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Forbidden Fruit

The cannabis strain Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant descendant of Cherry Pie and Tangie. It has a sweet flavor with hints of cherries, tropical fruits, and pine. A potent, THC-rich cultivar, the Forbidden Fruit strain produces a physically relaxing high with euphoric and uplifting effects, making it ideal for or unwinding at the end of your day. This medium-sized plant is relatively easy to grow with the right amount of light.

Forbidden Fruit Overview

Forbidden Fruit is a hybrid, indica-dominant cannabis strain. Its name is quite fitting as you’ll have a hard time not reaching for this strain as soon as you get a whiff of its sweet aroma. If this grew in the Garden of Eden, we couldn’t blame Adam and Eve for getting kicked out of paradise just to get a taste. Its dense buds produce vibrant hues of purple, orange, and green and carry a THC content ranging from 14% to 26%. Forbidden Fruit is perhaps best known for its delicious tropical flavor. There’s the sweet, musky aroma of flowers and fruits with hints of pine, lemon, and berries. Similarly, the taste has notes of cherry, citrus, grapefruit, mango, pine, and passionfruit. It’s not surprising to hear people say that the Forbidden Fruit strain is their favorite-tasting strain. As for its effects, Forbidden Fruit makes for a relaxing and euphoric high that can relieve pain and leave you couch-locked and ready for sleep. 

One of the rising stars of the San Francisco Bay Area, Forbidden Fruit is a relative newcomer. It was bred in 2016 by Chameleon Extracts of Santa Clara, California by crossing two potent, flavourful strains: Cherry Pie and Tangie, giving it a 70/30 indica/sativa lineage. Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain known for its cherry flavor and relaxing, euphoric effects, while Tangie is sativa-dominant with a citrusy flavor and uplifting, energizing effects.

Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain IconForbidden Fruit strain bud image Indica  

THC: 14+%

CBD: 0%

Parent strains: Cherry Pie & Tangie

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A Rising Star

Despite its young age, Forbidden Fruit has quickly grown in popularity. 

It’s frequently included on popular strain lists put together by leading cannabis websites and magazines, including Leafly, Weedmaps, High Times, and Cannabis Now.

For example, the Forbidden fruit weed strain was featured on the list of the 12 most popular strains on the Weedmaps strains platform, and High Times’ 2019 list of 20 trending strains. It was also included in CannabisNow’s 2019 list of the biggest strains of the past decade. 

Famous Parents

According to an interview with Joseph, the creator of Forbidden Fruit, the strain has quite the distinguished parents. The genetics of its mother Tangie plant can be traced back to the 1990s and come from Crockett Family Farms, an award-winning, family-run cannabis company. Meanwhile, its father plant — Cherrie Pie — is a strain bred by Jigga, a famous underground cannabis breeder whose team is also behind Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. 

After acquiring Cherry Pie seeds by luck, Joseph and his team grew 30 Cherry Pie plants before picking the best one they had and using it to pollinate their Tangie plant. 

This produced 37 phenotypes, out of which they chose the only one that showed a purple color, giving birth to the first plant of the Forbidden Fruit strain. 

A Sensory Experience

It’s not hard to see why Forbidden fruit is such a popular strain. It’s not just pleasant to smoke but also looks, smells, and tastes amazing. The often-frosty buds with violet flowers and orange hairs, surrounded by vibrant green, are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Another striking element of the Forbidden Fruit weed strain is its tropical, sweet, fruity aroma. User reports often mention how strong and good it smells as soon as you open the container.

Similarly, the taste is among the sweetest and most pleasant ones you’ll find. 

Easy To Grow

According to its original breeder Joseph, Forbidden Fruit is an easy strain to grow. In his own words, “The genetics are so strong that you don’t have to push it…it’s kind of a Blue Dream in that you can literally throw it in the ground and hit it with a garden hose and you’re going to be extremely happy with the end results.” 

Forbidden Fruit Effects

Forbidden Fruit has relaxing and euphoric effects. On the physical side, it will leave you deeply relaxed, calm, and drowsy, and many users report feeling couch-locked. 

For that reason, Forbidden Fruit is best enjoyed during the evening hours, even if it’s not as sedating as pure indica strains. On the mental side, this strain will have you feeling happy and uplifted and melt away all worries and concerns as you giggle and smile. This makes it a solid option for chilling on the couch, watching TV, and getting ready for bed.

Although Forbidden Fruit is not the first strain that comes to mind for medicinal use, many users also report relief of stress, anxiety, pain, depression, migraines, and insomnia. Some have also reported feeling the munchies. Beginners should be careful with this strain as it’s quite strong and even seasoned smokers have reported feeling stoned. 

Growing Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit strain is considered relatively easy to grow. Forbidden Fruit seeds are usually auto-flowering, but they can be difficult to find, so you may have to do some research. 

Forbidden Fruit can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and is resistant to mold, pests, and diseases. It doesn’t need much maintenance, although you’ll have to provide the right amount of light with moderate humidity and room temperature. 

Forbidden fruit has a flowering time of about 10 weeks and grows to be 3-6 feet tall. It produces dense, fragrant buds with medium to high yields. 

“It’s a really easy plant to grow. It doesn’t over-veg. It keeps a nice shell. The nugs are nice and tight. It’s just a matter of not doing too much.“

Joseph, the breeder behind Forbidden Fruit, in an interview with Cannabis now.

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