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Savage CBD Oil

Savage CBD Review

Savage CBD is all about giving its customers choices – and lots of them. There are choices for unique flavor combinations, selections of potencies, and ingredients.

Savage CBD

Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp

Overview: Savage CBD Review

Savage CBD has a focus on product variations, quality, and transparency.

Who is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD is a southern Californian company with a focus on creating consistent, potent products that can serve as safe alternatives to traditional options. Although the pricing on many products is equal to or above industry standards, everything on its website is on sale at considerably lower prices. This could be a regular thing, or it may just be temporary.

Sourced from U.S. Farms

The company sources its hemp from farms in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Colorado. Before receiving the harvested plants, Savage makes sure they all pass a series of safety checks through lab testing.

After using CO2 technology to extract CBD from the hemp plants, the company sends it to third-party labs to check the cannabinoid levels and test for pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Products do not get a terpene analysis except the hemp flower, and none of the products get tested for microbial contaminants or mycotoxins.

Large Selection of Full-Spectrum and THC-Free Products

Savage CBD has many products to choose from. And within each category, it then offers different sizes, potencies, and flavors. You’ll find tinctures, gummies, drink mixes, hemp flower, topicals, capsules, vape pens, and more.

What Are Customers Saying About Savage CBD?

The general sentiment about Savage CBD is positive. Customers who’ve posted Savage CBD reviews have commented on the products helping them fall asleep, being very relaxing, having good flavors, and helping with muscle pain and soreness. A vape customer also said, “I like the way the pen hits.”

Savage CBD Pros & Cons

  • Full-spectrum and THC-free options
  • Lab tests for potency and pesticides
  • Lots of variety and flavor options
  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders
  • No returns or exchanges
  • No financial assistance programs

Get to Know Savage CBD

Founded in 2015, Savage CBD had an early start before the hemp industry blew up. Based in Irvine, California, the company has a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who work to “help every single person [they] can.”

Its goal is to create products that help people feel empowered and balanced in their everyday lives. Savage also strives to maintain a high level of transparency out of concern for all current and future customers. Therefore, you’ll find copies of third-party lab tests (COAs) on the website.

Savage CBD has an affiliate and wholesale program, and there’s also a robust blog section with content written about numerous topics. From our research, unlike many other CBD companies, it doesn’t support any non-profits or provide any assistance programs for veterans or those with financial hardships.

Savage CBD Product Summary

Savage CBD Tinctures
Savage CBD Oil Tinctures
Savage CBD Soft Gels
Savage CBD Topicals
Savage CBD Vape Juice
Savage CBD Vape Juice
Savage CBD Cartridges
Savage CBD Concentrates
Savage CBD Disposable Pens
Disposable Pens
Savage CBD Edibles & Drink Mix
Edibles & Drink Mix
Savage CBD Prerolls & Flower
Prerolls & Flower
Savage CBD Spray For Pets
CBD for Pets
Variety/ Flavors
Lemon Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Peach Pear, Cucumber Mint,
Full-Spectrum Softgels Balm, Lotion, Roll-On, Aloe Vera, Sunscreen, Epsom Salts Driven, Fiji Melons, Hustle, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Passion, Serene, Straw Nanners, Tranquil Strawberry Citrus, Pineapple Blast, Natural CBD Shatter Pineapple Express Strawberry Melon, Mango Citrus, Sweet Dreams, Berry Mint, Active, Relax Gummies

Pink Lemonade, Orange Aid, Lemonade Mix
Richie Rich, Lifter Sauce Spray, Treats, Shampoo
Total CBD
1,000-2,000mg 200-750mg 100mg-750mg 250-1,000mg 250-500mg 860mg 200-250mg 300mg

14-17% 150-500mg
Total Volume
30ml 8-30 softgels 60-240ml 30ml 0.5-1ml 1g 0.5ml 6 gummies

1-7g 60-240ml
CBD Potency (mg/ml)
33.3-66.7mg/ml 25mg per softgel 0.63-8.33mg/ml 8.33-33.3mg/ml 500mg/ml 860mg 200-250mg/ml 50mg per gummy

