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Gorilla Grow Tent – Is This Primate Worth Its Prime Price Tag?

When it comes to strength and intelligence, no primate rivals the gorilla – and no grow tent matches the Gorilla Grow Tent. Founded in 2011, this California-based company set out to conquer the grow tent space with its innovative height adjustment tool and high-quality materials. According to most expert cultivators, Gorilla Grow Tent has more than achieved its ambitious goal.

Gorilla Tent
Gorilla Tent
Gorilla Tent
Gorilla Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent

Expert Review


Dimensions: Sizes range from 2' x 2' x 4'11" to 10’ x 20’ x 6’11”
Canvas: 1,680D (GGT and SHORTY models) 210D (LITE model)
Frame: Metal (GGT and SHORTY models) Steel (LITE model)
Reflection: Unique Diamond Reflective Interior

Although a Gorilla tent will cost a pretty penny, few customers are disappointed with their purchase. Also, since Gorilla Grow Tent now offers an affordable LITE model, it’s easier for cash-strapped cultivators to give these premier tents a try. If you thoroughly research its catalog, you’re likely to find something that meets your needs.

What Are Gorilla Grow Tent’s Top Product Lines?

The first thing you should understand about Gorilla Grow Tent is there’s no ‘standard’ tent design. Instead, the company puts its tents into three distinct categories.

First, there’s the classic Gorilla Grow Tent line (GGT). Cultivators consider these tents the ‘premium play’ because they have all of the most advanced features at a high-end price.

The main draw for GGT tents is their remarkable height. Except for the 2’ x 2.5’ x 5’ 11” model, all GGT tents are impressively 6’ 11” tall. These tents also come with a complimentary height adjuster that allows you 1’ of extra height.

If you’re not concerned about having a super tall tent, then Gorilla Grow Tent’s SHORTY line may be right for you. As expected, these tents are super short – as in, never higher than 4’ 11”. Besides the reduced height, SHORTY tents have the same features as the GGT model, including 1,680D threading and metal poles.

Of all Gorilla Grow Tent’s models, the LITE line is arguably the most popular. Why? Simple. It’s cheaper.

How did Gorilla Grow Tent cut costs on its LITE design? First, the company has used a set of interlocking stainless steel poles rather than metal. It has also opted for less fabric density than the GGT and SHORTY. Lastly, the maximum height of a LITE tent is 6’ 7”.

Notably, Gorilla Grow Tent sometimes releases limited edition designs on its website, so be sure to check the company’s website and social media for info on special releases.

What Makes Gorilla Grow Tents Special?

There are many reasons people are willing to pay the high price tag for Gorilla Grow Tent products. Here are four key features that give this brand its competitive edge

Towering Height & Adjustability with Extension Kits

For many customers, Gorilla Grow Tent’s top claim to fame is its patent-pending height extension tool. As of today, Gorilla tents are the only models you can manually move up as your plant grows taller. Using this height extension kit, you could add either 1’ or 2’ to whichever model you purchase.

Even without this revolutionary extension technology, Gorilla Grow Tents are still the tallest in the grow tent market. Remember, the GGT tent’s average height is 6’ 11”, and LITE tents aren’t too shabby either at 6’ 7”.

Of course, all this added space makes home growing a lot more comfortable for tall gardeners. Height adjustability also makes it easier to cool your grow space even if you’re growing in a confined space.

Keep in mind that the 1’ extension tool is only included with GGT and SHORTY models. You can use an extension tool with LITE tents, but you’ll have to buy it as an add-on. Meanwhile, 2’ extension kits are sold separately.

Impressive Fabric Density & PVE Binding

After height adjustability, most people who research Gorilla Grow Tents are impressed with their top-notch fabric density. While most tent companies have exterior fabric threaded to 400-600D, Gorilla Grow Tents go above and beyond with 1,680D. That’s at least three times stronger than leading competitors.

However, only the GGT and SHORTY models have this 1,680D threading. Those who purchase the LITE model will have to settle for 210D. Although this is a relatively low count, Gorilla Grow Tent argues that you can’t judge the LITE’s fabric density with this metric. The company claims they use a unique PVE binding technique that attaches the tent’s interior to the exterior fabric. Supposedly, this gives the LITE tent more durability than standard grow tents.

Despite this PVE binding technology, LITE tents will offer less insulation, so factor this into your equation when deciding which model to purchase.

Strong & Durable Construction

Gorilla Grow Tents are as strong as King Kong! Not only do the GGT and SHORTY tents have 1,680D threading, they also come with metal poles. For added security, both of these tents have fasteners to keep the frame well grounded.

Since LITE tents are made with interlocking stainless steel poles, they are slightly less durable than the GGT and SHORTY models. That being said, growers usually don’t have complaints with this stainless steel construction. In fact, some customers prefer the steel frame because it makes the LITE tent, well, lighter!

No matter which tent you’re interested in, Gorilla Grow Tent always uses reinforced seals and high-quality zippers to enhance insulation. These tents also have convenient viewing windows so you can take a peek at your plants without disturbing them.

Intuitive & Protective Design Features

Gorilla Grow Tent frequently mentions its products are designed by home growers for home growers. Since cultivators have a say in final design, it makes sense that these tents have many intuitive features you won’t find anywhere else.

For instance, the company is proud to use a protective mesh screen on all of their tent designs. Not only does this screen prevent bug infestations, it also keeps microscopic pathogens like mold out of your precious grow space.

Gorilla Grow Tent has also invented in a revolutionary IR-blocking roof for both the GGT and SHORTY lines. Like the high thread count, this snug-fitting roof helps maintain stable temperatures in the grow space. For added convenience, this roof is fully detachable, making assembly extremely easy.

What’s the Best Gorilla Grow Tent?

With over 20 tent sizes in the company’s portfolio, it’s easy for first-time buyers to feel overwhelmed. However, remember the only difference between them all is their size (excluding the LITE line, of course).

Choosing your perfect Gorilla Grow Tent depends on how much space and money you have available. You should also factor in the average height of your plants to ensure the tent can handle them.

If you’re an experienced cultivator, focus your attention on the company’s classic GGT line, especially the popular Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4’. Aside from the 2’ x 2.5’ x 5’ 11” model, GGT tents have an exceptional height of 6’ 11” with a complimentary 1’ extension kit. GGT tents are also made with the highest quality 1,680D threading and 100% metal poles. All of these enhanced features make GGT tents perfect for intermediate and professional growers.

For those who’d like to experience GGT quality at a lower rate, be sure to browse the LITE catalog. Although LITE tents have inferior threading and stainless steel construction, you’ll enjoy a half-price discount. LITE tents are the optimal choice for budgeting cultivators and inexperienced home growers.

Lastly, Gorilla Grow Tent’s SHORTY line is the best choice for closet growers. These tents never go taller than 4’ 11”, but they are compatible with Gorilla Grow Tent’s height adjuster. While this height will limit the diversity of strains you can grow, it could be worthwhile if you value stealth. Many at-home cultivators use SHORTY tents for their seedlings.

Gorilla Grow Tent: Top Quality at Top Prices

Gorilla Grow Tents are premier products, which means you’ll have to pay premium prices. While it’s common to experience sticker shock when evaluating these tents, try to think of it as a long-term investment. As long as you don’t abuse your Gorilla tent, it will last decades without any significant damage.

If you’re a serious at-home cultivator, a Gorilla Grow Tent could pay for itself with higher yields, lower electricity costs, and minimal wear and tear. Be sure to consider all of these factors when reviewing Gorilla Grow Tent’s catalog.

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