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The Gelato strain, a West Coast “craft hybrid” is a heavy hitter that delivers a strong physical sensation, while promoting creative euphoria. Named for its fruity aroma, this well-balanced hybrid strain combines the body stone of an indica with the focus of a sativa. Trippy but relaxing, the strength of this cultivar borders on psychedelic. Mental clarity remains conducive to productivity while the body experiences deep physical relaxation. 

Gelato Strain Overview

Think sweet blueberry and orange sherbet, with a hint of lavender. These are the flavors that describe the popular cultivar aptly named “Gelato”. Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics in Northern California’s Bay Area, this plant’s small, thick and dense buds offer deep green and purple hues with burnt orange pistils. The sweet berry and the citrusy smell become an earthy delight when ground. One reviewer describes Gelato’s thick smoke as “soft and creamy”. 

While it may sound contradictory, this cultivar tends to promote deep physical relaxation with focussed creativity. The slow-building body buzz plateaus offering heightened sensory perception accompanied by a peaceful sense of well-being, followed by a good night’s sleep. The Gelato strain has been observed to produce the typical dry eyes and mouth, plus initial dizziness in some users. Like with any cannabis strain that boasts a consistent THC content of over 20%, novice users are susceptible to paranoia if not careful. It is imperative to start slowly when trying new strains.

Gelato Strain Icon

Gelato Strain Bud Image


THC: > 20% 

CBD: < 1% 

Parent Strains: Thin Mint GSC & Sunset Sherbet

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Gelato In Pop Culture

While there doesn’t appear to be any evidence suggesting that NBA superstar Larry Bird smoked weed, the strain Gelato 33 was nicknamed “Larry Bird”, with reference to the number on his basketball jersey. Fans of this cultivar seem to agree that this is an all-star strain.

After being named “Leafly Strain of the Year” in 2018, it stands to reason that “Gelato” became the most searched strain on the popular weed culture website Leafly that same year.

Storied master cultivator Mario Guzman is credited as being one of a team of breeders who developed the Gelato strain. Given that one of Gelato’s parent strains is called “Sunset Sherbet” aka “Sherbert”, is it any surprise that Guzman was dubbed “Mr. Sherbinski”?!

Hip hop has inducted the Gelato weed strain into popular culture. Notable proponents who wax poetic about this strain include Lil Pump as well as Peewee Longway and Young Dolph in their song “Gelato”.

Gelato Effects

This cannabis strain’s dominant terpenes are beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool, explaining Gelato’s sedative quality. Some users seek this strain for pain relief, to reduce headaches, and to combat insomnia. The Gelato strain induces deep relaxation, which can be beneficial for reducing stress but should be consumed with caution since its significant THC content can increase one’s heart rate and with it, anxiety. Keep this in mind, start slowly.

Growing Gelato

Purportedly somewhat challenging to grow, and perhaps equally challenging to find seeds and clones, Gelato seeds are a hearty, disease-resistant variety that does best in high humidity. Therefore, indoor grows, where you can regulate humidity, will produce optimal yields. Outdoor grows may require sub-tropical climates, with a mean temperature around 23 degrees Celsius. 

Grow Tip

Pigments called anthocyanins belong to a class of molecules called flavonoids, giving plants their red, blue, and purple colors. Proceeding with care during the vegetative stage, anthocyanins in this strain can be stimulated by cold weather to produce a deep purple hue. 

“Roll a blunt of Gelato before I f***!“

Peewee Longway feat. Young Dolph

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