, but Not Pot also introduces limited-edition flavors like Elderberry Immunity and Pink Champagne.

What Are Customers Saying About Not Pot?

Not Pot has over a thousand reviews on its website. We read through several pages of them, and with an overall 4.9 out of 5 rating, it was impossible to find anyone who had anything negative to say about the brand. People love its products and have been happy with the speedy delivery and numerous health benefits. Most of all, we think people like the unique brand Not Pot has created for itself.

Not Pot Pros & Cons

  • Great variety of flavors
  • No THC
  • Cruelty-free
  • Excellently designed website
  • Free shipping
  • No published lab results
  • No products in stock
  • No return options

A Closer Look at Not Pot

Not Pot is a company with the most laid-back vibes. Its website and packaging are full of fun and trippy designs that can make you feel like you’re living in California in the 1970s. It is committed to portraying this image, as seen through its website and amazing Instagram page, which has some of the funniest pictures we’ve seen. Seriously, you’ve got to check it out.


Gummies are the one and only CBD product that Not Pot offers. Usually, we see CBD companies also offer oils, capsules, topicals, and more, so it’s interesting to see this brand focuses on only gummies.


Not Pot has this really cool program it set up called the Not Pot bail fund. It recognizes that the enforcement of laws around cannabis has helped propel and reveal some of the U.S. justice system’s starkest racial disparities. Cannabis legalization has taken the country a step in the right direction, but Not Pot doesn’t think it’s enough to correct the wrongs of the criminal justice system. That’s why, through the Not Pot bail fund, it helps pay for someone’s bail every month.

Not Pot Product Summary

Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape, and many more
Total CBD
Total Volume
30 gummies
CBD Potency (mg/ml)
10mg per gummy
Price range
Price per mg CBD
CBD extraction method

Not Pot Vegan Gummies

Not Pot GummiesNot Pot gummies come in a container of 30 pieces with a total CBD count of 300mg. This leaves you with 10mg per gummy. Not Pot makes many great claims about its gummies, such as claiming they are cruelty-free, non-GMO, no high, gluten-free, lab tested, and made in the U.S. It also claims they have no artificial dyes, artificial flavors, or sugar alcohols. Not Pot gummies come in six classic fruity flavors. It also carries some unique limited-edition flavors like elderberry, pink champagne, and strangest of all… pickle.

Not Pot: A Fun & Popular Brand but Lacks Evidence of Its Claims

We love the fun, happy brand that Not Pot has created and we think it has done a great job at making a name for itself. The Not Pot gummies are undoubtedly super cool and come in some great flavors, but we’d love some more information on what’s inside them. 


We’re perplexed at why a company would have its products lab tested but not display the results of those tests. We also don’t know whether it’s the CBD oil or the finished product that’s being tested. Ideally, we’d like to see both being tested if the business is ready to stand behind the quality of what it sells. Having CBD products tested is not free, so you’d think a company would want to make the most of its investment by sharing the outcomes with its customers. We’re also missing some important information we always look for, like the CBD spectrum type, the extraction method, and third-party reviews.


In summary, while Not Pot looks great on the surface, we’re missing some vital information to thoroughly recommend the brand to our readers over other CBD gummies we’ve reviewed.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Not Pot has not yet been rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Lab Testing

Not Pot claims to conduct lab testing on its products but lacks the transparency to display the results on its website.

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Not Pot Social Media

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