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Palmetto Harmony CBD Review

Palmetto Harmony is a leader in the CBD industry with a mission to help others. Its organization has all the certifications we look for, the transparency we love to see, and an excellent lineup of high-quality CBD products.

Palmetto Harmony

Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested
Money Satisfaction Guarantee
Money Satisfaction Guarantee
Certified Organic
Certified Organic

Palmetto Harmony: Overview

A reliable CBD brand with a great product lineup, Palmetto Harmony is a company we can confidently recommend.

The Company: Safe, Reliable & Helps Families in Need

Focused on safety, transparency, accountability, and reliability, Palmetto Harmony strives to be the guiding star in the CBD industry. It is a top-tier brand that checks off all the items we look for in a CBD provider. With countless certifications, we’d even feel safe recommending its full-spectrum CBD to our own grandmothers.

Not only are the products fantastic, but so is the organization. There’s a beautiful and heart-wrenching story behind the business’s name, and it shows genuine desire to help others by donating 1% of products produced to mothers and families in need. We have also found several Palmetto Harmony coupons to help customers save more on purchases.

Product Sourcing: Organic Hemp & Unique Extraction

Palmetto Harmony grows, extracts, bottles, and distributes all of its CBD from its own facilities in Conway, South Carolina. The hemp grown is non-GMO and USDA-certified organic. It proudly partners only with American farmers who use organic and regenerative farming practices for their CBD plants. Committed to transparency, Palmetto Harmony offers tours of its growing and manufacturing facilities.

The extraction method used by Palmetto Harmony is unique to its operation, using a specialized flower MCT infusion method that creates a true full-spectrum product. The process uses gentle heat, time, and slight pressure without any harmful chemicals, allowing all the plant compounds at the flower level to remain in the final product.

Its manufacturing facility is FDA registered and all products are tested by ISO-certified, third-party laboratories. Furthering their commitment to transparency, Palmetto Harmony reviews and publishes its full lab results, including the findings on cannabinoids, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins.

Product Line: Prefilled Vape Pen, Skincare & More

The lineup of CBD products this company offers includes all the popular options you’d expect to see, such as hemp oil, softgels, topicals, skincare, and pet products. They do also have a unique offering: a prefilled vape pen and prefilled vape cartridges. While this device will save you the trouble of dealing with more complicated vapes, the cartridge price per mg of CBD is nearly ten times what we could consider fair.

What Are Customers Saying About Palmetto Harmony?

The number of Palmetto Harmony reviews are limited, but the comments it does have are all quite stellar. Many reviews mentioned instant results from the CBD hemp and vape oils, helping to reduce pain, nausea, headaches, and anxiety.

The line of topicals, specifically the CBD balms, have some excellent reviews as well. Customers have made claims that the balm has reduced muscle and joint pain and has even helped with arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic migraines, and more.

Palmetto Harmony Pros & Cons

  • FDA-registered facilities
  • USDA-certified organic American-grown hemp
  • Organic and glyphosate-free products
  • Fast shipping - same or next day order processing
  • Extensive third-party lab testing
  • Only free shipping on orders over $100
  • High price per mg of CBD in some products
  • Limited product variants

A Closer Look at Palmetto Harmony

This company has one of the most touching background stories we have ever heard. Named after her young daughter, Harmony, CEO and President Janel Ralph started this company with the determination to find a treatment to improve her child’s quality of life.

Born with a rare genetic condition known as smooth brain, Harmony was experiencing a multitude of seizures that were considered untreatable by modern medicine. It wasn’t until Janel became the founder of a company that produces full-spectrum cannabinoid oils that she trusted CBD to help give her daughter an improved quality of life. Now, Harmony lives a life her parents and doctors once thought impossible. Her pharmaceutical intake has reduced by 90% and she can now go days without any episodes. Reducing her pharmaceutical intake has allowed her to become more alert and aware of her surroundings.

