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Cannabis plant
Grow Your Own Cannabis!


Growing Cannabis can be both a fun and rewarding hobby, not to mention you can save big by growing your own herb instead of making regular trips to a dispensary. 

Grow 101

Find The Indoor Grow Setup That’s Right For You

So, you’re thinking about creating an indoor grow setup in your home? You probably love cannabis and have been buying it from dispensaries for years. But, the idea of growing…

Allie Murphy

First Grow?

Grow lady with plant

The Beginner's Quick Start Guide

Don't be intimidated by all the information online about growing weed. Let's cut to the chase and go over the essential knowledge you need to get the ball rolling with your first grow.

Seed Reviews

Ten Terrific Feminized Seed Variety Packs for Cannabis Cultivators

A significant challenge facing today’s marijuana cultivators is choosing from the myriad of exceptional strains online. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this contemporary canna-conundrum: buy a feminized seed…

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Planning An Indoor Grow

Size Of Grow Area

Size of the area – How many plants you intend to grow determines how much space you’ll need. As a general guideline, 1 medium-sized plant takes up 2×2’ of floor space. Consider the physical restrictions (the dimensions) of your space. For example, is the ceiling low?

Power Supply

How much energy output can the grow space support?


Is the area naturally dark? Or, does it have windows and natural light filtering that may interfere with the light schedule? For example, you may need to get blackout curtains to control your light cycle if there’s a nearby window.

Air Flow

How enclosed is the area? Is it typically damp or stale? You will need ventilation for any grow, but you may also need to increase or reduce the humidity, depending on your environment.


Does your setup have to be inconspicuous or require security features? Keep in mind that grows can be both noisy and smelly.

Construction and materials

Are there any unique adaptions your space will require? For example, a carpeted floor may need to be covered with plastic, or you could need to add a support bar for hanging lights.

Growing Marijuana – Essential Supplies


Light for plants is like food for humans; they need it to survive. One main advantage of growing outdoors is the free light from the best source: the sun. If you’re growing indoors, your lights and the electricity to power them are going to cost you. There are pros and cons for each type of indoor grow light (HID, LED, or fluorescent). Based on your grow setup and amount of plants, you’ll have to determine how much light you need and choose the most efficient light source


Like humans need air, plants also need to breathe. If you’re growing in an enclosed area, the air will need to be changed every 1-3 mins through a ventilation system that exhausts the old air out and allows fresh air to enter. Cannabis plants also have certain humidity requirements, which change depending on the stage of growth, so you may need to add in a dehumidifier or a humidifier.


Not all seeds are created equal, but most cost $8-12. Acquiring good seeds is the key to starting off a good grow, so purchase your seeds from a reputable brand with a guaranteed germination rate of at least 80%.

Growing Medium

There are many different options to choose from, including hydroponics, organic soil, coco coir, and soilless mediums. Our beginner grow guides are focused on using soil because it is the most forgiving for a first-time grower.


Fortunately, there are pretty standard options for cannabis grow containers. You can choose a fabric or plastic pot. A fabric pot keeps your roots under control, but a plastic pot can be used over and over. Size-wise, most cannabis plants start in a small 3” pot (or solo cup) and end up in a 5-7 gal container. But you won’t need to repot your pot at all if you’re growing an autoflower plant because they have a short life and live in one container for the entire grow.



For all your beginner grower needs, choose professional pre-made nutrients to simplify cannabis feeding. We recommend purchasing a fertilizer set, like the Flora Series, with all the nutrients you need from seedling to harvest. Fertilizer sets for growing cannabis usually come as a set of 3 products with different nutrient combinations: one for the seedling stage, one for the growth/vegetative stage, and one for your final stage of bloom/flowering.

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