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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have always been a reliable “munchies cure” in the marijuana world. However, since the 2010s, most cannabis fans who mention “Girl Scout Cookies” aren’t thinking about “Do-Si-Dos.” First released in California, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is a sweet and earthy hybrid that has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards. But don’t let the kid-friendly name fool you. With THC levels near 30 percent, GSC is far from a “kiddie strain!”


Girl Scout Cookies Overview

Although we don’t know everything about GSC’s origins, San Fran’s Cookie Collective claims ownership over this strain. According to cannabis breeder Jigga, this Bay Area collective used three strains to create GSC: Durban Poison, OG Kush, and the mysteriously named “F1.” To this day, the Cookie Collective carefully guards its genetics, so nobody’s sure what the heck “F1” is. In recent years, the GSC strain has spawned an entire “Cookies category,” which includes dozens of copycat strains, unique phenotypes, and award-winning hybrids. Just a few of the hottest names in the GSC lineage include Thin Mints, Kosher Cookies, and Sherbert.


Girl Scout Cookies strain icon Girl Scout Cookies Flower Bud ImageIndica-leaning hybrid

THC: 25 – 30 percent

CBD: ≤ 1 percent

Parent Strains: OG Kush & Durban Poison 


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The Girl Scouts Aren't Fans Of This Flower

As the Girl Scout Cookies strain became trendy in the Golden State, the Girl Scouts of America became increasingly concerned. As you might imagine, leaders at this child-friendly organization weren’t happy about a brand of buds using their logo. Not only did this hurt the Girl Scouts’ wholesome image, but it was also technically copyright infringement.

In the early 2010s, the Girl Scouts sent dozens of cease-and-desist orders to Cali-based cannabis dispensaries selling the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Thankfully, dispensaries found a clever way to appease the Girl Scouts community: use the acronym GSC! Apparently, this simple solution helped settle this issue without a messy court battle.

Is There A Slice Of Pie In These Cookies? — Be Careful About Cookies Conspiracy Theories!

To this day, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding Girl Scout Cookies’ genetics—and that’s partially deliberate.Once GSC was released, Cookies Collective spread numerous rumors about this strain’s genotype. According to Jigga, this was all an attempt to keep their original genetic code a secret.

However, there’s still a persistent rumor online that GSC is a Cherry Pie Kush phenotype. This would mean GSC is in the famous Grand Daddy Purps lineage. To this day, however, there’s no official word on whether these strains have anything to do with GSC.

Berner Really Likes His Cookies!

While the GSC strain may have become famous without extra publicity, it never hurts when artists get pumped about your product. In the case of GSC, the rapper Berner has been one of the most vocal fans online. Indeed, if you’ve followed Berner’s Instagram page, you know how much he loves kicking back with a batch of GSC buds.

But Berner, wasn’t content to savor Cookie Collective’s work—he had to create his rendition! While it may be challenging to find, there is a sativa-dominant cultivar called (you guessed it!) Berner’s Cookies. According to most reports, this intense strain has a spicier flavor and mostly cerebral effects. Be sure to compare it with the original GSC to see which version you prefer.

Image source: Berner’s Instagram

Spread "Cookies Culture" With Official GSC Merch!

Girl Scout Cookies weed strain may be the only cannabis strain that has a line of clothes named after it. Capitalizing on the “Cookies craze” in the mid-2010s, Berner created his own line of “Cookies clothing.” Today, you could find a Cookies clothes store in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to travel to the West Coast to get your hands on sweet Cookies swag. You could order all of the Cookies clothes you crave on!

Girl Scout Cookies Effects

Although Girl Scout Cookies is officially listed as “indica-dominant,” it offers users a remarkably balanced high. Indeed, most tokers initially report a buzzy, “head-rush” sensation thanks to Durban Poison. Don’t be surprised if you feel extra chatty and giggly a few minutes after taking your first toke.

As the high progresses, you will notice the standard “body heavy” effects associated with indicas. Indeed, many medical marijuana patients use GSC to help with chronic aches and pains, especially before bed. While GSC isn’t the most sedating strain on earth, it’s recommended you reserve this strain for afternoon use.

Also, please don’t smoke the GSC strain if you have zero experience with cannabis. Since this strain has THC well above 25 percent, it will have pronounced effects after a few tokes. While GSC isn’t often associated with paranoia, you may experience undesirable side effects at higher levels. Also, GSC has been known to induce dry mouth, so please keep a glass of water nearby.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies

Planting Girl Scout Cookies seeds isn’t a “piece of cake!” Quite the contrary, GSC is one of the most demanding hybrids on today’s market. Even members of Cookies Collective say GSC requires a little extra TLC. Recently, Jigga told High Times you have to pamper GSC like a “model” if you want the best results.

According to experienced cultivators, Girl Scout Cookies seeds do best in a moderate Mediterranean environment. Be sure to keep plenty of nutrients on hand and constantly monitor for any signs of deficiencies. On the positive side, most breeders say GSC is relatively resistant to mold and mildew.

As a word of caution: the GSC strain is super smelly. Even with a carbon air filter, it’s pretty difficult to hide this strain in a small growing space. Please keep this in mind if discretion is a primary concern.

At the end of about nine weeks, GSC typically yields one ounce of buds per ft2. While this is a relatively small yield, remember that GSC is one of the world’s most potent strains. You’ll only need a tiny amount of GSC buds to produce an intense high.

“Amidst all the OGs, Kushes, Chems, Sours, Hazes, Cheeses, Bubbas and Purps on the market today, Cookies rightly deserves a category of its own due to its terpene profile. This unique flavor makes people keep smoking it; once consumers experience how different it is, they just want more.“

T. H. Caeczar, High Times.

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