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Brighten Your Buds: Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SE-7000

Brighten Your Buds: Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SE-7000

There’s no shortage of LED manufacturers marketing towards marijuana cultivators…and who could blame them? As the legal weed industry expands, cannabis cultivation has become super profitable. LEDs provide many benefits to weed cultivators, which translates to insane “green gains” for LED manufacturers. On the downside, since so many LED grow lights are flooding the weed scene, cannabis growers often struggle to choose the “perfect” unit for their operations.

While there are many fine LED manufacturers, a few brands have gained more attention in the marijuana market. One such name is the California-based company Spider Farmer. Although Spider Farmer has been in the LED business since 2009, it recently gained a lot of hype for its ultra-modern SE-7000. Anyone serious about indoor cannabis cultivation can’t ignore the innovation going on at Spider Farmer. 

Brighten Your Buds: Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SE-7000 cannabis growing under grow lights

Who Is Spider Farmer?

Since its founding in 2009, Spider Farmer claims to have been an innovator in the field of LED grow lights. The company started the business with a 3800sqm LED grow light, but it now manufactures dozens of LED models for different grow spaces. 

Currently, Spider Farmer splits its LED lights into one of two categories: SE and SF. The main distinction between these grow lights is that SE has a bar construction, while SF lights are an LED panel. However, all of Spider Farmer’s LED grow lights come equipped with Samsung diodes. 

While LEDs are Spider Farmer’s primary focus, it also manufactures a popular line of grow tents and kits. Spider Farmer’s products are geared towards cannabis cultivators, whether they’re at home or in a professional grow room. 

Spider Farmer’s main headquarters is in Alhambra, CA, but it has warehouses in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Despite Spider Farmer’s recent growth, it still claims to design, inspect, and produce all of its products in-house. 

What Makes A Good LED Commercial Grow Light?

The key reason cultivators install LED grow lights is to take advantage of greater efficiency at a cheaper price. So, whether an LED light is “good” largely depends on factors like wattage, heat output, and total PPFD. 

When looking at an LED’s wattage, it should pull significantly less energy than it gives off. This increased light output will reduce your total operating expenses while providing your plants with better light penetration. The result should be healthier cannabis plants and lower operating costs. 

However, just because an LED has phenomenal power doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll provide a return on investment. Cultivators should always examine an LED grow light’s peripheral PPFD to verify lightwaves are distributed evenly. If all the light is concentrated in the center, it could reduce bud production and increase the risk of bud burn. 

High-quality LEDs should also have a built-in heatsink or fan mechanism to help efficiently dispense heat. Less ambient heat from LEDs won’t mess with your cultivation space’s temperature, making it easier to control your grow environment with dehumidifiers and HVAC systems. 

What's Special About Spider Farmer's SE-7000?

The new SE-7000 LED grow light is one of Spider Farmer’s most powerful LED designs. Since this LED is in the SE line, it has a bar construction with six slim LED bars. According to the company’s specs, each SE-7000 has 2688 Samsung LM301B diodes that offer 1920 µmol/s at 750 W. 

To help cannabis flowers flourish, Spider Farmer developed a novel three-channel light spectrum. This new system can provide a full spectrum of warm white, blue, and red light waves. The company also claims its SE-7000 has an even peripheral PPFD score, ensuring every flower gets equal access to light. Growers could easily tailor their total energy output throughout the grow process thanks to the SE-7000’s dimmable switch. 

Speaking of the SE-7000’s dimmer, Spider Farmer included a convenient daisy chain attachment with this unit. Growers could attach as many as 15 lights to their SE-7000 and control them with the same dimming switch.

The SE-7000 LED grow light could work in both home or commercial use, but manufacturers recommend using a 5′ x 5′ size for personal use or 4′ x 4′ in commercial settings. 

Why Choose Spider Farmer?

There are many reasons Spider Farmer has such a positive reputation in cannabis circles. Most significantly, Spider Farmer offers well-constructed LEDs at an affordable price. Thanks to Spider Farmer’s partnership with Samsung, customers get access to the world’s most respected diodes at a deep discount. 

Spider Farmer is so confident in the quality of its LEDs that it offers a five-year after-sale warranty on all grow lights. If customers experience an issue with their Spider Farmer LED, they could quickly ship it back to the nearest warehouse.

Plus, since Spider Farmer has warehouses in many Western nations, it’s simple for customers to reach out to a customer care rep. Spider Farmer’s multiple facilities allow it to offer reliably fast shipping in just 1 – 3 business days.

Lastly, Spider Farmer takes great care to verify that its LED lights pass all major global certifications. In addition to ETL and UL accreditations, all of Spider Farmer’s LED grow lights pass CE and RoHS inspections.  


Save On Spider Farmer With Bloom & Oil!

Nowadays, it’s hard not to stumble upon Spider Farmer when researching cannabis LED grow lights. Sure, many growers are drawn by Spider Farmer’s super affordable prices, but they’re also blown away by this company’s superior quality products. 

If you’re looking for a new LED from a reputable brand, you can’t go wrong with something like the Spider Farmer SE-7000 LED grow light. As a special perk, you could save 3% on your total purchase by typing the coupon code BLOOM. 

Whether you’re a pro cultivator or just starting out, Spider Farmer has plenty of cannabis-friendly LEDs worthy of consideration. 

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