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pinnacle cbd

Pinnacle CBD Review

Pinnacle has evolved over the years as a CBD business. The company is a supporter of natural remedies and a firm believer in the power of hemp. That’s why it focuses on producing high-quality CBD products that people can trust and rely on. Our Pinnacle CBD review will give you a glimpse into their product line.

Pinnacle CBD

Expert Review
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Certified Organic
Certified Organic
American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested

Overview: Pinnacle CBD

The Company

Pinnacle Hemp entered the CBD industry for all the right reasons. The founders explain they ventured into the world of CBD to offer their daughter Kenzie relief from epileptic seizures. Soon after they noticed she became a new person — happy, healthy, and self-confident. With this excitement and motivation, Pinnacle CBD was birthed to share the gift of hemp-derived CBD.

Today, the company is well-respected and embraced with gratitude from its customers.

Pinnacle CBD shows its support to the community by donating to nonprofits and offering discounts to military personnel, and those on long-term disability or with low incomes.

Product Sourcing

Pinnacle partners with hemp farmers in Colorado who use organic growing methods to enhance the safety and quality of the plants. After harvest, Pinnacle CBD uses cryogenic ethanol extraction to effectively and safely remove the hemp extract.

Then, the hemp extract is sent to a third-party lab for testing. The third-party tests confirm the hemp extracts are free of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, yeast, mold, and mycotoxins. However, you won’t see this level of testing for each individual product.

Although the same level of testing is not always performed for every product — the cannabinoid profile is tested across the board. The cannabinoid profile results confirms the CBD potency is accurate and verifies that every product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Brand Product Line

The selection of products by Pinnacle CBD is robust. There are several different categories, like tinctures, edibles, vapes, topicals, pet products, hemp flowers, and more. Pinnacle understands that everyone has a preference when it comes to taking CBD and they want to cater to them all.

Pinnacle Hemp Reviews By Customers

Pinnacle CBD customers are loyal. Some customers only use Pinnacle products and have been doing so for many years. When you read  Pinnacle hemp reviews, you will notice the most adored products include the terpene enhanced flower, the Cherry Wine flower strain, and the CBD-infused ground coffee.

There are also many glowing reviews for the CBD vape carts and Ki pods that have terpenes inspired by legendary cannabis strains.

Pinnacle CBD Pros & Cons

  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • Full-spectrum & broad-spectrum options
  • Exceptional product variety
  • Great reputation among customers
  • Fair & reasonable pricing
  • No refunds only exchanges
  • No free shipping

Pinnacle CBD: All About the Company

Husband and wife, Kevin and Jessica Lacey founded Pinnacle after witnessing a major transformation in their daughter’s health. Their daughter Kenzie suffered from epilepsy for years. According to her parents, she became seizure-free when they gave her high-quality CBD derived from hemp.

At the beginning of their journey, the family had difficulties finding a CBD oil that worked. But Kevin met a man who taught him that CBD could only be effective with the right farmer, growing conditions, genetics, and extraction method.

This advice propelled Kevin deeper into hemp research and inspired him to start Pinnacle CBD in 2014.

Today, the company’s number one priority is quality, because, for them, quality is what makes the product helpful for so many. That’s why Pinnacle only sources organically grown hemp and pays for third-party lab testing for its products.

Furthermore, the brand has an Assistance Program for those in the military, active or retired, low-income individuals and families, and people on long-term disability.

Pinnacle CBD Product Summary

Pinnacle Hemp is a full-fledged CBD company, meaning it has many products across multiple categories. The majority of products are full-spectrum, but you’ll also find broad-spectrum options and a few CBD isolate products.

This table provides all the information you expect from a Pinnacle hemp review.

