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How Mars Hydro LED Could Brighten Your Cannabis Cultivation

How Mars Hydro LED Could Brighten Your Cannabis Cultivation

Switching to LEDs is a no-brainer for many cultivators, but there’s a lot of debate over which company offers the best unit. Choosing the best-LED light will vary depending on each grower’s preferences. However, there are a few reasons why Mars Hydro appears on multiple lists of the industry’s “best LED grow lights.” So, why have Mars Hydro reviews been so positive in the past few years? What sets the Mars Hydro Grow Light apart from the competition? 

Cannabis cultivation has come a long way from the cramped closets of the 20th century. Today, there are plenty of state-of-the-art facilities in North America solely dedicated to weed cultivation. While each grow room has different specifications, one feature many have in common is a reliance on LED panels. Although HID bulbs are still around, most commercial growers have been sold on the benefits LEDs offer. LEDs may not be cheap upfront, but they can save cannabis cultivators serious money in the long run. LEDs also have a longer lifespan, easier set-up, and a broader spectrum of lightwaves versus HIDs.



How Mars Hydro LED Could Brighten Your Cannabis Cultivation

Who Is Mars Hydro?

As hinted above, Mars Hydro is an LED grow light manufacturer that has been in business since 2009. The Mars Hydro team includes professional indoor gardeners and university-trained professors, all of whom help design the company’s expanding assortment of LED grow lights. 

Mars Hydro is different from other manufacturers because it doesn’t sell its LEDs through an intermediary. To this day, the Guangdong-based company is proud to sell directly from its warehouses, which helps keep costs down.

In fact, Mars Hydro was one of the first companies to take full advantage of eCommerce back in the early 2010s. Even today, it’s common for most customers to run across Mars Hydro reviews and LED grow lights on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. 

Although Mars Hydro is headquartered in China, it continues to expand its international reach with sister warehouses and stores. Customers in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Russia can now find subsidiary Mars Hydro locations that handle returns, repairs, and complaints. 

What Makes A Good LED Commercial Grow Light?

Simply put, a good LED grow light should save users time and money. There are many ways LEDs could achieve these goals, but two of the most important include overall light efficiency and heat output. LEDs should always pull less energy while giving off more wattage and a wider light spectrum versus HIDs. Not only do these features save total operating costs, but they should also supply cannabis plants with an ideal environment to flourish during the flowering stage. 

Good LED lights should also have a way to manage excess heat effectively. While an LED’s heat output will rarely exceed an HID’s, manufacturers still need to take this factor into play when designing their panels. Internal fans or built-in heat sinks will help keep grow lights cool while evenly dispersing heat through a grow space. 

On the subject of LED light design, manufacturers should consider ease of installation and operation when crafting their grow lights. You should be able to hang, plugin, and switch on your LEDs without too much of a hassle. If an LED grow light looks too complicated to install, then it’s probably not a good fit for your grow space.

Other telltale signs of a good LED grow light includes the manufacturer’s success rate, official accreditations, and warranty policies. Generous warranties and strong customer service show companies stand behind their LED grow lights. 

Why Choose Mars Hydro Grow Light?

Out of the dozens of LED grow lights online, why are cannabis growers consistently drawn to the glow of Mars Hydro? Here are a few reasons Mars Hydro has risen so “high” in the cannabis cultivation community. 

High-Quality Construction, Low Energy Consumption

Mars Hydro doesn’t mess around with dubious LED manufacturers. Indeed, the scientists at Mars Hydro work with one of the brightest names in the LED space: Samsung. For instance, the best-selling Mars Hydro FC6500 has 2,688 Samsung LM301B chips that pull an impressive 680 Watts. The superior quality of these lights should last cultivators at least 50,000 hours.

By comparison, most comparable commercial LED grow lights give off just 600 W with roughly 1,000 diodes. The extra diodes in Mars Hydro’s models help evenly distribute current, which translates to a longer LED lifespan and fewer issues with heat distribution.

Speaking of heating concerns, Mars Hydro uses a sturdy aluminum heat sink on all of its LED grow lights. In addition to effectively dissipating heat, Mars Hydro’s reflective sink helps concentrate light where you want it to be: on your plants! This aluminum heat sink also eliminates the need for the extra energy expenditure of an internal fan.

High Peripheral PPFD Helps Avoid “Popcorn Buds” 

Strong central PPFD numbers may look impressive, but they aren’t always a measure of an LED’s efficiency. Arguably, it’s even more critical for cultivators to measure how an LED light’s photons are distributed at the edges of a grow space. If the LED’s full intensity peters out in a small area, then you’re not maximizing the potential of your plants. 

Mars Hydro considers this PPFD problem when making its LEDs. For example, the Mars Hydro FC6500 has a max PPFD of ~ 1328 µmol/m2/s in the center, but it also has light intensities of near 1000 µmol/m2/s at the periphery from 10, 12, and 16 inches. Since Mars Hydro’s lights have more diodes than the competition, it can supply plants with a more even PPFD distribution.

As a bonus, Mars Hydro’s lights are optimally designed to provide the perfect light spectrums for cannabis. These spectrums include both red and blue, which are ideal for the flowering stage of development. 

Simple Installation & Expansion With Daisy Chain Design

One feature that keeps popping up in Mars Hydro LED reviews is the daisy chain functionality. This unique feature allows cultivators to seamlessly connect multiple Mars Hydro lights and control them within their grow space. So, as your grow operations expand, you can attach each LED with the provided power cables and enjoy the extra light. 

Mars Hydro lights with this daisy chain feature could work with a max of 15 LEDs. For extra convenience, Mars Hydro allows growers to dim all of these LEDs with the flick of a switch. This feature gives growers optimal control over just how much light they bring into their grow space.

DLC Certified & Superior Customer Service

When cannabis cultivators work with Chinese manufacturers, they often have questions about quality control. With the slew of improvised LED manufacturers popping up in China, it’s understandable why customers have concerns with overseas companies.

One way Mars Hydro has built trust with its customers is by applying for all the essential LED accreditations. Most significantly, every light in Mars Hydro’s portfolio has DLC certification. If that wasn’t enough, Mars Hydro has CE and ETL certifications for its line of grow lights. 

Beyond certifications, Mars Hydro has one of the most generous refund policies in the LED industry. Each Mars Hydro Grow Light has a one-year replacement guarantee followed by a four-year limited warranty. Mars Hydro also makes it easy for customers in countries like the US, Canada, and Australia to reach out to customer care reps thanks to its many local warehouses. There’s no need to send Mars Hydro LEDs overseas if you have an issue; customer service reps should help you deliver your items for repairs or refunds in your home country. 

Choose Mars Hydro LED For “Otherworldly” Yields

LED grow lights are becoming an essential investment in the commercial cannabis business. Choosing the wrong brand for your business’s needs could significantly dampen your ROI. Therefore, it’s essential to go with a trusted LED company that can deliver high-quality results at reasonable prices.

According to most online LED reviewers, Mars Hydro ticks all the boxes for a superior LED manufacturer. Mars Hydro’s LEDs offer phenomenal light penetration, longevity, and heat dissipation without breaking the bank. Thousands of Mars Hydro reviews on sites like Amazon attest to this company’s superior products and customer service department. Any cannabis cultivators searching for high-quality, scalable LEDs should seriously consider Mars Hydro’s offerings. 

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