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Verma Farms CBD Review

Verma Farms is a CBD company based out of and inspired by Maui, Hawaii. While we were initially impressed by their offerings, we eventually drew a disconcerting and unfavorable conclusion about this company.

Verma Farms

Expert Review
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American Hemp
American Hemp
Lab Tested
Lab Tested

An Overview of Verma Farms CBD

Though Verma Farms looks like a great CBD company that is highly ranked by the likes of Forbes and The Observer, we CBD experts certainly have our reservations about this brand.

Verma Farms: The Company

Based out of Maui, Hawaii, Verma Farms infuses the Hawaiian culture into everything it does. It stands behind the quality of its CBD and claims to take the CBD creation process very seriously.

The company has some great-looking products at a reasonable price per mg of CBD. To save you even more money, it also offers free shipping on all US orders and a ‘subscribe and save’ option to save you an additional 20%. There is also a 25% discount for veterans.

American Hemp with Limited Lab Details

The CBD found in these products starts as organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO cannabis plants grown in the USA. Verma Farms combs through a selection of fully mature plants that are ready for cultivation, and its choices are then put through a simple, low-fuss, preservative-free distilling process that the company doesn’t make too clear on its website, preserving all the naturally occurring cannabinoids.

While we recommend CBD that is organic, pesticide-free, and GMO-free, we always look for the evidence to back these claims up. Without seeing recent lab results or USDA organic certifications, it’s easy to question the extent of these claims. To feel completely confident recommending Verma Farms CBD, we need to see more information that meets our standards of what we consider a trustworthy organization.

Interesting & Varied Product Lineup

From Verma Farms, you will find CBD gummies, oil, topicals, pet products, and a unique offering of dried fruit. We saw many of its products as good deals, or on par with the competition, for the cost compared to the amount of CBD you get.

We really like their uncommon, all-natural offering of CBD-infused dried mango, papaya, and pineapple. Also, their gummies come in a very impressive ten fun flavors. Gummy lovers could go months without trying the same flavor twice!

What Are Customers Saying About Verma Farms?

One of our favorite things we see on Verma Farms’ website is the extensive amount of positive reviews for nearly every product. Out of the hundreds of reviews we read, the vast majority were five-star ratings, with the remaining reviews consisting of virtually only four-star ratings.

The many products Verma Farms offers seem to help customers in every way. People have found it easier to wake up and go to bed, they’ve experienced reduced muscle and joint pain and anxiety, and several customers have said adding Verma Farms CBD into their daily routines has helped with their ailments.

While we liked seeing the positive reviews, we found them somewhat questionable after reading so many of them. Out of the hundreds of reviews we read, we were pressed to find any negative ones, which in itself is a bit suspicious. About 95% of their reviews consist of precisely three sentences, so we are definitely questioning the validity of them. None of the reviewers were verified purchasers either, as seen on many other websites.

Verma farms Pros & Cons

  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Military discounts
  • Wide flavor varieties
  • 30-day return policy
  • Lacking evidence to back quality claims
  • Organic claims without USDA certifications
  • Questionable reviews
  • No returns on opened products

Verma Farms: Hawaiian-Inspired Practices and Products

Verma Farms is a Maui-based CBD company with Hawaiian inspiration in everything it does. It was only after the founders visited Maui that they knew it was the perfect home for Verma Farms. The fun product names and whimsical package designs proudly display Hawaiian heritage at the forefront. The website is also brilliantly designed, easy to navigate, and exudes even more tropical vibes.

Maui, Hawaii is the place the founders now call home, and it’s inspired them to deliver meaningful experiences with all their CBD products. Hawaii is a pure, unadulterated, and authentic experience, and Verma Farms aims to give its customers that same sense when using its CBD.

Many trusted companies, from The Observer to Forbes, has had some excellent things to say about Verma Farms. Forbes ranked the company at the top of their list for the best CBD oil, while The Observer gave them a perfect ten out of ten overall rating. Although we love to see reviews from brands with reputations like these two, we trust our CBD experts’ opinions more.

Verma Farms Product Summary

Dried Fruit
Dog Treats
Variety/ Flavors
Maui Mango, Rainbow Papaya, Pineapple Party Steak Bites Peachy Pau Hana, Maui Melon, Sugar Free, and more Natural, Mint, Pineapple, Mango, and more Mahalo Muscle Relief

Tropical CBD Lotion
Total CBD
250mg 100mg 250-500mg 500mg 200mg

Total Volume
20 count 18 count 20 count 30ml 3oz

CBD Potency (mg/mL)
12.5mg per serving 5mg per piece 12.5-25mg per piece 17mg/ml 67mg/oz

Price Range
$45 $60 $45-60 $60 $50
Price per mg CBD
$0.18 $0.60 $0.12-0.18 $0.12 $0.25

CBD Extraction Method
Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear

Verma Farms Product Lineup

The Verma Farms CBD lineup of products consists of all the expected offerings from a CBD company, with the addition of the unique offering of dried CBD-infused fruit. What separates Verma Farms from its competition is the impressively extensive selection of flavors of its CBD oil and gummies.