Pinnacle CBD 150 mg hemp oil
Pinnacle CBD 300mg capsules
CBD Capsules
Pinnacle CBD 10mg gummies
CBD Edibles
Pinnacle CBD Flower Pre Rolls Terpene Enhanced
CBD Flower
Pinnacle CBD 500mg Cart Blue Dream Vapable
CBD Vapables
Pinnacle CBD Bath and Body Lotion Coconut
CBD Bath & Body
Pinnacle CBD Bacon and Cheese Dog Treats
CBD for Pets
Variety/ Flavors
F/S Original

Kokoro B/S





David G - Coffee Bean

Creamy Berry

Coconut Blast D’nish – Tradewinds

Thai Dream

Full-Spectrum Full-Spectrum or CBD Isolate Gummy Rings

Honey Sticks/Syringe

Ground Coffee


Trimmed Flower or Pre-Rolls
Cheery Wine, Special Sauce, Super Lemon Haze, Grape Ape, Headband, Blueberry, Green Apple, OG Fruit
Ki Pods, Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Crack

CBD Cartridges & Disposable Vape Pens: Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Trainwreck

David G Vape Juice: Cake, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Creamy Berry, Crimson

D’Nish Infused E-liquid: Oasis, Thai Dream, Tradewinds,
Halloween Bean

CBD Crumble
Relief Cream: Cooling and Renewing

Body Lotion: Regular and For Men

Sugar Scrub

Beard Oil: Titanium, Platinum, Chromium
Dog Treats

Pet CBD Oil
Total CBD
150 - 1,800mg 300 - 600mg 200 - 1,000mg

50 - 150mg



9% CBD+ 300 - 600mg

150 - 500mg



250 - 500mg



60 - 120mg

120 - 480mg
Total Volume
15 - 30 mL 30 - 60 capsules 10 - 100 gummies

5 pack of sticks or 1 syringe

16 T (tbs)

20 picks

4 oz.
3.5 to 7 grams of trimmed flower

~1 gram per-rolls

0.3 to 1mL






4 - 8 oz.

60 - 240 pumps
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
10 - 60 mg/mL 10 mg/cap 10 - 25 mg/gummy

10 mg/stick

150 mg/syringe

10 mg/T


Medium 188 - 375 mg/mL




4.2 - 8.3 mg/mL

1.7 mg/mL

1.7 mg/mL


Price Range
$19.99 - $119.99 $39.99 - $69.99 $19.99 - $59.99

$9.99 - $24.99



$6.99 - $39.99 $24.99 - $49.99

$24.99 - $59.99



$29.99 - $49.99



$14.99 - $29.99

$14.99 - $44.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.06 - $0.13 $0.12 - $0.13 $0.05 - $0.10

$0.17 - $0.20



$5.71 - $6.99 per gram $0.08

$0.12 - $0.17


$0.12 - $0.13





$0.09 - $0.13
CBD Extraction Method
Cryogenic ethanol Cryogenic ethanol Cryogenic ethanol n/a Cryogenic ethanol Cryogenic ethanol
Cryogenic ethanol

Pinnacle CBD Products


In our Pinnacle CBD oil review, we found many great selections in this category. The company offers both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (0% THC) choices. They come in unflavored or flavored varieties and include MCT oil, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or a combination of VG and PG.

The tinctures with VG are versatile — you can use them sublingually (under the tongue) or add them to your vaporizer.

Additionally, the Kokoro CBD tinctures stand out for their innovative blend of terpenes that influence the intended effects — Balance, Harmony, and Uplift.

Finally, the prices and potency options are great. However, for health-conscious consumers, the David G and D’nish line might not be the best fit. These products include artificial flavorings and PG/VG, which are not the most natural options.

CBD Capsules

Pinnacle CBD capsules

Pinnacle makes full-spectrum CBD capsules in a low potency, with just 10mg of CBD per capsule. If you require a higher potency, you would have to take two to three caps at a time.

The list of ingredients also has a slight drawback. We loved seeing hemp seed oil as an ingredient, however, the capsules also contain polysorbate 80 which is an emulsifier. Although it improves the consistency of caps some people can be sensitive to it.

CBD Edibles

Pinnacle CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

The edible offerings by Pinnacle Hemp are diverse and well-rounded. It sells gummies with two different potencies, but the ingredients aren’t stellar. Also, the honey sticks had natural flavoring in the ingredients which we found odd given honey’s is already sweet taste.

