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Best Indica Strains

Best Indica Strains

What are the best indica strains? Famed for their soothing and sedating characteristics, Indica strains are immensely popular amongst cannabis users. While many associate indica strains with feelings of lethargy or “couch-lock,” this is only part of the story. In fact, indica strains come in a tremendously wide variety, and their effects can be nearly as wide-ranging. 

Finding the best indica strains for yourself can be a bit tricky, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most notable indicas, renowned for their varying effects, flavors, and growth patterns. So light up, relax, and let’s explore.

Best Indica Strain cannabis leaves in front of sunset sky

What is Indica?

Indica strains tend to hail from the Mideast region, with many finding their roots in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s famed Kush Valley. Originating from altitudes high in the Himalayas, indica plants tend to grow short and bushy, producing heavy and prodigious harvests when treated carefully. Known for their heavy resin production, they also grow fast to beat the first frost of the year. Their short stature makes them a favorite among indoor growers.

Indicas are known for their soothing and sedative effects, though not all indicas are created equal. While the “couch-lock” myth is certainly somewhat grounded in reality, it can’t be said to be true across the board. With thousands of various indica strains available, their effects range wildly. Generally, though, nearly all indicas can be said to be on the tame, mellow side when compared with their sativa counterparts. 

Whereas sativas strains are said to be “uplifting” and “energetic,” the same can not be said for most indica strains. Indicas are largely described as relaxing, mellow, and sleep-inducing. There’s also a frequent correlation between indicas and snack food, so consider yourself warned!

B&O’s Best Indica Strains

Narrowing down the best indica strains 2021 is no small task, but we took on the responsibility. Read on for our results.


While it may not be amongst the most potent indica strains, this famous landrace strain nonetheless gave rise to many of the indicas we know and love today. Growing in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani is one of the oldest and most prominent indicas out there. It’s been crossed hundreds of times and has given birth to many legendary strains, including the legendary Northern Lights. Afghani is said to leave users sedated, relaxed and happy, while also relieving stress. Imparting an earthy, pungent flavor and smell, Afghani grows covered in sticky resin and trichomes, making it a perfect candidate for hash production. It’s certainly a legend for a reason!

Purple Kush

Another legend hailing from the Mideast is Purple Kush, originally a cross between pure Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Like Afghani, it grows short and thick, producing heavy buds that tend to bend its branches. A short flowerer, Purple Kush tends to be finished flowering in less than two months, making it a favorite amongst growers looking for a quick turnaround. In addition, it produces a plethora of buds that bear some resemblance to Afghani in their earthy and pungent aroma, but which also feature a grape, candy-like flavor when consumed. Could be great for chronic pain, loss of appetite and insomnia, Purple Kush is sure to relax you all the way to the fridge. Some would say it’s one of the strongest indica strains, so keep this in mind when you imbibe. 


A mix of Thai and Purple Thai, Blueberry has been a beloved indica strain for decades. Originally bred by legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short, Blueberry lives on as a favorite of indica lovers even today. Prized by connoisseurs for its unique flavor and color, it’s also well-loved for its euphoric, long-lasting high that helps smash stress and sleeplessness. Blueberry lovers also note its ability to relieve chronic pain and elevate mood, all while tasting fantastic!


Another legend on this list, G13 is a potent indica with a mythical backstory. Reportedly the first “government weed,” G13’s hazy origins lead many to make the claim that this strain was the product of the U.S. government’s first forays into cannabis breeding. While the government typically doesn’t grow weed, this legendary strain remains a favorite amongst indica lovers. Known for its earthy flavor and pungent aroma, G13 is regarded for its euphoric, couch-lock effect. Many users report feeling sleepy after consuming G13, making it perfect for sufferers of insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Others report relief from anxiety and stress, as well as appetite enhancement. Some users. feel it’s the best indica strain for anxiety.

