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Pure Relief

Pure Relief CBD Review

Pure Relief dedicates its mission to bringing peace and relief to its customers, creates uplifting and positive content on social media, and has tons of educational blog articles.

Pure Relief CBD

Expert Review
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Pure Relief CBD Review: Overview

The company stands for sourcing high-quality hemp, creating healthy product formulations, and providing several delivery methods for CBD consumption, all so its customers can enjoy the many benefits of CBD with none of the bad stuff.

What is Pure Relief CBD?

Pure Relief was born out of the necessity to counteract the widespread opioid epidemic. By providing relief in a natural, plant-based way, founder and CEO Michael Melton believed a positive change would come. So, the company dedicates itself to supplying alternatives to people seeking relief from what ails them.

Cultivated by Licensed American Farmers & Lab Tested

The company sources organically grown hemp plants from U.S. farms. American hemp farmers must have licenses or the authority to grow these plants legally, and the crop must be lab tested to ensure THC levels are less than 0.3%. This level of regulation leads to high-quality, safe hemp plants.

Based on third-party lab reports for the Pure Relief CBD oil and gummies, these products are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants. However, the hemp flower and CBD topical don’t have accompanying reports showing this level of testing.

Brand Product Line: Oils, Gummies, Flower & Roll-On

All Pure Relief products have two things in common: great potencies and quality ingredients. Even though there isn’t a huge selection, each product is very well thought out. Under the current product line, you can shop for full-spectrum oils and day, night, or immunity gummies. Plus, there are many strains of CBD flower and hemp pre-rolls to choose from, as well as a topical roll-on for those who want to avoid the mess of cream or lotion.

What Are Customers Saying About Pure Relief CBD?

The company has fantastic reviews on its website. Regarding the Pure Relief CBD gummies, the daytime formula’s “quality is very consistent,” and one reviewer said it is “highly recommended for both pain management and anxiety.” As for the nighttime gummies, one customer reported that they “help [them] relax and fall asleep easier and stay asleep. No side effects and [they] wake up feeling refreshed.”

One woman left a comment on the pre-rolled joints: “Work great! Love the strength of these… gives me the chill out I need!” And lastly, a customer of the extra-strength oil said, “great product, I can feel relief within 10 minutes of taking it. Really helps with anxiety and pain.”

Pure Relief CBD Pros & Cons

  • Excellent product formulas
  • Great variety in hemp flower strains
  • Lifetime discount programs (20% off)
  • Some products are third-party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents & microbials
  • No returns on opened or used products
  • Results of testing CBD flower for contaminants aren’t available

Getting to Know Pure Relief as a Brand

Michael Melton, CEO of Pure Relief, founded the company in his home state of North Carolina. He used to own a tire shop, but when he saw CBD’s benefits, he knew starting a business could help put an end to the opioid epidemic. In his own words, “I try to change as many lives as I can for the positive, for the better.” With those words, the mission became creating products that could improve lives by providing relief in numerous ways.

One way the company impacts people, especially those in need, is through its discount program. The program offers a 20% lifetime discount to military veterans, those with long-term disabilities, and individuals and families living below the poverty line. Pure Relief is also committed to educating consumers on CBD, which is why it runs a robust blog that’s super organized and easy to navigate.

Pure Relief Product Summary

Pure Relief Oil
Pure Relief Gummies
Pure Relief Smokables
Pure Relief Topical
Variety/ Flavors
Full-Spectrum Natural & Mint Daytime, Nighttime, Immune Support CBD Flower, Pre-Rolled Joints, 10-Pack Relief Rolls Rapid Cooling Roll-On
Total CBD
500-2,500mg 600-900mg 110-1,900mg/g 1,800mg
Total Volume
30ml 30 gummies 1-10g 90ml
CBD Potency (mg/ml)
16.7-83.3mg/ml 20-30mg per gummy 11-19% CBD 20mg/ml
Price Range
$39.99-129.99 $59.99 $12.99-113.99 $49.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.05-0.08 $0.07-0.10 $0.06-0.12 $0.03
CBD Extraction Method
Supercritical CO2 Supercritical CO2 Supercritical CO2 Supercritical CO2

Pure Relief CBD Product Lineup

There are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD options in the form of sublingual, ingestible, smokable, and topical applications.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils: Natural & Mint Flavoring

All the Pure Relief CBD oils are full-spectrum, so they contain several beneficial phytochemicals, including traces of THC (less than 0.3%). They come in low, medium, and extra-strength potencies and are naturally flavored. Alternatively, you can choose the mint-flavored CBD oil, which has a medium-strength potency. For flavor, Pure Relief uses natural mint extract and monk fruit extract for sweetness.

Pure Relief CBD Gummies: Daytime, Nighttime & Immunity Enhancing

There are three gummy options to choose from. The assorted fruit flavors come in a day formula or a nighttime one that includes 2.5mg of melatonin.

There is also an immunity-enhancing gummy that comes in a strawberry flavor and contains 50mg elderberry, 50mg vitamin C, 5mg vitamin E, and 0.5mg vitamin B6 in each gummy.

All the gummies contain 0% THC and are free from animal by-products, making them vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Pure Relief proudly decided against artificial flavors and colors, which is awesome! Instead, the ingredient list consists of natural flavors and colors that derive from fruits and vegetables.

Smokables: Flower & Pre-Rolls of a Variety of Strains

If you like to smoke CBD flower, the company offers one-gram, king-sized pre-rolls with six hemp flower strains to choose from, Hawaiian Haze, Sherblato, Banana Punch, Melonaid, Pure OG, and Frosty Snowman. They range in potency from 12-19% CBD, as indicated on the third-party lab tests.

If you prefer to vape, use a water bong, or roll your own joints, Pure Relief carries three strains of hemp flower in 3.5-gram resealable packs. The strains of choice are Alien OG, Space Force, and Sour G. Although the cannabinoid profiles are available for each strain in the lab testing section of the company’s website, the pesticides and contaminant testing is not.

Rapid Cooling Roll-On CBD Topical

The Rapid Cooling Roll-On combines full-spectrum hemp extract with over a dozen botanical ingredients, some of which include organic aloe leaf juice, sweet basil, black pepper, chamomile, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and juniper berry oils, among many more. In total, there are 19 essential oils in this formula.

This roll-on has a really high potency of 20mg/ml, which you don’t often see in a CBD topical. And it has a very low price of only $0.03 per mg of CBD. The only drawback is there’s no lab test report posted online yet.

Pure Relief: A Company That Entered the CBD Industry for All the Right Reasons

Some companies decide to enter a market for the money, not because they love the industry. But Pure Relief is different. The founder wanted to sell CBD products to provide viable options to those looking for safe alternatives to opioids. His agenda was clear from the beginning.

And it wasn’t about getting products out quickly; it was about getting the right kinds of products out – ones with high-quality hemp, healthy ingredients, a variety of potencies, and all at affordable prices.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Pure Relief is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it does have a B+ rating with the organization.

Lab Testing

Pure Relief is transparent about the quality of its products so you can find third-party lab testing results on its website.

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