5mg per scoop
17-25% per strain 1.25-8.33mg/ml
Price Range
$79.99-179.99 $59.99-109.99 $39.99-73.99 $39.99-79.99 $38.99-59.99 $41.99 $39.99 $42.99

$13.99-43.99 $35.99-59.99
Price per mg CBD
$0.08-0.09 $0.15-0.30 $0.10-0.60 $0.08-0.16 $0.12-0.16 $0.05 $0.16-0.20 $0.14

$6.29-13.99/g $0.12-0.24
CBD Extraction Method

Savage CBD Products

The range of products, potencies, flavor options, and delivery methods makes getting your daily CBD fix easy and fun.

Full-Spectrum Tinctures with MCT Oil

Savage CBD TincturesSavage CBD oil contains full-spectrum hemp extract with a combination of hemp seed oil and MCT oil, which allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream. And the flavor of each variety comes from essential oils and terpenes.

The orange tincture is unique from the others because it includes 500mg of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin B6 and CBG – yet strangely, when looking at the third-party lab test for cannabinoids, there was no cannabigerol (CBG) detected. As for prices, they fall right in line with industry standards.

Savage CBD Soft GelsSoftgels: Small Trial Size or Monthly Supply

The softgels are available in a small trial size bottle of 8 capsules as well as a one-month supply of 30 capsules. Both options have medium potencies and full-spectrum hemp oil. As with many other CBD capsules, these contain gelatin, so they’re not suited for vegans or vegetarians.

Topicals: Balm, Bath Salts, Sunscreen & More

Savage CBD TopicalsThe company sells a diverse offering of topicals. Its balm doesn’t contain a strong concentration of CBD, but it has over 20 essential oils that boost the product’s therapeutic potential.

Another premium product in this category includes Savage CBD’s Epsom bath salts. The ingredient lists are phenomenal, starting with nano-spectrum CBD, meaning the hemp extract can effectively dissolve in water. They contain Epsom salt, Hawaiian and Dead Sea salts, aloe vera extract, and various essential oils.

Some of the options in this category fall a bit short. For instance, the roll-on is meant to target pain and discomfort areas, yet the potency is only 8.3mg/ml, whereas comparable products normally have 20mg/ml or more. The brand also sells CBD sunscreen, but the potency is only 1.67mg/ml, so it isn’t easy to justify the high price point.

Savage CBD Vape JuiceVape Juice: Tons of Flavors & Three Potencies

There are many different Savage CBD vape juice flavors with low, medium, and high CBD potencies, which is a big perk. However, they contain artificial flavors, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerine (VG) – not the best ingredient profile. Also, the only hemp extract choice for these products is CBD isolate.

Savage CBD CartridgesCartridges: Full Spectrum & Isolate

These are some of the best products offered by Savage CBD. They come in three flavor options, two potencies, and are from either full-spectrum or THC-free hemp. All these choices include added terpenes, and the formulas are free of cutting agents like PG/VG or MCT oil.

Savage CBD ConcentratesConcentrate with Pineapple Express Terpenes

For those of you looking for an ultra-concentrated product with good flavor at an affordable price, the CBD Shatter is a great option. It includes full-spectrum cannabidiol and Pineapple Express terpenes.

CBD Disposable Pens for Day & NightSavage CBD Disposable Pens

The disposable pens have a full-spectrum CBD formula with terpenes. Like the cartridges, there are zero cutting agents or artificial flavors, but some of the varieties have added botanicals. The Sweet Dreams pen contains melatonin, while the Active pen has caffeine.

Savage CBD Edibles & Drink MixCBD Edibles & Drink Mix

In this category, there are high-potency gummies as well as flavored powder to mix into water. The gummies contain corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial colors like FD&C Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, and Blue 1. So, these aren’t the best options for health-conscious CBD users. Likewise, the water-soluble CBD drink mixes have a selection of unhealthy ingredients too.