However, we think a few products in this category are great, including the Columbian Arabica CBD coffee and the CBD toothpicks. First off, the coffee is lab tested and the results show undetectable levels of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, yeast, and mold. And the dose of CBD per serving is excellent. We love the novelty of CBD toothpicks and think they sound awesome –if that’s your thing.

CBD Flower

Pinnacle CBD Flower Pre Rolls Terpene Enhanced og fruit

Pinnacle has a fantastic assortment of CBD hemp flower. There are eight different strains available and you can buy the flower in grams or pre-rolls. There are lab reports for all these strains, however, only some of the strains got the full panel of tests.

Since we could only assess each strain based on what the lab tests revealed — here’s what we noted. First, for the sad news — all three strains under the category “Terpene Enhanced Flower” didn’t have a terpenes analysis performed. This means we got zero insight into the terpene profile or their percentages.

But the lab tests did reveal some exciting news for a few other strains. The OG Fruit pre-roll had a high terpene count of 5.2% — this is nearly unheard of. Special Sauce also had a nice level of terpenes and showed undetectable traces of all contaminants and impurities. Even Cherry Wine had a fine terpene profile and concentration.

CBD Vapables

Pinnacle CBD Hemp 500mg Cart Blue Dream vapables

All the vape products by Pinnacle CBD include full-spectrum CBD — they’re also reasonably priced and offer consumers a lot of flavor variety. The Ki pods and vape carts contain terpene profiles inspired by popular cannabis strains. Whereas, the David G and D’nish e-liquids are perfect for those with a sweet tooth or that love tastes of the tropics (but don’t mind artificial flavorings).

The product that shines in this category is the Trainwreck CBD vape cartridge. It reigns supreme for its extraordinary terpene count (over 7%).

CBD Bath & Body

Pinnacle CBD Hemp Bath and Body Lotion Coconut

This category of Pinnacle CBD products includes products for both women and men — which is awesome. The beard oil is an innovative and great product based on the formula and various scents. However, the men’s body lotion and the unisex lotion fall way short. Most of the ingredient names are hard to pronounce and they appear to be a long string of chemicals, with CBD hemp oil thrown in.

On the upside, the relief cream and body scrub use botanical ingredients and are priced very well for CBD topicals since they typically have a premium price tag.

CBD for Pets

Pinnacle CBD Dog Treats with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

As the name implies, the CBD dog treats from Pinnacle Hemp are best suited for dogs. Since each treat contains only 2 mg of CBD, these might not be strong enough for pets over 30 pounds.

However, Pinnacle’s pet CBD oil is great for cats, dogs, and other pets, and is available in three potency options — one for small, medium, and large-sized animals. The formula for each one includes full-spectrum CBD, salmon oil, and MCT oil.


Pinnacle CBD: Valued For its Flavourful, Diverse, and Innovative Product Lineup

Pinnacle CBD sources great hemp, uses a safe extraction method, has good quality control standards, and most of its products are reasonably priced. The variety of hemp extracts, potencies, flavors, and terpene profiles demonstrate the company’s attention to satisfying customer needs.

Overall, Pinnacle CBD offers a good mix of high-quality products.

Brand FAQs

Can you vape Pinnacle CBD?

Yes, you can vape Pinnacle CBD. The company has several types of vaping products like Ki Pods, vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, vape juice, e-liquids, and crumble.

What is Pinnacle CBD?

Pinnacle is a company that sells a large selection of hemp-derived CBD products. The company is often called a few different names, like Pinnacle, Pinnacle CBD, or Pinnacle Hemp. No matter which name you prefer, all these names reference the exact same company.

What is Pinnacle hemp?

Pinnacle Hemp is the name of a Missouri-based CBD company. All its products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, which means they all contain less than 0.3% THC and are derived from hemp plants.

Pinnacle Info

Better Business Bureau Rating

Pinnacle CBD is not listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) directory.

Lab Testing

Pinnacle is transparent about the quality of their products and publicly discloses their lab testing results.

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