Palmetto Harmony is committed to safety, sparing no expense in its growing, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution practices. It believes in full transparency as well as fulfilling its mission to help others by donating 1% of products produced to mothers and families in need.

Palmetto Harmony Product Summary

Hemp Oil
Bar Soap
Vape Oil
Pet Products
Variety/ Flavors
Original, Orange Lotion: Calm, Heal, Relief, Unscented
CBD Balm: Calm, Heal, Relief

Lavender Night cream
Mango Hydrating Lotion
4 C’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Double Mint, Grapefruit Loofah, Sunflower Citrus Aura Pre-filled Vape Cartridge Pack

Dog Treats: Mobility & Vitality
Aura Vape Oil Pet CBD Oil
Total CBD
600-18,920mg 300mg




50mg 20mg 150-300mg 300-600mg
Total Volume
30-946ml 100ml

30-60 caps

7 caps


6.5oz 2 cartridges 15-30ml 30-60ml
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
20mg/ml 3mg/ml

10mg per cap

10mg per cap


7.7mg/oz 10mg per cartridge

10mg/ml 10mg/ml
Price Range
$80-1,000 $30




$20 $20

$24-40 $40-80
Price per mg CBD




$0.40 $1.00 $0.13-0.16 $0.13
CBD Extraction Method
Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method Unique Method

Palmetto Harmony Products

There is a wide range of high-quality Palmetto Harmony CBD products available for however you like to enjoy your CBD. While we have found the majority of the products are competitively priced, a few outliers are priced way above what we would consider to be affordable, including the suppositories, anti-wrinkle cream, bar soaps, and particularly the prefilled vape cartridges.

Hemp Oil: Varied Flavor & Size Options

Palmetto Harmony CBD hemp oil comes in three different sizes and two flavors, but there’s only one potency. It is an affordable option for hemp oil, especially for the quality of the full-spectrum CBD in this product.

The 946ml (32oz) bottle of hemp oil is one of the most impressive offerings we have ever encountered. Coming in at only five cents per mg of CBD, this is the ultimate solution for anyone who needs large amounts of CBD in their life. However, we think adding a higher potency (mg/ml) option would be a good idea for those who require substantial doses of CBD.

Topicals for Calming, Healing & Relieving

The lotion from Palmetto Harmony is made only with natural and organic ingredients. The lotion is paraben and sulfate free and certified glyphosate residue free. Available in four varieties, you can find different lotions with additional benefits, along with an unscented option for sensitive skin.

The CBD balm is one of the most popular offerings on the website. With dozens of five-star reviews, it’s safe to say customers love this product. This balm contains no artificial fragrances or additives, is made with full-spectrum hemp and no isolates, and is USDA-certified organic.

Convenient Softgels & Suppositories

Available in either a 30 or 60 count, these softgels are a convenient and travel-friendly way to take your CBD. The potency per capsule is less than that of other CBD brands like Populum, while the CBD price per mg is average.

Suppositories are a slightly awkward but unique offering from Palmetto Harmony. Using this option can give you fast-acting results. However, you’ll be paying nearly double the price per mg of CBD compared to the softgels.

Skincare: Night Cream, Hydrating Lotion & Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Palmetto Harmony offers a line of three CBD skincare products: Lavender Night Cream, Mango Hydrating Lotion, and 4 C’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Found in these products are ingredients known to be great for the skin, including shea butter, mango butter, aloe, rosemary seed extract, and more.

The four Cs that make up the anti-wrinkle cream are collagen, caffeine, carrot extract, and, of course, CBD. This is the most potent of all the skincare products at over triple the potency, but its price per mg of CBD is nearly double that of the other two.

Palmetto SoapsMild-Dose, High-Quality Soaps

Soap, as you can imagine, will never be the most efficient way to experience the benefits of CBD. The cost of this soap mostly comes from the high-quality ingredients that make it up, instead of the CBD found inside. If it’s a high CBD potency you’re looking for, this won’t be the product for you. However, if you’re looking for some high-quality soap with the added benefit of a mild dose of CBD, this is the one for your bathroom.

