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Animal Cookies

Breeders, seed banks, medical marijuana patients, and Indica lovers far and wide enjoy the heavy-hitting effects of Animal Cookies. With sweet-smelling, nutty terpenes, Animal Cookies is a nostalgic reminder of fresh-baked cookies, a day at the zoo, and weekends at the carnival. The Animal Cookies strain is sometimes called the Animal Crackers strain, which references the sweet Barnum’s animal-shaped cookies most of us ate as kids. 

Animal Cookies Overview

Animal Cookies has purebred genetics and flaunts an impressive reputation as one of the more intense Indica-dominant strains on the market. Crafted by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot, the Animal Cookies strain is the indica-born child of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG. Diving deeper into this indica lineage, you’ll find that all roads eventually lead to OG Kush, the cannabis strain responsible for countless hybrid crossbreeds all around the world. 

One way to identify a “true” Animal Cookies phenotype is to pinch it between your fingers. The denser the nug, the better (good Cookies buds tend to be sturdy and compact). To the eye, Animal Cookies has moss-green leaves dotted with purple ribbons. It breaks up in clumpy, hard-as-rock buds, typical of most Cookies strains. Embellished with a glossy trichome sheen, Animal Cookies emits a soil-like fragrance that is both skunky and sweet.  

The caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene-terpene profile complement the strong indica effects, making Animal Cookies an optional nighttime supplement for poor sleepers, chronic worriers, and tired bodies. This Cookies strain may have the potential to quell pain and entice those who smoke it into a deep slumber. Be prepared for untameable munchies, because Animal Cookies enhance late-night cravings for all things sweet (and cookie-related). 

Animal Cookies Strain Icon

Animal Cookies Bud image

Indica Hybrid

THC: 18-27%

CBD: 0%

Parent Strains: GSC & Fire OG

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Naming The Kooky Cookies Family 

Several breeders have gone on to cross Animal Cookies with other circus-themed cannabis strains, creating Zookies, Animal Mints, and Apple Fritter. While these hybrid strains offer unique effects and benefits, the common ancestor among them all is GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies in the 4/20 community). GSC phenos share a (for the most part) sweet and pungent aroma and are often named for their flavor and smell (Garlic Cookies, Blueberry Cookies, etc.).  

West Coast Vibes 

For now, the Animal Cookies strain is still a West Coast secret. Dispensaries in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada proudly sell Animal Cookies flower, vapes, and concentrates. You can, on the other hand, buy Animal Cookies seeds online from BC Bud Depot. Only time will tell when Animal Cookies winds up on East Coast dispensary shelves.

What The Real Girl Scouts Of The USA Think

Girl Scouts in California have been running with the weed association for years. High Times published a story in 2018 that profiled a Girl Scout who set up business in front of Urbn Leaf, a dispensary in San Diego. She sold 300 boxes in six hours, thanks to heavy foot traffic and an obviously hungry pool of customers. In 2014, another Girl Scout used the same tactic at a San Francisco dispensary, allowing her to raise hundreds of dollars in cookie sales. While the strain is referred to as GSC to avoid confusion with real Girl Scouts of the USA, the two communities appear to have mutual respect and understanding. 

Some Cookies Strains Are Bootleg Versions 

Inside the cannabis community, there’s a lot of talk about what is and what isn’t a genuine GSC strain. A journalist at High Times landed an exclusive interview with breeders who claim to have created the original GSC. Made up of Jigga, Flux, and Mr. Sherbinski, the self-titled Cookie family keeps a low profile in California. Their hush-hush attitude makes GSC somewhat of an enigma, as breeders can’t seem to figure out who deserves credit with so many bootleg versions saturating the market. All of the hype behind GSC is more of a reason to try Animal Cookies and get as close to GSC perfection as possible. 

Animal Cookies Effects

The Animal Cookies strain produces typical indica effects: stoney, spacey, and wonderfully numbing body euphoria. This Indica-dominant strain glues you comfortably to the couch for hours. Since it contains THC levels in the 18-27% range, lightweight smokers should keep their tolerance in mind when smoking Animal Cookies. 

Indulging in Animal Cookies may have potential therapeutic benefits for anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The GSC family is known for expressing high amounts of caryophyllene, the terpene that gives Animal Cookies its musky, funky aroma. The sweet, cookie-scented fragrance most likely comes from its secondary terpenes, myrcene, and limonene. 

Although most people recommend Animal Cookies weed for evening-only use, the effects vary from person to person. In general, people say this strain makes them heavy-eyed and carefree. Try Animal Cookies when you don’t have anywhere to be and can block off three hours or so to chill out, munch out, and sleep off the high. 

Growing Animal Cookies

Some say Animal Cookies is a clone-only strain, meaning you have to purchase cuttings before you can harvest it. However, Animal Cookies seeds are available for purchase through BC Bud Depot, the seed bank believed to be the first Animal Cookies breeder. Growers generally agree that this is a moderate to difficult cannabis strain to harvest. Typical of GSC phenos, Animal Cookies produce dense buds during the flowering stage that practically act like mold magnets, trapping moisture and lowering cannabinoid and terpene expression. 

First-time growers should pay attention to optimizing air circulation and light quality. Whether you’re harvesting Animal Cookies indoors or outdoors, a basic understanding of successful grow conditions is necessary. If you’re able to mimic natural sunlight, you can expect your buds to flower in nine to ten weeks, with the plant canopy reaching six to nine feet tall. You’re looking for quality over quantity, and with a smaller yield than most strains, growing Animal Cookies brings delicious rewards to those who are patient. 

“One bong hit [of Animal Cookies] and that’s taking me out of the game for a little while.“

Tyler Green, ISMOKE

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