Granddaddy Purple 

Sometimes referred to as “Granddaddy Purp,” this beauty has become a legend in less than twenty years. Bred initially from Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Granddaddy Purple has been making waves since it was introduced in 2003 and has since become synonymous with purple bud. The plant lives up to its name, producing vibrant purple flowers with an aroma of grape candy. It’s truly a delight to behold and even more to smoke. GDP is the epitome of indica, producing strong cerebral effects that leave one perfectly content to watch TV or play video games late into the night. 

Platinum Kush

Bred from Afghani and OG Kush, Platinum Kush is a real heavy-hitting pure indica. The offspring of two epic hash producers, Platinum Kush, does not disappoint with its thick coating of resin and crystally appearance when examined in the light. Regarded by users for its ability to manage chronic pain, Platinum Kush is an ideal medicinal strain. With THC levels averaging at about 18%, it’s certainly not the strongest indica strain out there, but its sedative and euphoric effects make it a staple. Described as sweet and fruity with a hash-like aroma, Platinum Kush has won many fans over for its smooth smoke and cerebral high. 

Northern Lights 

Still another legendary strain on this list, Northern Lights is a pure indica bred from Afghani and Thai. Northern Lights produces classically indica effects in users, such as muscle relaxation, pain relief, and drowsiness. Northern Lights is set apart, however, for its uniquely euphoric effects, not unlike those reported by many sativa users. Often hailed for its ability to combat stress and one of the best indica strains for anxiety, it’s also easy to grow, reaching a moderate height and size and producing abundant harvests. In addition to being a great smoke, Northern Lights has given rise to countless hybrids, including the world-renowned Super Silver Haze. Of course, it’s on our list of the best indica strains 2021. 

Purple Punch

Though not a pure indica, Purple Punch possesses all the earmarks of an indica legend. At 80%, it’s technically a hybrid, but Purple Punch’s effects, flavor, and growth patterns all scream indica. Bred from Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch found the best of the indica characteristics of its two parents and amplified them. Known for its incredible hues and delightful grape aroma, Purple Punch also packs a flavorful wallop. An initial cerebral body buzz, the result of the sativa heritage, mellows out into a long-lasting stone that will leave one relaxed, pain-free, and giggling all night. It’s a perfect strain for treating chronic pain and insomnia, as well as enjoying recreationally. 

Before Trying or Buying an Indica Strain

Many claim that indica strains are the “stronger” of the cannabis strains, and while this may be true for some strains, it’s not a universal truth. Before picking out an indica to bring home and enjoy, some things you may want to consider include:

  • Potency – Purchasing your cannabis from a reputable source should give you an indication of the strain’s potency, a variable that can greatly affect your ability to enjoy a strain.
  • Desired effects – Because there are so many indica strains available, you can easily find one tailored to suit your specific needs. Feeling a bit nauseous? There’s a strain for that. Having trouble sleeping? There are lots of strains for that. 
  • Your plans for the day/night – Be mindful of the fact that some of the more potent indicas may induce “couch-lock,” a feeling of intense relaxation that is often accompanied by a desire to do nothing and go nowhere. 


What is the strongest indica strain?

Many indica strains test well into the 20% range, though Purple Kush has tested as high as 27% in recent years.

What is the best indica strain to grow?

Lots of indicas are beloved by growers for their short stature and fast flowering period, but Northern Lights stands out as the easiest-to-grow heavy producer on this list. 

Where can I buy indica strains?

In states with legalized recreational cannabis, indica strains can be bought at any dispensary or delivered through a local delivery service, such as Eaze in California. Additionally, many seed companies have popped up over the past few years, offering tons of opportunities to grow your own indica at home. 

Indica strains are a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day or anytime you’re in need of a little stress relief. We’re sure you’ll find at least one or two strains you like in our best indica strains rundown. Whether you’re looking for serious medical relief or simply an enjoyable night at home with your favorite book or TV show, indicas make a perfect choice and include some of the most legendary strains of all time. Why not find a little indica and try it out for yourself tonight?

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