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Populum CBD Review

Populum CBD carries a line of CBD oils, capsules, skincare topicals, and pet products. The company is all about attractive design, consciously crafted formulas, destigmatizing cannabis, and making its products more affordable for military members and pet owners of rescued animals.

Populum CBD

Expert Review
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Certified Organic
Certified Organic
American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested
Money Satisfaction Guarantee
Money Satisfaction Guarantee

Overview: Populum

The Company

Since 2016, Populum has built a reputable and honest CBD brand. It provides full transparency by sending a copy of third-party lab testing reports with every purchase.

The company has a 30-day risk free trial for new customers and offers free U.S. shipping. You can get in touch by reaching out through their online chat tool, via email, or over the phone. You’ll even get to speak with a real person, not a recording or bot!

Product Sourcing

The company sources its non-GMO hemp from licensed farms in Colorado. In 2012, Colorado became the first state in the United States to grow industrial hemp after recreational cannabis became legal. This has given them a head start from a growing, cultivating, and production standpoint. Needless to say, Populum chose a great place to source its hemp.

These Colorado hemp farmers have several years of growing experience under their belts and use the safest and most sustainable farming practices possible.

Furthermore, Populum CBD pays a third-party lab to test each of its products before making them available for sale. The lab checks the cannabinoid potency and terpene percentages. It also screens for contaminants like residual solvents, mycotoxins, and microbial contaminants. Unfortunately, pesticides and heavy metals are not currently tested.

Brand Product Line

Populum has a nice selection of hemp-derived CBD products. It sells CBD oil, capsules, pet products, a few skincare items, and CBD kits. All its products are made with full-spectrum CBD to maximize the benefits hemp has to offer. The other ingredients are healthy, beneficial, and free of preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors.

What Are Customers Saying?

Customer satisfaction is high at Populum. Customers are thankful for the positive effects they’re experiencing in their lives, as well as the lives of their pets.

In Populum CBD Oil reviews many people comment about the pleasant taste and smooth texture. Others rave about the bedtime Lavender + CBD Face Oil because they see noticeable results in a short time.

Let’s just say Populum knows a thing or two about keeping its customers happy and healthy!

Populum CBD Pros & Cons

  • Made with non-GMO hemp
  • 3rd party lab batch testing
  • Offers discounts for veterans
  • Premium products which may be too pricey for some
  • Some users report seeing limited health benefit

Populum CBD: All About the Company

Populum is a Latin word that translates to “for the people.” The co-founders chose this name in 2016 when they launched the brand out of Tempe, AZ. The name serves as a constant reminder of the company’s mission and objectives; it strives to be transparent, truthful, and to make its hemp-based CBD products accessible and affordable.

Here’s a comment from the founders, “We are pioneering the efforts to bring hemp to the mainstream and build hemp’s reputation as an essential supplement.”

In addition to their work to destigmatize hemp and create safe and high-quality products, Populum also shows its commitment to various causes. Populum offers U.S. Military Veterans and active members of the military 25% off the retail price of its products. Also, the company extends the same discount to people who’ve adopted a pet, rescued a pet, or those who are currently fostering one.

To date, the company has been featured in magazines like Forbes, Allure, and Town & Country. In an article published by Town & Country, they said Populum has the “the best luxury CBD products that money can buy.”

Last but not least, the company is well-known for having exceptional customer service. Populum’s in-house team is available to talk over the phone, via email, or through the live online chat tool.

Populum Product Summary

Populum carries a nice selection of CBD products: including CBD oils, capsules, topicals, pet products, and CBD kits. The company has a “subscribe + save” plan where you can get 20% off your monthly order. This rate is locked in, so it won’t ever decrease.

Populum's Product Line
Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
CBD Capsules
CBD Skincare
CBD Pet Products
Varieties & Flavors
Unflavored Cold Therapy Hemp Rub
Lavender Face Oil
Zen Pets Oil
Zen Pets Chews
Total CBD
250-1000mg 450-750mg 100-250mg 100-250mg
Total Volume
30ml 30 Capsules 30-90ml 30ml
70 Treats
CBD Potency
8.33 to 33.3 mg/ml 15-25 mg/cap 1.1mg/ml
Price Range
$59-$179 $79-$109 $49-$79 $32-54
Price per mg
$0.18-0.24 $0.15-0.18 Not Available $0.22-0.32

Populum CBD Products

Populum CBD Capsules

The company sells its Populum CBD softgel capsules in low and medium potencies. They mask the taste of hemp in an easy-to-swallow pill form. They’re priced about average compared to the competition, and a good product all the way around.

Populum CBD Oil

Populum CBD oils are made with full-spectrum hemp extract, so they contain a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The company carries low, medium, and medium-high potencies. All three choices are more expensive than the average industry price. However, Populum does use high-quality full-spectrum CBD, and top-notch ingredients, which help to justify the steep prices.

Populum CBD Topicals/Skincare

Designed to ease aches and pains, Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is equipped with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, and additional herbs to assist with its intended use. Sadly, the potency is extremely low and it comes with a hefty price tag.

The other topical that Populum offers is a Lavender + CBD Face Oil. This product has excellent potency and awesome ingredients. The essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils work together to improve the skin’s health and minimize fine lines — a crowd pleaser no doubt.

Populum Pet Products

Populum offers CBD oil and CBD chews for dogs and cats. These products are fairly expensive but they’re third-party lab tested, made with full-spectrum CBD, and have healthy, real-food ingredients.

Additionally, the CBD potencies are low, so they might only appeal to small or medium size pets.

Populum CBD Sets

The company offers combinations of some of its best products in little CBD gift sets. These are a terrific way to bundle and save! The options include a Beginner Set, Evening Routine Set, Advanced Wellness Set, and a Pet Lover’s Set.

Populum: Remarkable reputation & unparalleled customer support

Populum has a fantastic reputation in the CBD industry — mainly for its outstanding customer service and quality. The support team is not only knowledgeable but eager to help customers any way they can. They have speedy response times and can be reached in nearly every way imaginable.

Secondly, the quality of its products is phenomenal. Each one contains a dose of full-spectrum CBD that derives from Colorado-grown hemp. The full-spectrum formula promotes the entourage effect. Meaning, the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant nutrients has a more meaningful impact.

Also, every single product Populum carries is tested by an independent, third-party lab before being sold. This lab verifies the accuracy of the CBD potency, checks the terpene levels, and tests for residual solvents, mycotoxins, and microbial content.

Overall, Populum is a great brand with some great products, especially its CBD capsules, Lavender + CBD Face Oil, and Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Although not accredited, Populum has an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Lab Testing

Populum is transparent about the quality of there products and pubically discloses their lab testing results.

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