Dried Fruit: A Rarity in the CBD World

The CBD dried fruit is our favorite offering from Verma Farms. We’ve rarely, if ever, seen the same thing from another CBD company. Each piece has a decent potency, and the price per mg of CBD is reasonable, considering you’re getting real fruit and not candy. Plus, the Hawaiian-themed flavors of Maui Mango, Rainbow Papaya, and Pineapple Party all sound equally delicious. If you can’t choose just one flavor, Verma Farms also offers a starter kit with one of each variety at a reduced price.

Dog Treats: Relief for a Man’s Best Friend

Maintaining your furry friend’s health and happiness is of the utmost importance to all dog owners out there. These Verma Farms CBD Steak Bites could be the perfect remedy for your canine’s issues. With over 150 reviews, customers of the Steak Bites have found that these treats have worked wonders with their companions, big and small. They have claimed that these CBD snacks have treated their dogs to relief from anxiety, pain, and arthritis. If you think you’re going to need more than one tub, you can buy a three-pack to save yourself a couple of bucks!

Gummies: Medium & High Potencies Bursting with Flavor

The lineup of Verma Farms gummies is one of the most impressive we have ever encountered. Available in potencies of either 12.5mg or 25mg per piece and ten different flavours, there is truly an option for everyone. Each flavor sounds fantastic and we’re tempted to try them all! Plus, you can choose from gummy rings, bears, worms, rainbow stripes, and more.

The higher potency option offers an excellent price per mg of CBD for those looking for a higher dose. If you’re struggling to decide on just one option, both the lower and higher potency options also come in mixed three-packs.

CBD Oil: Flavors for Everyone & Mixed Packs

The Verma Farms CBD oil comes in 30ml bottles, each containing 500mg of CBD. Available in eight different flavors, from mint to natural to watermelon, if you’re looking for a fun and delightful way to get your CBD, Verma Farms could have the answer you’re looking for. It offers a CBD kit consisting of its three most popular oils, Mint (Chill), Lemon Lime (Focus), and Natural (Boost), that is designed to give you all the benefits of CBD from dusk to dawn. Alternatively, if you’re a lover of all things fruity, you can buy the Verma Farms CBD Oil Fruit Pack, which contains five of their fruity flavors and will save you $100 compared to buying each product individually.

Topicals: Skin-Soothing Lotions & Roll-Ons

You’ll find two types of topicals from Verma Farms: Mahalo Muscle Relief Roll-On and Tropical CBD Lotion. The roll-on is a fan favorite, containing 200mg in the 3oz, making it a potent choice for a topical. Equally priced with the Tropical CBD Lotion but with double the CBD, we would definitely recommend the roll-on over the lotion. However, the lotion offers additional benefits through the many ingredients known to be good for the skin like aloe, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, hemp seed oil, and more.

Verma Farms: Great Products but with Several Hidden Setbacks

While we try to support the many CBD companies in the industry as best we can, we take our job to deliver thorough and unbiased reviews to our readers very seriously. The Verma Farms CBD product lineup and the wide variety of flavors that come with it are among the most impressive we’ve seen. However, beyond that, we found several red flags.

On the surface, we loved hearing that the hemp used in Verma Farms CBD is organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO, but as we dug deeper, we found no reason to actually trust these claims. We were disappointed with the complete lack of evidence backing Verma Farms, as many of the dozens of other CBD companies we have explored proudly display their certifications and licenses at the forefront of their business. Doing this straight away shows that their operation is as legitimate and compliant as possible.

At first, we were excited about the brand reviews we were reading, but we began to question their legitimacy after reading several hundred of them. There is an absence of any negative reviews, plus we identified a pattern of precisely three sentences used in about 95% of the reviews. It is doubtful that with the number of reviews, not a single person had something unfavorable to say. It’s equally unlikely that each reviewer had exactly three sentences to say about their Verma Farms experience.

Many of our favorite CBD brands such as NuLeaf Naturals are always actively promoting on social media. We were surprised to find Verma Farms using only one channel – an Instagram account with no posts and less than 700 followers. Lastly, we were perplexed at the nonexistence of a contact page accessible from the main website. Even after searching Google for contact information, we were underwhelmingly only able to find the company’s email address and mailing address. We don’t see hard-to-access contact details as a good sign.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Verma Farms.

Lab Testing

Verma Farms lacks transparency by claiming to back up what’s in their products, but haven’t updated the Certificates of Analysis on their CBD extract since early 2019.

Contact Verma Farms


Company office:
Verma Farms
500 Ala Moana Boulevard Suite 7400
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Verma Farms Social Media

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