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Top 5 Small Grow Tents | Growing Cannabis | 2020

To maximize marijuana yields with minimal fuss, every home cultivator should invest in a high-quality small grow tent. These easy-to-assemble tents are perfect for beginner growers interested in making the most out of tiny grow spaces.

Not only can these tents increase light luminosity and reflectivity thanks to their interior Mylar coating, but they can also protect your plants from potential risks like spiders, dust, pet fur, and of course, yourself. Plus, small grow tents are super discreet and mask ganja’s skunky aromatics.

Five Small Grow Tents Ideal For Beginner Growers

Before you buy your first small grow tent, you should take a peek at our top picks below. Each product in this piece is suitable for cannabis growers of any skill level.

2x2 Grow Tent: MARS HYDRO Grow Tent

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent for cannabis

MARS HYDRO is a Chinese company that has already made a big splash in the LED grow light space. In addition to the company’s line of affordable grow lights, MARS HYDRO now sells a stellar grow tent that covers 2’ x 2’ of space. According to MARS HYDRO, you should be able to fit two medium-sized pots or four small pots in one of these small grow tents.

Inside this 4.5’ tall grow tent, you’ll find a coating of diamond Mylar that gives off 99 percent light reflection. To prevent light leakage, MARS HYDRO designed its grow tent with a black 1680D canvas. Other significant features include top-grade SBS zippers, adjustable vents, and a window compartment you could use to view your plants.

Each MARS HYDRO grow tent comes with a removable floor tray attached to the bottom with straps. For extra stability, MARS HYDRO chose to use metal in all of its poles. According to the company, these metal poles could handle an impressive 132 pounds.

Although you don’t have to use tools to put together the MARS HYDRO, some customers complained that the set-up instructions. Apparently, the translation of Chinese to English could be challenging to understand at times.

Still, for about $100, this 2’ x 2’ grow tent offers plenty of spectacular features. Plus, if you already use a MARS HYDRO 300W LED light, the MARS HYDRO grow tent is a natural fit.

2x4 Grow Tent: GA Grow Tent

GA Grow Tent for cannabis

If you’re looking for a great budget buy, you might want to consider GreenArchitecture’s 2’ x 4’ small grow tent. At under $100, GA’s small grow tent is the most affordable option on our list. That doesn’t mean, however, this product is “low-class.”

Inside GA’s 2’ x 4’ x 5’ grow tent, you’ll find a 98 percent reflective PET Mylar coating. Each unit also has seven adjustable ventilation holes, a screen window, and a waterproof floor tray.

A significant pro for the GA Grow Tent is its incredibly sturdy metal poles. The company claims you could easily hang 110 pounds from these poles without worrying about the tent collapsing.

Although the GA Grow Tent has 600D Oxford cloth to prevent light leakage, it does not have SBS zippers. Indeed, a common issue reviewers have with this unit is that the zippers aren’t 100 percent light-proof. Some reviewers also complain that GA’s heavy-duty zippers wear away easily.

Bottom line: customers who are most concerned about price will be hard-pressed to find a better grow tent below $100.

3x3 Grow Tent: VIVOSUN Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Grow Tent for cannabis

The California-based company VIVOSUN is one of the most respected names in the grow tent space. If you’re in the market for a high-quality 3’ x 3’ tent set at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with this highly-rated brand.

Inside VIVOSUN’s 3’ x 3’ grow tent, you’ll find a diamond Mylar coating that reflects 98 percent of your grow light. To keep all of this light from escaping the tent, VIVOSUN decided to use 600D canvas on the outside and high-quality SBS zippers.

All of the poles used in VIVOSUN’s 3’ x 3’ x 6’ tent are made with metal and feature a coating of rust-proof zinc. You should have no problem hanging all of your equipment on the metal bars provided.

Other fantastic features include a waterproof floor tray, carbon-filter belts, and a hangable pouch to hold your tools. Plus, considering this tent’s average price is a little over $100, it’s arguably the best balance of affordability and quality.

Best Grow Tent Kit: BloomGrow Grow Tent

BloomGrow Grow Tent for cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, you may be wondering whether the bonus features in a grow tent kit are worth the higher price tag. Although you’ll have to pay more upfront, you might enjoy all of the tools included in one of these kits.

For instance, BloomGrow now offers one of the most comprehensive grow tent kits on the market. In addition to a professional small grow tent, people who buy this $330 package also receive:

  • One full spectrum LED 300W grow light
  • 4’’ aluminum fan filter ducting
  • One digital hydrometer & thermometer
  • One mechanical timer
  • One pair of 60mm scissors
  • One waterproof floor tray
  • A bag of 5’ x 15’ trellis netting
  • An adjustable rope ratchet

As for the tent’s construction, BloomGrow used a 600D thread count on the outside and a highly reflective diamond Mylar coating on the inside. Each tent also has a mesh viewing screen, dual ventilation sockets, and industrial-strength zippers. You can purchase the BloomGrow tent kit in two sizes: 2’ x 2’ x 4’ or 2.7’ x 2.7’ x 5.25’.

Please note: unlike the other tents on this list, BloomGrow uses plastic in its support beams. Although the company claims its reinforced plastic is durable, each ratchet can only handle up to 75 pounds.

Multi-Chamber Grow Tent: TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent for cannabis

Cultivators who enjoy working on multiple grow operations at the same time might want to consider a multi-chamber tent. TopoGrow currently offers one of the highest-reviewed multi-chamber models, which includes two nurseries and one larger area.

In TopoGrow’s standard 4’ x 3’ x 6’ model, the two-tiered nursery areas measure 1’ x 2’ x 6’, each while the flowering compartment measures 3’ x 3’ x 6’. TopoGrow also offers a larger 5’ x 4’ x 6.7’ model for those who want more space.

In terms of this grow tent’s build, TopoGrow uses a diamond Mylar interior and 600D Oxford cloth. There are also dual ventilation sockets, a mesh screen for viewing, and heavy-duty industrial zippers.

Each of the poles used in TopoGrow’s unit is made of metal and can be assembled without tools. TopoGrow also includes a waterproof floor tray to help with clean up.

Although you’ll have to pay a bit extra for TopoGrow’s unit—the 4’ x 3’ retails for about $135—it might be worth the investment if you’re constantly growing cannabis.


A grow tent is by no means essential for a successful indoor cannabis garden. However, if you live in a tiny apartment or room, it is pretty much a gift from the ganja gods. Not only can you fit everything inside a neat little package, but you practically eliminate the risk of potentially disastrous light leaks and infestations.

So if you always wanted to find your green thumb but never had the space to do it, here’s your chance!

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