Palmetto Vape PenPrefilled Vape Pen & Cartridges

Palmetto Harmony carries its own vape pen prefilled with its unflavored, pure and organic CBD vape oil in an easy-to-use form. Prefilled vape cartridges are also available on the company’s website so you can easily reload your pen for some more vaping action. Made with only two ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) and hemp CBD, this vape offers a safe and easy way to get your CBD.

The only downfall is the price per mg of CBD is one of the highest we have seen in any product. The majority of the cost here definitely comes from the packaging and the device itself, instead of the CBD. Still, it is an uber-expensive way to ingest CBD, regardless of where the cost comes from.

Vape Oil for Your Own Sub-Ohm DevicePalmetto Harmony Vape Oil

If you already have a vape pen, vaping with Palmetto Harmony CBD becomes much more affordable. Available in 15ml and 30ml quantities, Harmony Aura Vape Oil is a fun and enjoyable way to get your dose of CBD. This oil is made for use with a sub-ohm vape device, and the wicking process may take longer than normal as this vape oil is very viscous.

Harmony Pets Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Palmetto Paws CBD Oil for Pets - 600mg | Leafly

The CBD in these pet products contains the same credentials as that of all Palmetto Harmony’s other products, except there is just less of it. Since pets are far more receptive to CBD, reducing the amount of it is necessary to deliver the right dosage for them. Harmony Pets is a full-spectrum extract infused into fractionated coconut oil and contains a broad terpene profile.

Palmetto Harmony: A Certified, Trustworthy Leader in CBD

Palmetto Harmony is a leader in the industry in terms of safety, transparency, accountability, and reliability. We would love to see all CBD companies live up to the standards of high-quality processes and certifications this company possesses.

state-licensed hemp grower and processor, an FDA-registered manufacturing factory, compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, a USDA-certified organic growing operation and USDA-certified organic and glyphosate-free products, and finally, full transparency through ISO-certified, third-party laboratory testing and published complete results. There is no reason not to trust Palmetto Harmony CBD.

While we love the product lineup, there are a few products we would recommend staying away from if you require higher CBD dosages like the CBD bar soap and especially their prefilled vapes. Our favorite product they offer, the 946ml (32oz) bottle of hemp oil, however, is perfect for those who need large quantities of CBD regularly. At a cost exponentially less than their other offerings and competitors, this product is excellent as long as you’re willing to make the upfront investment.

Palmetto Harmony FAQs

What is Palmetto Harmony used for?

Palmetto Harmony is a grower, extractor, manufacturer, and distributor of CBD. It manages an end-to-end operation that supplies customers with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD to allow them to experience the potential benefits of CBD at an affordable rate.

What is Palmetto Harmony?

Based in Conway, South Carolina, Palmetto Harmony is a company that was started in 2015 by a caring mother, Janel Ralph, determined to find a way to improve the quality of life of her daughter, Harmony, who was born with a rare genetic condition. By producing and distributing top-quality CBD products, Janel and her company can continue their mission to help others and provide relief through CBD.

What is cannacense?

Cannacense is a term Palmetto Harmony made up to describe the combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and frankincense, sometimes referred to as the king of oils, found in its Relief CBD Balm. The cannacense combination has led to this CBD balm being the most popular item on the website, due to the powerful blend of CBD extract and frankincense, an apoptogenic herb known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What is holy cannacense used for?

Palmetto Harmony’s Holy Cannacense Cream, newly renamed Relief CBD Balm, is a topical cream designed to provide relief wherever it’s applied. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, the product is 100% synthetic fragrance free and made with the same full-spectrum CBD extract found in all of Palmetto Harmony’s other products.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Palmetto Harmony.

Lab Testing

Palmetto Harmony displays excellent transparency by publishing the results of the extensive testing their products undergo.

Contact Palmetto Harmony

Customer support: 843-331-1246

Storefront location: 842-488-1972



Palmetto Harmony Social Media

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