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treatibles cbd pet products

Treatibles CBD Pet Products Review

Treatibles offers a variety of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products for pets including Hard Chews, Soft Chewables, Oil Droppers, Capsules, and Topical Cream. Each batch of raw oil is third-party lab-tested to ensure consistent cannabinoid content and to rule out heavy metals, pesticides, and bio-contaminantsTreatibles products are veterinarian approved and ideal for dogs, cats, and horses. 


Expert Review
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Certified Organic
Certified Organic
American Hemp
American Hemp

Overview: Treatibles

The Company: Treatibles

Based in Nashville, TN, Treatibles has a passion for creating top-of-the-line CBD pet products while providing discounts to several dozen pet shelters all over the U.S. It’s been in business since 2013 and stays true to its values of “compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information, and integrity”.

Pet Product Sourcing

Cannabidiol (CBD) may be the superstar of hemp oil, though its benefits are even greater when working synergistically with the supporting cast of hemp’s other important cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Together, these compounds produce full-spectrum hemp oil. This creates a true entourage effect, which according to studies conducted in both Brazil and Israel, provides the greatest benefits.

That’s why Treatibles partners with various formulators to ensure the highest levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds are present in the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil infused into all of its products.

Product Line: Treatibles Dog Chews & More

The company features a line-up of oil droppers, hard and soft chews, capsules, and a topical cream. All of these products are called full-spectrum, yet the lab tests for the topical cream and the chews didn’t indicate this. However, the oil droppers and capsules do show a full spectrum of hemp plant cannabinoids.

What Are Customers Saying About Treatibles?

After reading through many testimonials, it’s very apparent that customers love the products from Treatibles. Based on customer feedback, it appears the products are a big hit for dogs with separation anxiety, joint discomfort, lack of appetite, and irritated skin. The company definitely made “fans for life.”

Treatibles Pros & Cons

  • Use sustainable and organic farming methods
  • Full panel of 3rd party lab tests
  • Great formulas with organic, and botanical herbs
  • Some products are expensive
  • Pet chews lab test shows CBD only
  • Non-detectable levels of terpenes in most products

Treatibles: All About the Company

This canna-business offers a variety of CBD solutions for your pets that you know you can trust thanks to their line of products from their parent company, Auntie Delores, which was founded over ten years ago. Treatibles has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry with Harmony for the Whole Family and is the first company to create a line of full-spectrum hemp oil products for animals.

Treatibles understands pet owners, and have covered all their bases by specially formulating each product with veterinarians. Every single ingredient is organic, natural, locally sourced in the United States, and follows FDA regulations. Treatibles dog treats offer a variety of Chews, Tinctures, Capsules and Topicals. Each batch is lab-tested for cannabidiol content, ensuring zero toxicity and no heavy metals. Their popular line of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products are designed for all animals, large or small, and they are veterinarian approved. 

Most pet owners would agree; we would do anything for our furry companions. These animals bring us so much joy into our lives with their presence and personalities that we tend to compensate by going above and beyond for them, like treating them to a better diet than we might treat ourselves! So, it’s no surprise that diet has come to include natural treats to help with any of their general malaise. Treatibles CBD makes it easy to incorporate its line of products with its full list of high-quality superfood ingredients.

Treatibles CBD Product Summary

Treatibles Hard Chews (Pumpkin Flavour) in Yellow Bag Surrounded by food
Hard & Soft Chews
Oil Droppers
Treatibles CBD Pet Products Review TRT_Capsules_25mg_2021_
Variety/ Flavors
Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots Soft Chewables for dogs, Beef Liver Flavor Soft Chewables for dogs, Extra Strength Salmon Oil Flavor Soft Chewables for Dogs, Chicken liver flavor Soft Chewables for cats, Extra Strength Salmon Oil Flavor Soft Chewables for cats,

Calm (Turkey), Balance (Pumpkin), Ease (Blueberry) - all three are Hard chews

dogs, cats, horses All Species dogs, cats, horses

Total CBD
75 - 180mg 90 -
300 - 750mg 60 - 240mg
Total Volume
45 - 100 chews 30 - 60mL 30 caps 30 - 120mL
CBD Potency (mg/mL)
1 - 4 mg/chew 3 - 25 mg/mL 10 - 25mg/cap 2 mg/mL
Price Range
$24 - $38 $34 - $185 $64 - $120 $24 - $60
Price per mg CBD
$0.18 - $0.32 $0.12 - $0.38 $0.16 - $0.21 $0.25 - $0.40
CBD Extraction Method
Solventless infusion Solventless infusion Solventless infusion Solventless infusion

Treatibles CBD Products

Treatibles Hard Chews (Pumpkin Flavour) in Yellow Bag Surrounded by foodSoft Chews for Cats & Dogs

Treatibles created hard and soft chews for both cats and dogs. The hard chews get baked in the oven under 250 degrees F, while the soft chews are air-dried. The technique of air drying preserves the nutrients of the chews more efficiently, and also keeps the texture soft. All the chews are gluten-free and have a full-spectrum CBD oil formula.

However, based on the third-party lab tests, the only cannabinoid on the report was CBD, along with non-detectable levels of terpenes. So, saying “full-spectrum” is hard to get behind because these appear to be pure cannabidiol (isolate) products.

Besides this notation, there were some positive things to say about Treatibles dog treats. All of them include wholesome ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric, blueberries, pumpkin, coconut oil, and more. Plus, the Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots include several beneficial herbs like valerian root, passionflower extract, and chamomile flower.

Treatibles CBD Pet Products Review oil dropper

Oil Droppers for Animals

These oil droppers are for horses, dogs, cats, and other household or farm animals. All the options have full-spectrum CBD oil, verified by 3rd party lab tests, and include MCT oil for quick digestion and effective absorption. Besides the horse formula, the other oil droppers are priced quite high, considering there’s only hemp and MCT oil in them.

Treatibles CBD Pet Products Review TRT_Capsules_25mg_2021_

Capsules for Large Animals 

The capsules have medium and high CBD potencies, So, they’re most suitable for dogs and horses or any other large animal above 50 pounds. Treatibles capsules also contain MCT oil and use gelatin for the soft cap. Finally, these are priced right and are in line with comparable products.

Feline & Canine Topicals

Treatibles Feline & Canine Topical Creams have a low dose potency of 2mg CBD per ml, but the ingredients make up for this. This cream includes wonderful ingredients like shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera, and MSM.

Treatibles: Lab Tested & Veterinarian Approved CBD Pet Products

Not all CBD pet products are created equal, but Treatibles has done an excellent job of creating high-quality options for your pets. The products include organically grown hemp, some organic ingredients, great formulas, and they come with positive feedback from customers.

And the best part? The company gives clear and specific instructions for use, so you know exactly how much CBD to give your animal. Also, third-party lab testing results are accessible on its website. Use the Treatible coupon SIMPLY10 to jumpstart your first purchase.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Treatibles has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 9/12/2018. And the company has an “A+” rating.

Lab Testing

Treatibles is transparent about the quality of their products and publicly discloses its lab testing results.

Contact Treatibles

(707) 992-0854

Treatibles Social Media

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