Hemp Flower & Prerolls

Savage CBD Prerolls & FlowerSavage CBD offers two hemp flower strains in the whole form and in prerolled cones. Based on the most recent lab reports for these strains, the CBD content falls in the 14% to 17% range. This is a medium potency, yet they also include other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, THC (less than 0.3%), and CBDV.

Plus, the Lifter Sauce plant has high levels of terpenes, including myrcene, caryophyllene, bisabolol, and humulene. However, there was no terpene analysis done on the Richie Rich plant, based on the lab report (COA).

Savage CBD Spray For PetsCBD for Pets: Spray, Treats & Shampoo

This line of products includes a pet spray, treats, and shampoo. The spray has simple, clean ingredients, including full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, and hempseed oil. And the treats contain real food ingredients like turkey, peas, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, and more beneficial nutrients. Finally, the shampoo contains oatmeal, chamomile, and vanilla extract for a soothing and calming formula to relax your pet and make them smell great.

Savage CBD: Impressive Product Lineup with Some Innovative Options

What stands out the most about this company is its diverse and in-depth product line. You can find tinctures with creative and tasty flavor combinations, topicals with tons of helpful essential oils, and drink powders featuring water-soluble CBD. And the disposable pens with added terpenes and other botanicals provide more well-rounded formulas.

All in all, Savage CBD has some fantastic products to offer its customers.

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Savage CBD: Real-User Review

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum Tincture — 1,000mg

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum Tincture

I’m a huge fan of lemon-lime flavor. I put real lemons in my water and squeeze lime juice over my tacos and any traditional Mexican food plate I order. It’s the best! So, a lemon-lime CBD tincture caught my attention right off the bat.

When I smelled the oil, I liked it. It had an authentic lemon-lime aroma. The taste wasn’t as authentic, but mixing flavors with full-spectrum hemp isn’t easy to do. Overall, I got the citrus and tangy fix I was craving. And the potency was just right for me. Half a dropper (17mg CBD) was all I needed to feel good and have an awesome day.

Grape Ape Sweet Dreams Vape Pen — 250mg

Grape Ape Sweet Dreams Vape Pen

The taste and smell of this pen were amazing! The sweet, candy-like flavoring was very apparent straight out of the box. So, it’s not surprising to learn that I thoroughly enjoyed the taste when vaping this pen. It also had some melatonin in the formula, which helps regulate our awake-sleep cycles. Overall, it was a great way to drift off into sleep.


Natural Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge — 500mg

I really appreciate that this product is truly natural. Not only does it have a natural flavor, but it’s free of cutting agents too. The only ingredients are full-spectrum hemp extract and terpenes. Something you can definitely feel good about, especially when it comes to vaping.

The tank’s oil was a pretty color, nice and dark, like an orangish-brown, amber color indicating the full spectrum nature of the product. After I twisted this onto my battery, I took several inhales and liked the simple and subtle hemp-like flavor. It had a nice feeling too, calm and relaxing. I felt at peace and went about my day, chilled out on cloud nine.

Lifter Sauce CBD Hemp Flower — 1g

This hemp flower had a great aroma upon opening up the bag. The little nugs were nicely trimmed, making it easier to grind them up and pack my pre-rolled cone. Smoking the joint was a nice experience; each hit was smooth, and the effects were calming. It was a great way to end my night, and I’d definitely smoke it again.

– Allie Murphy

Savage CBD FAQs

Is Savage CBD good?

Yes, many of the products by Savage CBD offer good value. They come with a high-quality source of hemp, get lab tested for the majority of contaminants, and most of its product line contains healthy ingredients.

What is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD is a company based out of Irvine, CA that sells a large variety of hemp-based cannabidiol products.

Is Savage CBD full-spectrum?

Many of the products by Savage CBD contain full-spectrum hemp oil. But, it does have a few THC-free items as well.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Savage CBD is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it’s listed on the site and has an “A+” BBB rating.

Lab Testing

Savage CBD is transparent about the quality of its products, so it provides access to lab testing results on its website.

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