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Fire OG

Fire OG is very lemony to the nose with a delightful hint of earthy funk. It’s best known for its high THC content averaging between 20% to 25%. However, the high is extremely comfortable and cozy, felt through a euphoric body stone. The look of the strain is what it was named for, as it is covered in crystal-coated vibrant red pistils that contrast beautifully over lightly colored lime green nugs, giving it the appearance of being on fire. 

Fire OG Overview

Fire OG, also known as Fire OG Kush, has a massive fan base that will choose this particular indica hybrid any chance they get. If you’re familiar with OG varieties you’ll recognize the famously pungent stinky smoke. No difference here, it won’t take long for your whole home to smell loud after just a couple of puffs. Its strong couch-lock effects make it known as being possibly the most potent OG strain that is available among all the different hybrid varieties we have today. This is great for addressing medical issues like aches and pain but can also be pleasant for a lazy night in. 

This is a total package specimen of interbreeding within the OG Kush family. If you follow back the family cannabis tree to the parental strains that produced Fire OG seeds you find OG Kush x SFV OG Kush F3. SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG Kush F3’s lineage goes back to an Afghani landrace, the source of where its citrusy cleaning product smell comes from. Although, you can still find lots of discussions in growers forums covering the background of this strain. Some respected members of the growing community claim that Fire OG may also be known as Triangle Kush, most folks agree that Triangle Kush is a different strain that came out of Florida that has a funkier earthy smell and lacks the lemon-forward smell that the real Fire OG packs. The limonene that causes that lines up with the profile found in the Afghani influenced San Fernando Valley cut, where limonene can also be found in a higher concentration. 

Fire OG Icon

Fire OG FlowerTHC 20%-25%

Indica-dominant Hybrid 

CBD 0%

Parental strains: OG Kush &

San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3

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Swerving In The Right Direction

Breeders always want good sources, hunting out traits they prefer and using them to concoct new possibilities. Swerve, a grower out of the team at Cali Connections worked his magic with Fire OG using it in a hybrid they created and called White Fire OG or WiFiOG for short. You can see a lot of the visual traits from Fire OG in the cross and they’ve continued to use the cross in lots of their newer hybrids as well. 

Swerving In The Right Direction

OG Kush, one of the parents for the Fire OG strain, is the original gangster. Its heavy-handed THC content is world-renowned, so when you see OG at the end of the name, you’re in for it. There’s a lot of OG varieties if you like them, don’t hesitate to try some of the other OG strains. Fire OG is a great example of what it has to offer. 

Can You B-Lieve It? 

B-Real is a rapper from the American hip-hop group called Cypress Hill who released a track called Fire. Now even though he doesn’t mention Fire OG in the song, he might as well. Their name gets thrown around quite a bit when researching the origins of the abbreviation “OG”. This song is all about lighting up some fire weeds, a must-add for your favorite smoking playlist. 

OG Fire Facts

The terpene profile in this cultivar is completely out of control. The ones that are found to be the most prominent in Fire OG are D-Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Beta-Caryophyllene. Even though these are at the front of the race, there are lots of traces of other terpenes that create a deep rich scent. You may notice a hint of a skunky smell common in other OG strains, or even a bit of a spicy aftertaste when it is smoked. 

Fire OG Effects

Chances are when you smoke this you’ll find it hits pretty hard and fast. Potency is no joke here, the intensely relaxing effects have built up quite a reputation. This is sometimes too much to handle for infrequent smokers with a lower tolerance level. While a lot of users describe early euphoric creativity immediately after smoking that feels clear-headed and energizing, all users describe the pleasant indica traits of releasing anxieties and negative stressful emotions. Of course, this insanely stoney indica is also great for handling chronic pain, easing muscle tension, and putting you right to bed.  Even if you’re used to finishing a couple of big bowls back to back, take it slow with Fire OG Kush, it’s a favorite for its long-lasting intense ability to leave you melted into a bundle of blankets. 

Growing Fire OG

If you’ve got some Fire OG seeds you’re probably dying to pop them, but make sure you’re up for the job. This strain is recommended for intermediate to advanced growers as it’s known for being temperamental if it’s not in an ideal environment. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse but avoid growing outdoors if you live in a temperate climate that will make powdery mildew a more probable issue for you to deal with. Some strains are weaker to mold and disease, this is one of them. A big cash crop in a controlled environment, you’ll see large yields sometimes as big as 10+ ounces per plant. This will definitely be easier to grow in an indoor environment where you have more control over things like temperature, airflow, and humidity. Look into vapor pressure density or VPD! This can be a huge factor in the quality of your final product, so take the time to do your research. If you do feel confident enough to plant seeds outdoors with a fussy strain like this, you’ll be looking at harvesting them around mid to late October. 

“Growing the Fire OG has been amazingly informative, it taught me so much about how to grow properly and how not to grow if I want things to be successful.“

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